Where To Check Your Website Speed For Free – 7 Solutions

We all need fast-loading websites. Blogs with great articles may get rejected by the search engines if it takes a lot of time to load on user devices. Thus it’s a serious issue for the blog owners to know the performance analysis of the website.

Monitoring the page loading speed is a process to know how fast or slow the site is interacting. According to the report what measures need to be taken? These are the key areas to think about for the website owners.

Website Speed for free Test - Blogtosuccess
Website Speed Test – Blogtosuccess

Now where to check these performance measures – Website speed for free? There are various websites where you can check the page loadings issues and other measures as well. I am sharing a few websites where you can monitor the performances. All the websites having their own qualities, go through the details before running your test.

1. Measure Website Speed for Free with WEB PAGE TEST :

WebPageTest is a free website where you can track your website loading time. Just simply test your webpage speed via the URL. You can change the locations and also the target browser for checking. It will return you the time taken for the Largest Contentful Paint, Total time taken, Total requests your site has made, Total data taken by that webpage to create a full view. These are the essential points to look after for a webmaster.

The website actually checks three times consecutively and then gives the median run speed index performance result. You can create an account there and can measure various pages’ performances regularly. WebPageTest keeps the history of your tests, thus it will be better for you to re-check the report in-future.

Link to the website: https://www.webpagetest.org/

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2. GTMetrix :

GTmetrix will grade your page on an assessment basis of the overall performance of your page. You can get both how fast the page will load to its users and how well it is built for performance.

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GTmetrix will also show you the web vitals report – it represents some core metrics data that indicate whether you’re delivering a fast and delightful experience to your visitors, (what Google needs from a website). Here you also see the Large Contentful Page loading time, First Contentful Paint time, Total blocking times, Interactive times, and Cumulative Layout Shifts data.

GTmetrix also gives the Speed Visualization where it displays the output of your page loading screens in time-by-time frames. GTmetrix will give you vital suggestions to reduce the load times. If your blog or website runs on WordPress then you can follow those mechanisms to reduce the page loading times more.

Link to the website: https://gtmetrix.com/


Uptrends is another free website speed testing tool. Here you can give your page URL. Then you can select various locations from where you want to get the results. You can select the targeted device as Desktop or Mobile also.

Checking from a Mobile device is a plus point because in today’s time a large number of users will open your blog posts from mobiles rather than a PC. You can select various mobile devices, with various types of Bandwidth options.

For desktop checking, you can select from various screen resolution options, with various bandwidth options, and also from any popular web browser you like.

Uptrends also generate a grade score like GTmetrix, but this is Google Page Speed grade score. You can get the total loading time, total downloaded page size, and the number of requests made by your page to the server.

Link to the website: https://www.uptrends.com/


4. Pingdom :-

Pingdom Website Speed Test is another free & very efficient website speed tester tool site. Provide your page’s URL and select the location from where you want to check the result. Pingdom returns a grade of its own, which is the average performance of your website. You’ll get the Total load time, total requests made by that page, and total memory attracts by the page in general.  

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If you want to check and monitor the details of your site’s performances then you can find them also at the bottom. There you can get which resources took what amount of time. Pingdom gives you details of your overall resources by Content Size by Content-Type, Requests by Content-Type, Content Size by Domain, and File Requests by Domain.

Link to the website: https://tools.pingdom.com/

5. DotCom-Tools :

In dotcomtools you can check your URL from different locations, but the positive part is they will monitor a single URL from three other locations at a single time. You can prefer your web browser, the screen size, and the connection bandwidth.

Dotcom-tools not only checks from three different locations at a single time, but also it checks twice repeatedly. After that, it will show you the best performance results regarding those three locations.

If your website takes less amount of time in the second successful paint then that is fine. Dotcomtools also checks the SEO associated with the given URL. They return if there is some SEO error that occurred for the given URL.

Link to the website: https://www.dotcom-tools.com/


6. Dareboost :

In dareboost you can also check your page speed performance for free. You just have to give the page URL, select your preferred location, your preferable web browser type, and the internet connection bandwidth speed. They will check the overall page performances and returns key suggestions that can boost your page speeds much higher.

Obviously, you will get the full page loading time, rendering start time, the first byte receives time, and all. But the key aspects will be the suggestions which they will provide you. You will get a Percentage score which depicts that your website loading speed is better or not than the other websites on average.

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It will give you a clear idea about your competition with other websites in your domain. Then you also can check which points are better on your site, and which points need to re-consider for better performances in the future. Dareboost segmentizes the issues regarding priority wise like security, accessibility, quality, SEO optimize-ability, browser rendering, and server requests, etc.

You can also run the video they offer you where you can get an idea of your page loading while the test was initiating.

Link to the website: https://www.dareboost.com/

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7. KeyCDN :

Give your URL, select the proper location, and run the test. They will return you the actual page load time, the total size of the page, and the number of requests that the browser is getting from your page. They will also give you a grade like GTmetrix regarding their own overall performance checking.

You can also see the other performance grades of the various resources of your website at the bottom. Look after the red ones to improve the page speed score. KeyCDN offers you some free tools to improve the areas which are affecting loading the page more quickly. You can also use those if you like to do so.  

Link to the website: https://tools.keycdn.com/

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