How to Lock and Unlock PDF files without Password

Portable Document Format or in short PDF files are very essential file formats that are being used daily in our lives. PDF files contain document data, image data, etc other kinds of information in a compact and easily readable structure. But sometimes it contains private and very essential data that need to be protected.

So PDF files sometimes protected with passwords. This article will give light on how to lock and unlock PDF files without password.

Unlock PDF file Online Free - Blog To Success
Unlock PDF file Online Free – Blog To Success

PDF Locking Mechanism

Thus you can encrypt PDF files using passwords to make it secure. The best thing is you can do it in online with ease. There are multiple websites out there those can encrypt your PDF documents with your given password.

Just enter in the site. Upload your PDF document. Now click on the protection option. You will be prompted to enter a password. Enter a strong password and proceed. That’s it. Now download your fresh new PDF file which is password protected. Send that file through any network without fearing of getting the data stolen.

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PDF Unlocking Mechanism

A lot of time we receive files such as bank account statements, phone bills, or suppose ITR files in a password-protected PDF file. In those cases, we need to unlock the file to read the information.

Unlocking a secured PDF file is also an easy task. Just visit any one of those websites which I probably give you the link at the bottom. Don’t think that I’m an affiliate to those sites. Actually, they provide us the platform to unlock a password-protected PDF file.

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So visit there and upload the file. You will be prompted to apply the password to unlock the document. Your password must be in the email or in the same message where you got that file. Provide that password and proceed. It will unlock the PDF file and then download it into your device. That’s it.


Point to Remember

Remember without having the proper password you cannot able to retrieve the original PDF document. If the file is protected in some part partially, or just using the owner password then you don’t need any password. Only, in that case, you can generate decrypted files from those sites. But, if your PDF file is thoroughly encrypted with full protection then without the password you can’t decrypt the file.

List of websites to lock and unlock PDF files without password

So here are the best 10 websites that can give you the platform to create encrypted PDF or decrypt a locked PDF online and free.


Unlocking PDF file Offline from Adobe Acrobat Reader

Now if you have already Adobe Acrobat Reader installed into your machine, then you can also unlock your PDF document from here.

So to do that, at first, open the protected file in Acrobat Reader. Go to the Tools option. Under the Tools, the bar goes to Protect option and then click on Encrypt option. There you have to click on the Remove Security option.

Now if your document has a document open password then only click the OK button to unlock it safely. Otherwise, you have to type the proper password then have to click on the OK button to remove the security.


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