Why and What Blogger Templates to Use?

Blogging not only remained a passion but also came out as a side income option to most bloggers out there. Blogging has a vast history in the past, and also it is growing enormously so think wisely about which Blogger Templates to use. Standing in 2021 you can find 60 million blog sites are buzzing on the World Wide Web.

What Blogger Template to Use - Blog To Success
What Blogger Template to Use – Blog To Success

Blogger, the free service from the Google platform also has its unique value and dominating the web till now. If you are a passionate blogger then you might open a free Blogspot account to start your blogging career. Eventually, most renowned bloggers have or had a blogger platform where they started their journey.

Why We Need Templates for Blogger?

But the world has changed drastically. With the advancement of its technology and the ever-changing user demands, web designs are also adapting to new trends day by day. Websites are becoming more elegant. The user interfaces of websites need to be flexible, enhanced, and sleek. People want a soothing environment from these favorable websites or web apps.


Thus WordPress themes become so much popular. There are almost 42% of websites worldwide running in WordPress right now. That means they are running in stunning retina catchable themes, and it is the most vital point for loving WordPress by its users.

So it is very much important to apply some beautiful template or theme to your Blogger platform also. In general, Blogspots are created with old simple boring themes. Those themes are available from the in-built Blogspot themes gallery. Old Blogspot accounts can be seen using those old non-responsive themes. But if you are new, if you want to follow the recent trend, then friend do not apply those old-styled Blogspot themes into your blogger website.

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Rather install a custom theme like WordPress; it will establish a strong foundation for your blogging establishment. Selecting the perfect template for any Blogger platform is not an easy task.

What vital points you need to check?

It is the responsibility of the blogger to pick the appropriate template according to the need to represent the brand. You need to check a few points before installing a brand new template to your website. SEO comes first. Check if your preferred theme is SEO friendly or not. There are some themes that are not SEO friendly enough, so don’t choose from that list. SEO friendly is the first preference as without that you will not able to rank in any Search Engine hence no organic traffic into your great blog site.


Then comes the loading speed. The time taken to load the full page into your reader’s device is the speed time. Basically, Google servers are very speedy, but you need to avoid those kinds of themes that take a lot of time to display the full page. People having a lack of patience will definitely reject your website to read any stuff from that. So choose fast loading themes. Check-in their description.

Then comes the design. The design of the theme is basically the user interface of that particular template. Keep in mind that not only checking the homepage of that template is required; also check the display of the post pages and category pages. Your post pages will be visible in Google Search results so people tend to visit more of your posts pages rather than the home page. But having said that, it is important to maintain an exciting homepage otherwise you cannot able to create your brand.

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The last but very essential point to remember: is that template is mobile-friendly? People tend to visit your website from mobile devices more rather than from desktop. So, you need a template that is mobile friendly. If you see the stats of mobile searches, Google prefers those sites which are mobile-friendly. So before purchasing or downloading your liked one template, see at the description that it is mobile-friendly or not.

It will be better to check all the demos thoroughly. While checking the template demos, don’t forget to check the mobile version of that particular theme. Then you will get a clear idea of that. If you dislike anything from the demo display then your readers will definitely dislike it from your site also.

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Where we can get Blogger templates?

Here I am giving you 5 websites where you can get stunning blogger themes just like WordPress. You can find lots of themes regarding your niche, respective to your interests. Niche-related Blogger templates are very rare to find these days. You can visit all the sites, pick your template wisely.

Site 1: https://copybloggerthemes.com/

Site 2: https://freshdesignweb.com/free-blogger-templates/

Site 3: https://gooyaabitemplates.com/

Site 4: https://www.mybloggerthemes.com/

Site 5: https://btemplates.com/

Visit any of them and you’ll definitely get what you are looking for.

The Best Part

Nowadays, we bloggers are keener to show ads on our blog sites. Maybe you can activate Google Adsense or you can go with some other ad network also but the point is you have to show banner ads on your pages. So try to pick a theme that is ads-friendly. Not all the templates found there will be nice to implement advertisements properly. Few themes may break, may become non-responsive after adding some banners or ad codes.

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So, before selecting the theme finally you must check the feedback given by others. There you can get a clear idea is that the template is ad-friendly or not.

Keeping all the aspects in mind, my recommendations will be to use Gmag Blogger, One Press, ChicMag, Himster, Sora Ribbon, X-Mag, GreatMag, Need Mag, Tech Times.


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