How to Delete Any Browsers Data

Delete any browsers data is a pretty easy task. We search through various websites, various pages regularly. Websites send us cookies which store in the Browser’s memory. Our browsers also store a large number of cache files, some unimportant web files also.

Thus Browsers keep storing a large amount of unnecessary data as time goes on. So it needs to clear after some time. It will help our browsers to run faster. And also it keeps our devices fast.

Delete Browser Data - Blog To Success
Delete Browser Data – Blog To Success

Especially Google Chrome stores a lot of information from our web searches, thus after few weeks Chrome starting to lag while working. So, we should clear the data frequently. If you haven’t cleared any data what so ever then today is your chance to wipe all of your old unnecessary data.

Here is the guide to wipe out all your old data from any browser. The functionality is pretty the same for most browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge, etc.


Deletion of basic browser data

Open your browsers. This process is the same for desktop versions and android app versions also. Click on the menu icon placed at the top-right corner of your browser. In Google Chrome it’s like three vertical dots. In opera mini & Mozilla firefox it’s like three vertical dashed.

From the Menu find the Settings option, click and open the Browser Settings option. It will open your browser’s settings page. There you can find the ‘Clear browsing data’ option under the Privacy and Security panel. In the Google Chrome desktop version, you can also get that from the More Tools option.

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You can also open your browser’s settings page directly by typing ‘settings/clearBrowserData ‘ in the browser URL box.

A new dialog box for clearing the browser data will appear to you. You can choose between basic and advanced tab options. Suppose you want to delete basic old data. Choose the Basic tab.

From the basic option, you can delete your browsing histories, cookies and cache files only. You can select the time range also like from the last 24 hours, last 7 days, last month or you can go with all time.


Upon selecting your time range it will clear the histories, caches and cookies for that particular time range. Click on the Clear Data button to delete the data.

Clear Data from Browser
Clear Data from Browser

Deletion of advance browser data

Now if you want to delete advance data then switch to the advanced deletion tab. From here you can swipe all your browsing histories, caches and cookies, site settings, auto form fill-up data, hosted app data, and passwords which are stored in the browser’s password manager memory.

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Here you can also set the time range like from the last 24 hours, last 7 days, last month or you can go for the all-time data. I recommend not to delete password manager data otherwise you cannot get the passwords set for your Google accounts which are created quite a long time ago. If you remember your password then that’s okay, you can go with that. So after selecting your choices mark on the ticks, and then click on the Clear Data button to delete all the browser data.

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