Is Rank Math Better than Yoast? Rank Math vs Yoast Revealed 2

Yes, I generally think Rank Math better than Yoast plugin. In this article, I will explain why I switch from Yoast SEO to Rank Math SEO.

We all know Yoast SEO was the dominating one in the SEO world of WordPress. It served a lot of users for a long time. There was no other better option for SEO tools than Yoast for WordPress sites as of now. The free version also worked as a pro one!

But, then comes Rank Math – a new competitor to the Yoast SEO plugin which showed webmasters that they had another option, maybe better than Yoast right now!

Rank Math gaining its popularity very fast, and it built up a huge community in a very short time after the launch. This article gives light on why we will prefer the Rank Math SEO plugin to the Yoast SEO plugin to use in recent times.

Rank Math Better than Yoast
Rank Math Better than Yoast

What is Rank Math SEO Tool?

Rank Math is basically a free search engine optimization plugin for WordPress sites. It is also known as “The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO”. Why? Gradually you will get to know that, keep on reading.

Rank Math sets a record with 4.9 stars rating in the WordPress plugin community and over 500000 installations in a very quick time.

Rank Math is basically a free tool for SEO, but it also has the Premium version. You can get most everything in the free version, but if you want to try then you can purchase the premium version, it will add more to your website performances.

How Rank Math Looks?

Standing on 2021 we generally use those plugins that look elegant, having a nice and cleaner interface. Surely Rank Math hits in this criterion.

With easy yet professional interface webmasters and websites, administrators can use this SEO tool very efficiently and effectively.

You will get two modes from Rank Math plugin. If you want Rank Math to do everything for you then go with ‘Easy’ mode, otherwise if you want to take the charge and do all the hard workings of SEO then select ‘Advanced’ mode. It’s totally up to your choice.

Rank Math Detail Dashboard
Rank Math Detail Dashboard

Yoast comes with an old interface yet easy to comprehend the SEO tactics! On the other hand, Rank Math will provide you cleaner and more modern look on the SEO dashboard. You’ll find a lot of settings under the dashboard and placed in the right position as well. Rank Math will display all the information for you, what is their work and how you manage them for your site. You will have no problem understanding the bits and tricks of SEO management.

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What is the Focus Keyword Feature of Rank Math?

Actually, it is the same as the Keyword feature of the Yoast plugin. With the focus keyword feature, you can set the Meta keywords of your post.

Compared with Yoast, the free version only gave you the provision to set only a single target keyword whereas the Rank Math free plugin will give you the option to use three targeted keywords per post/page.

In the premium version of Yoast, you can set three targeted keywords, whereas in the premium option of Rank Math you can give five targeted keywords. The number of focus keywords will be increased in the premium version later on their next update!

Rank math Focus keyword
Rank math Focus keyword

Keyword Optimization feature of Rank Math SEO

I hope you have heard the term keyword stuffing in a post. Google will penalize you if you do that later in today’s blog posts. Having said that the opposite criteria are keyword starvation, where search engines failed to understand the keyword of your post!

Rank Math calculates this phenomenon better than Yoast. Rank Math will provide you the optimum keyword density number for your post/page to rank better in search engines.

You will be guided nicely by the Rank Math SEO to use your focus keyword effectively in the title, in the subtitles, in the image alt attributes, at the beginning of your article, and so on. Abiding by this set of guidance you can create SEO-friendly posts within a matter of time!


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Optimize Your Content Too with Rank math SEO

Not only keyword optimization, but Rank Math also takes care of the content optimization more nicely than Yoast. Are you using too many consecutive sentences or are you using too many passive voiced sentences or just writing your article too negatively, etc are being monitored by Rank Math SEO!

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Rank Math guides you to write your article using a ‘power word’ to attract more viewers. It will tell you to mix the sentiments in your writings so that your viewers love while reading the post.

These are also noteworthy points from the view of Google ranking factor, as Google introduced these metrics in their latest algorithm for ranking the posts in search engine result pages.

Yoast will tell you to use the target keyword in the first line of your post, rather than Rank Math will suggest you use in your first paragraph. According to Google, the latter one is doing the magic right now. So these points clearly tell you that Rank Math performs the latest patterns of Google ranking algorithm factors.

What Are The Extra Features Provided by Rank Math than Yoast SEO?

Both the plugins offer a wide range of pretty similar kinds of features but Rank Math provides more.

Those extra features are –

  1. Advanced Schema Mark-up
  2. Advanced Custom Fields
  3. In-built AMP support
  4. Redirects like 301, 302, 307, 410, etc.
  5. 404 error monitor with detail log
  6. Role manager
  7. Modular Framework
  8. Detail SEO Analysis tool
  9. Managing sitemaps, atoms and feed more nicely
  10. Instant Indexing Feature

Among all these one of my favorite features is the Instant Indexing feature to Bing Search Engine. Yes, now you can immediately request Bing bot to index your post at the time of publishing. And if one search engine indexes your post then you can think that others will also do it in a small time frame.

content optimization-Rank math
content optimization-Rank math

What is the Overall Plugin Performance of Rank Math?

Rank Math takes 3x fewer lines of code space than Yoast. That means it is faster, yet truly intelligent. Taking less code space will benefit you lesser PHP requests to the server, you will get a good grade from Gtmetrix and Google lighthouse!

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Rank Math incorporates a modern version of the sitemap XML file. Here you can set your sitemap for links, the inclusion of post images and featured images in the sitemap, and if you want then exclude some posts also. There were no options like these in the sitemap generated by Yoast.

Rank Math will give you detailed analysis data on which keywords are ranking for you, how much organic traffic you are getting from those ranked keywords. You will get the lists of which posts are getting viewed frequently, which are not! You can check how many impressions you received in a selected time span. All these options were absent in the free version of the Yoast plugin.

Another interesting thing I will share with you, you’ll not get any kind of support from Yoast if you’re using their free version plugin. If you are a premium member then you are welcome to get support for any kind of issue. But, on the other hand, Rank Math will provide you full supports irrespective of you’re using a pro one or a free plugin. Their technical team is always there for you in any need of SEO.

Key Takeaways:

If you are a beginner in the web-mastering field then I will recommend you to use Rank Math plugin for SEO purposes. Using the tool you can set your SEO from the beginning days by your choice. You can customize and alter according to your choice.

If you’re a pro one in the blogging field or the same, then you also might try using the Rank Math. I am enjoying the benefits of the SEO factor after using the Rank Math plugin. But more or less both Yoast and Rank Math will do the same for you if you don’t have any idea how to set up a website properly. So you can take help either one, will work pretty much the same for you.

If you’re using the Rank Math plugin already, then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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