Delete Search History on Android from All Browsers

Sometimes it is essential to delete search history on Android phones from our browsers. Maybe that is for privacy purposes or due to any intentional factor we need to clear our search terms from the browsers we use daily.

People from worldwide use various browser apps and also various search engines from their android phones. Most popular browser apps like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, UC Mini Browser, and Microsoft Edge is leading the chart on Androids. So this article will cover all those browsers to clear the chat histories from them.

Delete Search History From All Apps
Delete Search History From All Apps

First of all, let’s see how to clear Google search histories from the Google App. Then you can see how to delete from those browsers one by one and step by step.

How to Delete Google Search history:-

Take your android and open the Google app. Then click on the Google search bar. You can see the list of previous search terms you have made. Besides those search queries, you will get cross signs. Click on those cross signs to delete that particular search string. Google will prompt you that if you delete that search string from here, it will be deleted from all the devices where the account is linked. Click on yes, it not only deletes the search string from that particular phone but also deletes the term from all the devices that are linked and synched with this particular Google account. Pretty safe option I guess.

Delete Search History on Android from Google Chrome Browser App:-

Open the Google Chrome browser app from your android. At the top-right portion, you’ll find three vertical dots, basically, that’s the menu. Then go to the History option. Click on the Clear Browsing Data option. Now you have to select the time range. Here you can select how much of history you want to get rid of. If you want to clear from the beginning then tap the All Time. Otherwise, select your preferred time range. Then check on the Browsing History option and uncheck other options, as you don’t want to delete those probably. Tap on the Clear Data to delete that much of the history.

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Delete Search History on Android from Mozilla Firefox Browser App:-

Open your Mozilla Firefox app on your Android phone. See at the top-right corner you get three vertical dots, basically that the menu. Here you can find the settings option, click on that. Then you have to click the Delete Browsing Data option. Now select what type of data you want to delete, probably that will be Browsing history and Site data. Click on the Delete Browsing Data option, it will delete all your search histories.

Delete Search History on Android from Opera Mini Browser App:-

A good browser makes it easier to manage your privacy and security, and Opera does it nicely. You can control what you want to delete while browsing the web.  First, click on the menu option and go to the settings. Here you can find the Clear Browsing History option. Tap on that to delete histories from the Opera app.

Delete Search History on Android from UC Mini Browser App:-

Launch the UC Mini Browser app from your android. There on the menu option, tap on the three horizontal line symbols. After that, a new tab will open and you will have to tap a symbol which is like a hexagon with a circle. A New Settings Window will now open and you have to click on the Clear records options. Select clear browsing history or you can select the other options too if you want to delete. Now tap on clear the data option.

Delete Search History on Android from Microsoft Edge Browser App:-

Open MS Edge browser from your android. Select Settings and more options. Go to the Settings option. Under the Privacy, search, and services option you can find the Clear Browsing Data option. Now select the browsing search history data. After that choose your preferred time range from the time range drop-down menu. Check on the Browsing history option and tap on the Clear Now. It will delete the browsing data from the MS Edge app.

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If you want to know the browsing history deletion processes of any other browser app then let us know by your comment.