Which is Best Between Canva and Crello in 2021?

Canva and Crello are two of the best designing platforms available in the online world. Both platforms are enriched with tons of templates, graphics, and features to help their users create beautiful designs relating to other established platforms. Both are having huge demand and followers.

But people sometimes compare them and looking for an answer which one is better. So to resolve that issue this article will give light on both platforms and comes out with the result. If you’re looking for the best one then continue reading this article.

Crello VS Canva Winner
Crello VS Canva Winner


Speaking of Canva, this online tool has been a favorite tool to lots of users for creating beautiful and engaging social media graphics. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create visual content for your social media channels.

Canva has lots of potentials to make stunning content easily for anyone. It was ruling the online world until Crello comes as its competitor. Now Canva is facing serious competition with the latest design tool Crello. Crello also has the same kind of potentials as Canva.

Both platforms are like twins as you cannot get any different on their interfaces. Nor you can find differences in their features and qualities. Speaking of features, both bring huge template lists for social media posts, stories, reels, thumbnail designs, icons and logos, banners, flyers, brochures, and many more. That’s without paying any money!

But there are a few dissimilarities as you dig down deeper. The main difference is in their business models. Both platforms will give you to enjoy freely. But in Canva there are some restrictions on the free model. You have to buy the premium model to use all of its features, like creating more folders for organizing different designs. Whereas Crello on the other hand will ask you to pay money if you want to access their paid images.

User Interfaces of Canva and Crello

Both platforms have pretty similar user interfaces and user experiences. You will get the canvas on the right side and the designing elements on the left side of your working window. You can see that the download buttons are also at the top-right corner.

Canva UI
Canva UI

The only difference you can get when you edit the text in your designs. The text panel and the image adjustments for Crello are placed on the left side floating on the canvas arena. Whereas the same things for Canva are placed at the top of the canvas arena fixed wisely.

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Crello UI
Crello UI

Rest things are pretty the same on both platforms. You don’t have to be computer savvy to learn the techniques, as user interfaces are very much user-friendly. So, according to interfaces, you can’t declare a winner between them.

Templates and Features of Canva and Crello

Both the platforms, Canva and Crello offer a huge range of features to the users. Those are YouTube channel art, YouTube intro video, YouTube channel icon, posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, Blog banners, Logos both static and animated, Social media marketing templates, Brochures, catalogs, vouchers, planners, flyers, T-Shirt designs, Email marketing templates, newsletter templates, Streaming platform cover images, and many more.

You can also make a flyer for free by using other design tools out there for a better price.

Canva Workplace
Canva Workplace

What do you want more? Both platforms give excellent quality pre-built templates of the above-said features. You can alter as per your need.

Crello Workplace
Crello Workplace

But here is a difference. Canva gives YouTube intro video, outro video, stickers, greetings card designs, birthday cake arts templates which are not available in Crello. On the other hand, Crello will give you animated text options while writing into your custom posts.

So, according to features, you can’t declare a winner between them. But you might guess as Canva currently has over 65000 pre-built templates and Crello has close to 30000 pre-build templates for your ready-to-use purposes.

Design Elements and Quality of Canva and Crello

To create beautiful custom designs both tools offer you various designing elements. For Canva & Crello you can choose elements from the left-most sidebar. Here the elements are photos, backgrounds, texts, audios, videos, shapes and objects, charts and stickers, folders for saving and uploading from your device. The same goes with Crello also, but it adds animations in the elements bar.

Canva Features
Canva Features

Canva provides more free photos than Crello, you don’t have to pay Canva. Crello will charge if you want to use paid images, as I said earlier. But you can upload your own photo/video in both applications.

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Crello Features
Crello Features

Both come with excellent design qualities thoroughly designed by professional designers. You will get cutting-edge, very much latest, and trendy design templates from Crello and Canva. So, according to designing qualities, you can’t separate the two.

Project Folders for Canva and Crello

Both platforms support file managers. If you upload your photo or video from your device then you can see that under the “My Files” option of Crello. Canva similarly gives you the “My Folder” option to store your files. Here you can store your previous works. But Crello separates your works in the “My Projects” tab.

Folder options of Crello & Canva
Folder options of Crello & Canva

In Canva you can create two folders for free; if you want more project folders then you have to pay for them. In Crello you can create working projects as many as you can.

Integrations for Canva and Crello

These are third-party applications that can be set up as a connection for better productivity and functionality.

Canva has a large number of integrations like Pixels, Pixabay, Facebook, Google Maps, Instagram, Giphy, etc. The best thing is Canva gives you Google Drive and Dropbox integrations to store your works in cloud storage. You can also import from YouTube videos, Box, Hubspot, Bitmoji, etc apps into your workplace.

On the other hand, Crello will not give you anything similar to that. Crello doesn’t have the feature of third-party app integrations. So you can’t store your work in cloud storage. You only can share your designs into specific applications that Crello offers. So this is the main difference we detect and surely Canva wins in this section.

Apps Integrations for Crello & Canva
Apps Integrations for Crello & Canva

Free Plans for Both the Platforms

Canva will give you these under the free plan:-

  1. Unlimited downloads of all free templates and design elements
  2. 250,000+ free templates
  3. 100+ design types (e.g. social media posts, logos, videos, etc.)
  4. Add animations to your designs
  5. Thousands of free photos and graphics
  6. 5GB of cloud storage
  7. Be part of a ‘team’ to collaborate
  8. Collaborate and comment with colleagues in real-time
  9. Free ‘Design School‘ teaching you how to use Canva and get the most out of the tool

Crello will give you these under their free plan:-

  1. 5 downloads per month
  2. 30,000+ free templates (static & animated)
  3. Lots of design types (e.g. social posts, videos, logos, etc.)
  4. 32,000+ full HD video clips and animations
  5. 650,000+ stock images
  6. Hundreds of free fonts
  7. Unlimited storage
  8. Instant resize of templates
  9. Add animations to your designs
  10. Free tutorial section taking you through how to use the different tools Crello offers
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As Canva gives you unlimited downloads per month thus Canva can be said winner regarding this section. Crello gives unlimited access but what’s the point if you can’t download your created design over than 5 per month basis!

Paid Plans of Crello and Canva

Crello Pro will give you all the features of the Crello platform. You can take 30 days trial period option. Then their Pro feature comes with $9.99 per month. Crello pro gives unlimited downloads option, 650000 unique premium stock images access, you can invite team members and can work with collaboration, etc.

Canva Premium comes in two types: Pro version and Enterprise version. Pro version costs $9.95 per month and the Enterprise version costs $30 per user per month. There are lots of additional features you will get from Canva Pro, hardly mentioning all of those here. Between Crello Pro and Canva Pro, we will again declare Canva as the winner for slightly low pricing per month with more additional premium features.


Being similar in most of the sections if you noticed thoroughly then you might see Canva was better in a few aspects. If you consider the device then Crello only works in the PC desktop version whereas Canva can be used on PC desktops and on iPads. Another big factor, thus we can say clearly that Canva is the winner.

But, again clarifying if you’re a normal user looking for free designing options then both the platforms will work best for you. It’s totally your opinion to go with the one. If you ask me, then I prefer both the platforms and I work in both the platforms as per my requirements. Now, tell your favorite one between the twins in our comments section.

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