Entireweb Insights Analytics Review – Google Analytics Alternative

You probably know about the Entireweb free submission tool. After opening a new website, Entireweb promises to submit the new website under all the search engines available in the world. So website owners submit their site’s URL under Entireweb to submit to all the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all on the go with ease. But, many people don’t know about the free Analytics service provided by Entireweb.

We generally tend to use Google Analytics to measure the insights and the daily performances of our websites or blog. Entireweb Insights can be another option to measure traffics and all the insights for free.

Entireweb Insights Analytics Review
Entireweb Insights Analytics Review

What is Entireweb actually?

Basically, Entireweb is a search engine so you can use that as a replacement for Google or Bing. But it is not high up to the mark as a search engine giant like Google or Bing. Many people do use Entireweb search engines for their daily searches. You might check that one too.

Entireweb Search Engine
Entireweb Search Engine

What is Entireweb Submission?

If you create a new blog or website then you might want to index the site quickly under all search engines available in the world. Either you can create webmaster accounts from Google search console, Bing webmasters, Yandex webmaster, etc or you can submit directly from Entireweb free submission. As soon as a site gets indexed by search engines you’ll see organic traffic coming into your newly made website.

Thus people do use Entireweb free submissions where users can submit the website URL with just one click. Entireweb submits the URL to all other search engines on the go. With one submit click you can submit your site to the entire search engines available on the web. The submission comes free; you have to provide the email id only. As you do not have to open any webmaster account, so I think it is better to take advantage.

Entireweb submits close to 5 million websites from the free search engine submission tool as of now to the other search engines like DuckDuckGo, StartPage, AOL, Bing, Yandex, Google, Ecosia, Yahoo, Qwant, etc. You’ll get a confirmation email as soon as you submit your site from the Entireweb free search engine submission tool.

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But, Entireweb not only provides free submission but also they have a powerful analytical tool to measure your website’s performances. That is Entireweb Insights. The service is free forever. You can also run this analytical tool side by side with Google Analytics or as an alternate to that.

Entireweb Submission
Entireweb Submission

What is Entireweb Insights?

Entireweb Insights is pretty much like Google Analytics where you can measure your traffic to the website, heatmaps, real-time visitors, sessions tracking, event tracking, geo-tracking, page views, and all.

It comes with a decent and lightweight interface where webmasters can measure their daily traffic sources, page views with ease! The methodology is the same as Google Analytics where you need to register an account under Entireweb Insights, and then you’ll be given a tracking code. After that, you need to place the tracking code on your website. That’s all. You will start to see the detailed report as soon as you place the tracking code on your website.

Entireweb Insights

How to Set up Entireweb Insights in a website?

First of all, visit their website. Entireweb provides a lot of services like search engines, free submission, affiliate marketing, analytics, etc. So choose Insights analytics and there you have to register an account first.

To create a new account click on the Register link. Provide your full name, email id, password, and then open your new account to track performances. After successful account creation, you need to log in under the Insights application. After successful login using the credentials you had used, you will be welcomed in the webmaster dashboard section.

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Here you can see the menu on the left panel. Click on the website option to get the tracking code. Under the website dashboard you’ll see a button – Add Website. Click on the button; provide your site’s name and URL, Submit the site. Then you’ll get the tracking code.

Copy the tracking code and paste it inside the <head> and </head> tag of your website HTML code. If you’re using WordPress then go to the Theme editor option then click on the ‘header.php’ file and there paste the code just before the </head> tag ending.

Insights Report
Daily Visit Record

The tracking code is a single-line JavaScript code. It is not that weighty compared to Google Analytics ’ JavaScript tracking code. Thus Entireweb Insights will not slow down your website’s loading speed like Google Analytics does!

Update the header.php file or save your HTML file, that’s all. Now you can see real-time visitor performance and the daily reporting from the Insights Dashboard section.

Geo Tracking & Channels
Daily Geo-Tracking & Channels

What can you measure from Entireweb Insights Analytics tool?

Insight Menu Bar
Insight Menu Bar
  • 1. Entireweb Insights provide you simple dashboard features with a simpler interface. Most of the time many webmasters felt that they don’t need too much information regarding their sites likewise Google Analytics delivers. So, Insights give you only the basic metrics for measuring website performance. Obviously, Google analytics gives more detailed information and vast reporting than Entireweb insights. If you only want to track page views and all then it might come in handy for you.
  • 2. Entireweb Insights checks each visitor’s path which is from which channel they visited your site. It keeps track of the proper user engagements. It understands the user’s behavior to improve user experiences.
  • 3. Insights also provides you, real-time visitors, checking exactly the same as the Google Analytics tool.
  • 4. Your website’s performance is secure with Insights analytical tool. Entireweb does not sell your report data. If you delete the service later, don’t have to worry about getting your past data sold to any organization.
  • 5. You can manually record and replay visitor interactions. It will help you to understand what event they took, which post or page they liked or disliked, which path they took after visiting your site. It can help you to improve content strategies and affiliate marketing strategies.
  • 6. You can track heatmaps. With the help of this service, you’ll get to know which portion of your site favors your readers the most.
  • 7. You can get the detailed Geo locations of your visitors.
  • 8. You can easily understand what devices they had used, what was the screen resolution of those devices, what channel they were welcomed, what was their OS, how much time they retained on your site, etc. As I said earlier, very much the same as Google analytics.
  • 9. You can measure UTM tracking, backlinks counter, custom date-wise reports, and all.
  • 10. Easy to install the tracking code, if not found useful then easy to delete the tracking code. Entireweb does not store any data.
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Daily User Reports

Final Words:

Webmasters need to measure the performances of their blogs or website from different analytical tools. It is a good practice as Google analytics does not always give you the proper reports. It also slows down the loading speed of your website. So running a few other tracking tools side by side with Google Analytics is a plus point to your ultimate success, and Entireweb can fit for that very well.

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