Google Chrome Dark Theme and Black Mode Extensions Updated 2

Dark mode or google chrome dark theme is beginning to be very popular nowadays. A lot of websites and mobile apps inherited the dark mode. People accepting the dark mode as it is a soother for their eyes than the light mode versions. Obviously, it is depending on the choice of the user, but dark modes are gaining a lot of popularity day by day.

Thus we also want a dark theme for our beloved browser Google Chrome. Google Chrome supports user-created themes to use as dark mode in the latest versions of the browser. So to apply a dark interface in the Google Chrome browser, all you have to do is to install a dark theme or dark mode extensions to get this customizable effect.

Use theme or extension whatever that’s your choice, it will work on Windows 7, Windows 10, MAC, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, etc on all other operating systems out there.

Google Chrome Dark Theme and Dark Extension
Chrome Dark Theme and Dark Extension

So in this post, I am going to share with you the updated information regarding the dark mode enabling the feature. To apply a theme or extension you have to go to the Chrome Web Store.

How to open Chrome Web Store

Open Google Chrome Browser. Click on the menu, three vertical dots which are placed at the top-right corner. Go to the More Tools options, from there click on the Extensions option. You will get your extensions page. Now click on the three horizontal lines placed at the top-left corner, that’s the extension menu sidebar. From the bottom click on the Chrome Web Store link to open it directly on the next tab.

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Google Chrome dark theme

In the Chrome Web Store, under the themes section, you have to search for your desired dark theme. You can apply Dark Theme for Google Chrome theme. It’s a very simple and coherent theme. Applying this theme your Chrome will turn into a dark mode with toolbars, tabs, title bars.

The second option will be Black Material Dark Theme for Chrome. You can also apply this. It will add more contrast to the dark theme.

The next option will be the Material Dark theme – Dark Chocolate. It’s a very nice, cleaner look and a more sophisticated dark theme.

Another one you can pick, that is Dark Theme-V3. This theme is optimized for high resolution 4K definition views.

Now if you want to download more dark themes outside of the Google Web Store then visit here. You can get 5 different but top-class dark themes for your Chrome.

The first one is the Black Chrome Theme with Blue Highlight. This gives you a classical look of the black elegant layout with a contrasting blue-colored tab which you are currently focused on. You may give it a try but the blue color is sometimes looks too much contrast.

Now the next one is Dark void- a minimalistic black theme. This is a simple minimalistic dark touched theme. A slight problem you may face, that is the text color is grey and the background tab color is black thus it will not be that user-friendly.

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If you want tabs more readable then this can be your choice-Matte Black Theme. Pretty much the same as Dark void only tabs are clearer to recognize the texts.

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Then comes the ATOM one dark theme. It will give you ATOM like dark theme experience with more efficient looks than the others. You’ll get a slight difference between active and in-active tabs.

Then the last one is Material Incognito Dark Theme. This can be the best dark theme by far. It has been used by a lot of users and the overall rating is also great for this theme. So it is highly recommended to apply this theme and enjoy the dark mode in Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome Dark Mode Extensions

Themes can turn your Chrome into dark mode but what about those websites which you visit! Few websites have their inbuilt dark mode feature, and you can manually set Dark Mode for Gmail also. But the rest of the websites will be presented to you in the bright mode as usual.

So to turn those also into a dark environment, you need to install extensions. Now, these are some popular extensions that can fill your missing features of a dark environment.


Dark Mode extension: after installing you can see that websites are now can be seen in dark mode. You can toggle between light mode and dark mode as per your requirement. After enabling the extension you can find the dark mode toggle button from the extension gallery. But, some websites may not turn into a black version with this extension.

For that reason, you can go for the Dark Reader extension. This is the by far best extension for the Dark mode environment on any website. Users can change the contrast of the darkness, brightness of the page, grayscales of the texts, and also white list some sites if they desire.

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So it is a customizable extension but can be applied on all websites to create a dark environment all over Google Chrome. It comes with eye-care add-ons. You can create a night mode dark theme for any website at any time. Just disable similar extensions before installing them.

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