How to Remove Viruses from Your Android Smartphone

Does your phone infect with the virus? Are you thinking about how to remove Viruses from your Android Smartphone? Are you thinking that your personal information is being hacked by ransom? Are you getting spam messages on your phone? Then I think you need to remove the virus quickly from your android phone, and to do that easily you need to carry on reading the full article.

How to Remove Viruses from Your Android Smartphone
How to Remove Viruses from Your Android Smartphone

How much harm Virus can do to Android smartphones?

If you don’t have any idea about how much harm a virus can do in your android then let me tell you that at first. Smartphone viruses are one kind of malware that infiltrates a mobile device to steal essential data within it. A cybercriminal may install a virus into your device remotely using small pieces of malicious code that can monitor and coordinate your mobile activities. By infiltrating a smart device cybercriminals can gain access to the secured data to steal money using it.

If you heard the term malware first here then let me tell you it is the superset of Virus that is developed by computer coding to cause harm to anyone by stealing their private data or gaining access to their devices. Some popular malware is viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, and ransomware.

This various malware is created to generate revenue incomes for the inventor, cybercriminals. Malware viruses can steal your information like your physical location, bank account number, online passwords, social media interactions, user ids to various websites, etc. They also can automatically send SMS from your Smartphone, Call anyone, download apps into the phone, send posts from your social media accounts, download unnecessary data via malicious files, etc. After gaining access to your phone, they can charge you money to undo the actions. Otherwise, they can sell your private information on the dark web to earn revenues.

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How you can identify Your Phone is affected by viruses?

There are certain things that let you know your Smartphone is affected by a virus or not. These certain points affect your phone internally so understanding those is quite difficult sometimes. Viruses have a common feature they can replicate themselves where they reside. After replicating them your storage will be full of unseen files or malicious files. This is a basic point to comprehend your phone is affected by a virus or not. Also, there are more points to understand the fact your phone got affected by malware like:

  1. Your phone will become too slow; it can lag while opening contacts too!
  2. Apps can take much longer time to load in your android phone. If the device is infiltrated by large amount of virus then you might see apps are not opening, it may stuck showing loading.
  3. The battery of the Smartphone will be drained very quickly.
  4. You will see your device’s storage is full whether that is card memory or phone memory both.
  5. You will see unknown activities in your android phone, like unknown call activities, SMS sent to unknown destinations, etc.
  6. You will see various apps installed which were not have been installed by you before. After removing those apps you will again see them reinstalled in your device. Some malicious apps will have no option to remove from the device unless a full format of the phone.
  7. You can see a high usage report of the main resources like RAM and CPU.
  8. You can get to see meaningless files downloaded in your device, having suspicious filenames. Deletion of those files will not be possible.
  9. You can see high internet data usage, if you have limited data to use then it will be consumed in a matter of minutes.
  10. Do you need more?

How to correctly remove viruses from your android smartphone?

To remove viruses from your android smartphone without using any kind of antivirus you need to apply these procedures so that further any damage cannot harm your phone from the viruses.

  1. Full format your phone after taking your essential data backup.
  2. Uninstall the suspicious apps that causing the unknown actions. Go to Settings option, find the Apps option, there choose the malicious app and first force close it and then uninstall it. This process may not work well as they can be installed later, but for a certain amount of time you can get relief from those apps.
  3. Start your phone in safe mode. To do that you need to power off the phone at first, select restart option after pressing the power button from the side of your phone. When animation starts after the reboot, long press up/down volume button to enter in the safe mode. After finishing the animation your phone will be entered in the safe mode, and there you can uninstall the hazardous apps. After removing all the faulty apps, again restart your phone in normal mode.

All these methods can remove the virus, but it depends on its affectability. If the installed viruses are more powerful then you have to install some robust antivirus for your smartphone. Perform a full scan of the device after installing a robust antivirus application. The antivirus will detect the malicious codes, apps, files and delete those or keep those in its vault. Then you’re safe to use the phone.

For further not getting affected by the same or other viruses, make sure to protect your android smartphone with proper precautionary measures. Those are:

  • Use any powerful antivirus in your device. For example Malwarebytes, Norton, kaspersky, Avast, Avira, etc.
  • Use premium model for those antivirus applications.
  • Don’t use faulty browsers; use only Google chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari web browser, Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini.
  • Don’t surf porn sites, don’t surf websites where violent or fraud content are displayed, don’t play porn games through browser.
  • Use strong passwords to access e-commerce websites.
  • Use verified VPN apps always. Don’t use public Wi-Fi connections.
  • Download apps only from Google play store, don’t install from other sources. Make sure not to install apps from other sources.
  • Make sure to logout from those apps and sites which are not trustworthy.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links. Without knowing the source and destination of the link don’t click on links.
  • Don’t install quick money making apps, quick money making games, dating chat apps, adult games, etc.
  • Don’t scan any unknown QR without knowing the source and destination.
  • Don’t click on lucrative ads from sites and apps repeatedly.

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