The Detail Description of: What is Dark Mode?

You might experience dark environments in your daily apps and websites, and want to know what is dark mode! It is becoming very popular that every individual digital business platform wants to convert their traditional whitish background into a blackish background. Some digital platforms using both and giving their users a choice to switch between the normal mode and the dark mode.

The dark mode is basically an inverted model of the traditional version where the background color becomes black and the text color with headings, subheadings, and all other writings becomes white. What makes this dark mode so much popular? Let’s have an in-depth eye on the matter.

What is Dark Mode from Blog to Success
Dark Mode from Blog to Success

With the evolvements of the technology, design related to the user interfaces are subject to change. Recall any website interface of 20 years back and compare it with today’s interface you can get how much it has been evolved with time. People will reject boring interfaces in a matter of a second. Thus, changing interfaces is a must. Hence comes the dark mode which gives a new look to all the users.

Website and app users are pretty much accustomed to the light mode – white backgrounds with black texts. Some companies tried with light-colored backgrounds and colorful texts though. But, decency is a prime factor. So, a dark mode that has a black background with white texts created a buzz in the layouts industry right now.


Why People Love Dark mode?

Actually, we users like anything which is new, which is fresh. It may be a very simple kind of thing, but we get excited when we are greeted with a new thing. The same old light mode layouts making its users bored easily. The same contents, same graphics will look different in the dark mode. For this reason, people tend to like the dark mode and accepted it easily.

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But not everyone, not all the users liked the new concept. Rather you can find a lot of people still prefer the light mode. So, apps and websites give their users a choice to switch between your desired one.

When and How Dark Mode started?

Basically, the dark mode concept first came with Windows Phone 7. The theme was totally in black with tiles menu features and it claimed that no light emitted from the screen thus a better battery life performance.

This concept was taken and in 2015, Discord applied it first in their app. As Discord is a very popular app thus the concept became viral and then many other companies tried to adapt the same for their web apps also.

First, it appeared on YouTube in 2017, and then came for androids in 2018. In 2019 the concept was adopted by Samsung and iPhone also.


In 2020 Facebook started its dark theme mode then it was seen gradually in WhatsApp and on Twitter. Not only in these social sites, but also Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini also applied dark mode in their respective browsers in 2020. After that Spotify, Netflix, etc also start to implement the dark mode.

And many more companies also applied dark mode to their websites in the year 2020. The dark mode is still a hot topic in 2021. Lots of WordPress themes are coming with the switching feature between light mode and the dark one.

Credit: Microsoft

How Dark mode impacted Web designs?

A lot of websites adapted to the dark mode concept nowadays. Depending on the content it is showing the mode has some distinctive eye impacts on its layouts. Web pages are coming with big fonts with more clarity. But, using small fonts and much more dense content the dark background is not suitable for the eyes. After some time you may feel blurry on those small texts.

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So keeping in mind it will be better to stick with the light concept. The dark mode is a better choice on those pages where the content is less and the topics are described with infographics.

Power Consumption

Regarding the battery life issue or you can say like the power consumption issue, dark mode is much better than light mode. Light mode emits much more bright light thus it takes a lot of power. Whereas for the dark mode, no light emits so less consumption of power results in low battery usage.

So, when it comes to the hardware supports industries are going with the dark mode. Using your device in the dark mode generates a lesser heat than using the same device in the light mode for that same amount of time.

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What will be the User Preference?

It depends on that particular user. There are millions of people using various sites and apps daily. So it’s inevitable to tell what will be the fixed preference, rather it will depend on the circumstances and on the needs of that particular user. Generally, at night it will be better to use the dark mode.

Light mode is better when the user is exposed to sunlight. And in other times it is depending on that user’s choice. Considering the topic, I will recommend you to use the dark mode if you haven’t still used it before. I hope to experiment with it on your own self is the best approach to get a clear idea about the mode.

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