Matomo Analytics Tool – Alternative to Google Analytics

Being a webmaster or a blog owner you strive to get the best-detailed reports on the performances of your newly set website/blog. Thus we use Google Analytics to get the traffic analysis reports. But, it would be better to use another parallel reporting tool to measure the performances in detail.

Sometimes Google Analytics failed to deliver the proper information, thus it would be better to fill that gap with another side by analytics tool. Matomo Analytics tool is another handy one for the same service. If you want a replacement for Google Analytics or want to measure from different sources then go for Matomo Analytics.

Matomo Analytics Tool
Matomo Analytics Tool

Few Drawbacks of the Google Analytics Tool

The main and foremost drawback is Google’s Tracking Code. It’s a JavaScript code but contains a large set of lines that slowdowns the loading speed of the website or blog after installing. Actually, Google Analytics measures a lot of aspects while a visitor visits your website. Thus its tracking code is large enough, which is a good point from that angle.

But from the loading speed point of view, JavaScript codes take a share amount of time to load properly in any browser, and Google’s tracking code is one of the culprits among that. So if your main criterion is a fast-loading website then Google Analytics will surely give you a headache. In that case, running an alternative analytics tool that is not so much lazy to load will work better for you. Therefore you can use Matomo.

What is Matomo Analytics Tool?

Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is another analytics tool that can be a replacement to Google Analytics tool that protects your data and customer’s privacy in mind. Matomo comes fully free like the Google Analytics tool. It is running on PHP and MySQL web servers with open source credibility. It tracks website traffic and visits the engagement details upon various queries.

Matomo Analytics
Matomo Analytics
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Why Matomo Analytics?

Matomo’s tracking code also consists of long JavaScript but does not slow down the loading speed of your website. Why is that so? Because Matomo offers Matomo On-Premise and Matomo Cloud, two kinds of tracking platforms that track visitor behavior and traffic recordings on totally another platform, leaving your site for the unnecessary load. Thus the analytical tool is trusted by 1 million websites in over 190 countries.

Matomo does not damage the website’s reputation to its customer like Google analytics. Matomo does not store customer data. So webmasters don’t have to sacrifice privacy or compromise the site performances. Without needing for asking consent webmasters can even use Matomo on regular basis.

Matomo is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. You can retain the power to grab 100% data protection on users’ privacy. You can customize the dashboard of Matomo according to your choice.

Google Analytics comes with a lot of reporting dashboards which is not needed for everyone out there, few site owners only want to know the page views and the geo-locations. Thus Google analytics dashboard becomes hard to understand.

But on the other hand, you can customize the dashboard view by your choice in Matomo. You can track and place only those data which you want to see. It can omit unnecessary reporting headaches.

If you want to retain your old data from Google analytics then you can import that one too easily. Google analytics data will reside properly on the Matomo dashboard panel. You can set multiple website tracking with single account creation.

Few Pros and Cons of Matomo Analytical Tool

Here are some Pros and cons of this service, let’s start with the good ones.

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  • 1. Full 100% data ownership.
  • 2. Free and Open source. You can buy the premium feature also; it will give you a lot more information to digest and comes with INR 2590. With the free version you have to use On-Premise Matomo, if you buy the premium one then you can host on their cloud platform servers.
  • 3. It is highly flexible, simple, and fast. It is GDPR and CCPA compliant.
  • 4. It gives better results for heatmaps. You can create proper landing pages for your audience from the correct heatmap reporting of Matomo.
  • 5. It helps you to understand business funnels pretty well. A simple dashboard gives you user-friendly reporting to understand and alter your errors for successful funneling.
  • 6. No hidden costs, you can enjoy premium like plug-ins and services free forever.
  • 7. Proper geo-location tracking. Proper user interactions tracking. Event-based customization support.
  • 8. Supports multiple sites, with multiple logins feature too.
  • 9. As you retain the database thus you can access the raw data for the betterment of your site.
  • 10. You can see the real-time visitor data exactly like Google Analytics.


  • 1. Sometimes collects too much information, few of them having errors.
  • 2. Some charts and graphs are not user-friendly.
  • 3. It will not give too much information like Google Analytics for large-scale companies.
  • 4. Navigations can improve more!

How to Use Matomo Analytics?

Visit the Matomo website and go for the “TRY IT FOR FREE” button. There you need to register at first. Provide your email id and website URL to register the free account.

After the successful registration you’ll be given the tracking JavaScript code, place that inside the <head> and </head> section of your website HTML code. If you use WordPress then browse to the Settings and click on Theme Editor. Select header.php file and paste the code just before </head> tag ending. Update file, that’s all.

Matomo User Registration
Matomo User Registration

After successful insertion of the tracking code, you can start to measure your website’s traffic analysis under Matomo analytical tool. Login using the credentials and enter in the Matomo dashboard panel.

Matomo Menubar
Matomo Menubar

If you prefer to use the Matomo Cloud feature then the URL should start with your website URL then Matomo then the cloud under the domain name. In the Admin dashboard panel on the left side, you’ll get all the menus in the menu bar.

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Here you can see visits overview, visitor types, geo-locations of your visitors, page views, sessions, channels, and referrers, etc.

From the dashboard, you can see any particular section by maximizing the correct section according to your choice. From the menu bar, you can get detailed reports on visits log, devices, OS types, real-time log, Date and timings, heatmaps, cohort analysis, and all. You can get the acquisition data from the menu bar.

If you want to run any A/B testing then that will be found under the A/B Tests menu option. Matomo gives you extra features in the menu for Media tracking, form creation, session recordings to play in the future as per needs, and Goal conversions.


Webmasters need to measure the performances of their blogs or website from different analytical tools. It is actually a good practice as Google Analytics does not always give you the correct reports. It also slows down the loading speed of your website. So running a few other tracking tools side by side with Google Analytics is a plus point to your ultimate success, and Matomo can be the right replacement for that.

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