PHP Editors: Visual Studio Code Vs Atom – What’s Your Pick?

What PHP Editors does?

To write PHP programming code efficiently and conveniently everyone needs a stylish and effective PHP editor. Practically speaking, we can edit PHP codes in normal Notepad software also, but that will not going to be an easy task. If your PHP code is large enough then that will be very hard to read without any syntax highlighting.

With proper syntax highlighting it is more comfortable to edit or write PHP codes with different colors to keywords, variables, functions, etc. So we prefer that kind of PHP editor.

There are many options available in the market, some of them are free and some of them come with few bucks. But why do we need more if we get an efficient one without paying anything! Low code readability will impact the development time of the programmer, and also reduces the efficiency of debugging. Visual Studio Code and ATOM are two of the most usable PHP editor in the latest time.

As they give PHP programmers a convenient environment to work with PHP source codes very conveniently. So what will be your pick between those two editors? Let us see some major factors before selecting the desired one.

PHP Editor VS Code Atom
PHP Editor Atom VS Code
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Visual Studio Code PHP Editor

Visual Studio Code or VS Code in short is a free PHP code editor from Microsoft that has gained huge popularity in the latest years. Visual Studio Code will run smoothly on Windows OS, Linux OS, and macOS.

This editor supports PHP editing automatically but if you want then you can download extra PHP extensions from the VS code marketplace to make it more powerful according to your needs. You can customize its theme to other functionalities as well.

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Not only PHP, VS code supports HTML, CSS, Less, JavaScript, JSON, TypeScript, Markdown, PowerShell, C++, Java, Python, VB, C#, .NET Core, and more languages also.


Visual Studio Code comes Free but it will give you a joy of a premium version. The other noteworthy features are Syntax highlighting, Code Navigation, and auto-complete of your typing.

Its autocomplete comes from Smart Code completion of IntelliSense. VS Code has inbuilt git and GitHub repository integration.

VS code gives you the power of linking, debugging, refactoring, and also you can pick your desired color theme. You will get an integrated terminal from Visual Studio Code.

Atom PHP Editor

Atom is another free PHP editor that runs in Windows, Linux, macOS systems. Atom is a very much efficient, productive PHP editor that was first used as GitHub’s internal editor then it was made open source for all. But, it is still maintained by GitHub.

It’s called the hackable text editor of the 21st Century because you can customize every single aspect of this editor such as the User Interface and syntax, theme, key bindings, formatting, global and language-specific settings, and more.

You can also download lots of packages that allow you to customize and add any prime feature you need for advancements. You can enhance ATOM as a PHP editor by adding special PHP language supportable pre-requisites debugging, refactoring, and other development-related tasks.


The best feature is you can add 3000 or more open-source atom themes. It has auto-completion and syntax highlighting options. It supports file search, folder system browsing, finds and replaces tools. It comes with APM or an integrated package manager.

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You can directly add Git and GitHub with in-build packages. It gives you easy to access command palette and extensibility features as well. So, both the editors are very much powerful and unique to their own circumstances. You can download any one of them. If you think there is any other FREE PHP editor that gives you so many advantages then comments on those below.

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