Is Our Earth Spinning Faster in 2022 and Is It Harmful for Us?

Is Earth Spinning Faster Now?
Is Our Earth Spinning Faster Now and Is It Harmful for Us?

I know it’s sounds crazy but do you recognize that currently our earth is spinning faster and this causes the duration of a day becoming less than 24 hours? Yeah, you’ve heard that right. It is indeed a very rare incident, because the time duration for a full day of 24 hours is happening from a long long time ago. What on the earth changes its spinning speed suddenly now! Will it harmful for us? Will it sustain for long? Can the fast spinning of our dearly earth may now bring doom for us in the near future? Let’s find out in this blog.

This event is not recorded for once, rather it is being recorded in the recent years frequently. And now, the earth broke its own record on July 29th 2022, the day witnessed a shorter than usual 24 hour day by 1.59 milliseconds. The spin took 1.59 milliseconds lesser time than 24 hours to complete the rotation.

This is not the first time it spun in a hurry. Back in 2020, on July 19th , the day became the shortest day on that year. It lacked about 1.47 milliseconds from 24 hours-a-day. Again on 2022, June 29th saw another quick day. Now the spin completed about 1.50 milliseconds faster than usual 24-hour day. So, this is becoming a regular incident, and now earth itself beats its own past record. We never know, might be the next occurrence will become the shortest day.

There are some reports are coming that earth may continue to get such shorter days in the upcoming years. According to Interesting Engineering (IE) news outlet, this phenomenon will continue a 50-year phase of shorter days, and may be it’s starting right now for our planet.

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Why Our Earth is Now Spinning Faster?

Well, we do know the fact that earth is now spinning faster suddenly, but yet we don’t have the perfect knowledge why is it doing so! Researchers are busy to find the perfect reason. You might get some reasons that are coming from various sources like:-

1. It could be the “Chandler Wobble” which is coming from the small deviation in the Earth’s geomagnetic poles. If the poles change its position relatively with the earth’s surface then it might create faster speed for the earth.

2. It could be from the weight loss of the glaciers of earth’s poles. Rapid ice melting from poles glaciers causing increasing weight loss, and it can become a major reason for the earth to spin faster.

3. Others say that Earth’s inner core may be moving slightly a bit. The movement of the planet’s molten interior core also can be a reason in the change of the speed.

4. While some researchers believe that seismic activity of the planet could be a reason also.

Will It Become Harmful for Human Kind?

The effect of the earth spinning faster can create multiple problems for us. This speed increase in the earth’s rotation could result in the introduction of the negative leap seconds. This will happen to keep the rate that the earth orbits the Sun consistent with the measurement from atomic clocks.

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The negative leap second could create some confusing consequences to our smartphones, laptops, computers and various communications systems worldwide. The leap second can become a risky practice which can bring only harm, nothing good for human. Information technology and communication systems will also be impacted by the negative leap second since a clock typically runs from 23:59:59 to 23:59:60 before restarting at 00:00:00. Scientists also said that if a negative leap second occurs, the clock will change from 23:59:58 to 00:00:00, which can lead a “devastating effect” on the software, web and servers which depends on timers and schedulers. To avoid this problem, international timekeepers may need to add a negative leap second or introduced as a “drop second”.

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A regular basis faster spinning can also bring harmful effects on the earth’s atmosphere and environments. Not only the day’s duration will be reduced but also it can create havoc storms in multiple areas of our planet, wind can blow at a higher speed, volcano eruptions will be seen frequently.

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