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Internet is flooded with billions of websites today with a lot of domain names. Standing in 2021 we can’t even think of a day without using any website service. We surf the web and got introduced to various kinds of websites daily. Not only we found lots of website names, but also we are getting to see varieties of domain names associated with those names.

Basically, we are just accustomed to only ‘.com’ domain names but my friend there is a huge list of domain names present today and running daily among all the countries. So, let’s get a deep dive into various domain name systems and grow some knowledge on them.

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First Comes Generic Top Level Domain Names:-


Top-Level Domain or “TLD” in short is the rightmost part of any domain available in this world. Like for example, this site name is ‘’, and at the rightmost part, you are seeing ‘.xyz’. So ‘.xyz’ is this site’s TLD. Now maybe you are thinking about why I am using –‘xyz’ rather than leaving the popular one –‘com’.

Actually, all these top-level domains have some specific meaning. Let me tell you the meanings of some TLDs. These are also known as generic TLDs.

.com – To use in commercial purpose

.org – To use by Organizations

.int – To use by Intergovernmental Organizations

.net – To use or build a Network

.gov – Government Agencies

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.ac – Academic Purpose

.edu – Educational Purpose

.co – To use by Companies

.xyz – You can use it for all kind of purposes, covers from a to z topics.

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Now as I am not using this blog site for any commercial purpose, thus I left .com and I selected .xyz TLD as this blog site covers various kinds of topics. And the second thing is that .xyz is trendy and growing tremendously all over the world.

Now Comes Country Code Top Level Domain Names:-

These ccTLDs are location-specific, which means country-oriented. Suppose an individual or any organization that belongs to a country, generally uses these country-specific TLDs. Here are some examples of country-code TLDs:-

.us for United States

.eu for European Union

.uk for United Kingdom

.ae for United Arab

.in for India

.au for Australia

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.Ar for Argentina

.Br for Brazil

.cn for China

.de for Germany

.fr for France

.it for Italy

.lk for Sri Lanka

.pk for Pakistan and many more. So, there are lots of ccTLDs like these for various countries. Now, consider you are viewing a website with the ‘’ domain extension. So that is Indian based organization’s website.

Suppose you are viewing the ‘’ domain extension, so this website is the United Kingdom Government website. Basically, this rule is maintained all over the planet.


There are some more important domain extensions available which are also very popular like .biz, .live, .info, .online, .love, etc. These top-level domain extensions are used by sporting companies, various shopping companies, business and gaming organizations, matrimony and dating websites, etc. So, if you want to open your own website think about this rule and buy one.

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