Optimize Website Images for Fast Loading Site

A website needs to load fast. In this modern era, people don’t like those sites which take a lot of time to load. Optimize Website Images otherwise, Website loading issues are a prime factor behind the lowering of page views gradually. Our website owners need fast-loading sites.

optimize website Images- Blog to success
Image Optimize reasons – Blog to success

We use SSD web hosting, cloud web hosting, cache mechanisms, and also CDN networks to amplify the speed. There are more various techniques available that can help to load our web pages in the blink of an eye. But those come with a lot of prices, which is a daunting task to afford a new website owner.

The Actual Culprit

But many of you don’t know that the images which you use in your articles, take the share amount of time to load the actual page.

Most of you use WordPress that comes with a bundle of astonishing themes. And the one thing that is common in all those themes is a large feature image, and also some thumbnail images of the recent posts, popular posts, and so on. So basically your one web page or post page is containing multiple high-definition images.


Standing in 2021, you will not be seeing any popular site which is using a low-resolution image, and I hope you also use high-definition large resolution images on your site as well. Those HD pictures increase the loading time enormously. Without the images, there are just article texts, some HTML tags, some CSS, and few JavaScript codes that remain on your web page.

And believe me; those codes do not take any share amount of loading time from your actual loading time. It’s only the HD images that increase the load time 10X more comparing the load time without any image.

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Solution for the Problem

So, what should you do? Not going to use any of those images? Then that will lead to a boring site and will impact the user interface of that website. That’s also not required.

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You can do a smart thing. Optimize website images. Yes, image optimization is a unique technique that reduces the file size without hampering the image quality. That means you can use those HD images and not having any load time issues at all.

Amazing isn’t it? Same image quality but its size reduces to 50KB from 500KB size. So now you can get 10X more speed while loading that page (texts with HTML, CSS, and JS remaining the same).

The essential Image Optimizers for WordPress

If you run your website using WordPress then there are some essential Image Optimizer plug-ins that surely going to solve this issue. Install and activate any one of them to get rid of this problem. You can use:-

1. Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images

2. Imagify – Optimize your Images & Convert WebP

3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

4. Optimus – WordPress Image Optimizer

5. reSmush.it : the only free Image Optimizer & compress plugin


Smush and Imagify both are very good image optimizers, but their free versions will give you some restrictions. If you want to optimize a lot of images, then you can go ahead and purchase some plans also. But if you want totally free image optimizers then you can go with ShortPixel or reSmush.it.

Imagify is better in one sense, as it creates webP format images from your normal jpeg/png image. Imagify can optimize various formats like jpeg, jpg, gif, png, and also pdf images too. And can create WebP format automatically from them. WebP is a modern image format with a high-quality image effect.

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In the free plan, you will get 20MB of data to optimize in a single month. Then it will cost you, have to purchase some plans regarding how many images you want to optimize per month.

If you don’t use WordPress how to optimize website images

Suppose you are a BlogSpot user then you also can optimize images as per your need. As BlogSpot doesn’t support plugins, thus you have to visit the website of Imagify. There you have to register an account. After that, you can either go with Free or buy any plan upon your usage.

GetResponse Pro

At first, you have to optimize your images which will be going to upload in your upcoming articles. Then download the images either in WebP format or in other formats as you like. Write your blogger article and use them. That’s it.

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