Does Changing WordPress Themes Frequently is Good?

The simple straight answer to the question of changing WordPress themes frequently and repeatedly in a live website is not good; actually, it’s a bad idea. There are lots of aspects behind this particular phenomenon. If you run a WordPress website then don’t change your theme repeatedly, I mean over 10-15 times a month.

Yeah, there are lots of eye-catching WordPress themes present in the web world. And you might get enticed by the looks and performances of various WordPress themes and want to try them out frequently on your live site. But, it’s not a good thing to do! Rather stick with one theme among the best themes of your choice, let it work for you. Give it time!

Does Changing WordPress Themes Frequently is Good
Does Changing WordPress Themes Frequently is Good

Don’t judge a WordPress theme’s performance in a matter of 2 or 3 days. It takes time to show good results for your website. Mainly webmasters seek the traffic; it is the main thing we thrive on. So keep faith in your applied theme, trust the SEO and give it time to expand its wings.

In this article, you will get to know why changing your WordPress theme frequently is not a good option. So keep on reading the actual facts.

Changing WordPress Themes Frequently Affects Badly on SEO:

There are enormous sites that list the best themes, super-fast themes, modern UI/UX themes for your WordPress site but didn’t mention you to use them all at once or in a quick time. Changing the theme frequently will affect badly onto your SEO.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and etc take time to index your pages. They merely took time to recognize the pattern of your website. Once the bots understand how your site is build up then your pages start to rank according to the content you have written.

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The patterns are generally the blueprint of the looking of your website. Where <h1>, <h2> tags, the <img> tags has been placed, how the <iframes> are situated, where your <table> tag is placed, where your <div>, <p> tags are situated and etc all these things.

Once the blueprint layout is been recorded then your site becomes familiar to the search engines. But, if you repeatedly change your theme that means you’re affecting the blueprint of your website layout. Things become confusing to the search engine bots and the familiarity went null thanks to your efforts.

What is the impact of this problem? Simply search engines won’t send organic traffics to the unfamiliar website. Ask yourself, do you recommend your friends to purchase something from a shopkeeper you’re unfamiliar with? The answer is NO!

So keep on using one theme for a long time. If you still want to change then before changing your theme, do your home works on the selected themes and then decide on one ultimate theme which will be going to replace the old theme. 

Changing WordPress Themes Affects Design and User Experience:

User interface and User experiences are one of the most important considerations for SEO and to your pocket viewers.

If your website is difficult to read or navigate, if it looks bad then many visitors will bounce back to the search engine result page—indicating to Google or other search engines that your website is not helpful or user-friendly. A WordPress theme has a lot more potential than a design, but looks and design are some of the important criteria for user retention.

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Before going to alter the theme as yourself is your new theme well-designed? Is it readable properly? Is it mobile-friendly or not? If you are asked to visit the site to read any article would you prefer that? If all the answers are yes then you might go ahead.

Changing WordPress Themes Affects Site Speed:

Well! Site Speed! What would I say! Site Speed becoming the primary factor nowadays to get more traffic from search engines. New users will not be going to like a website with a slow loading speed, whatever exciting the looks are!

Your WordPress theme can make or break the loading speed of your site. Some themes are extremely heavy and complex yet with a lot of customizations though! But when Google sees that your site takes more than 8 seconds to respond then don’t expect too many organic visitors. Your SEO score will drop drastically.

On the other hand, if your new theme gives you less than 2 seconds to load, then Voila! You might be treated with a nice SEO score.

Not these but also your loading times are recorded for familiarities to some sites but when it changes frequently then it might be hard for you to rank on those sites also.

Changing WordPress Themes Affects SEO Metadata, Structure Data, Content Formatting

Switching your themes frequently will not going to store your Structure data into search engines permanently. It takes time for search engines to store them, and changing the theme will give them confusion on your site’s structure data for rich search snippets.

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Some themes come with advanced SEO metadata features that mean they handle carefully your post’s headings, titles, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions, etc. Frequent changes of themes will impact badly on the Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, and other essential Meta properties.

That’s why we recommend using Rank Math plug-in to manage your SEO data effectively, rather than relying on your theme.

Stay With Your New Theme For A Long Time

Changing your WordPress theme frequently affects your SEO because it primarily changes all of the pages in search engines that have already been indexed from your site. So search engines have to recrawl again your whole site then again have to alter the indexing table for you. You can see a drop in the traffic for this reason. Why spend too much crawl quota unnecessarily for changing themes repeatedly!

Generally, as long as your new theme is working correctly and you’ve made the correct modifications, you should not worry about long-term setbacks. So it’s a good idea to stay with your new WordPress theme for as long as possible.

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