Dark Mode Rises for Google Search in Windows 10

Google Search Dark Mode
Google Search Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the latest crazes regarding android apps or desktop applications. A lot of users prefer to use dark themes instead of light themes, thus companies are relying very much on dark mode variables recently. Over the last year we have seen a lot of applications roll out their dark theme layout, Google also did it with their Google Chrome on desktop, Google pay app, etc.

Google Search Rolling Out Dark Mode in Upcoming Days

Now Search Engine Giant Google is planning to roll out Dark mode in their Google Search service on Windows 10 and macOS desktops. Google began this testing at the end of 2020, and it is now in the A/B testing phase.

Google has not rolled out the feature widely but it is planning to roll out very recently, all things are undergoing A/B phase testing. So Google does not make it available for everyone yet, but few Windows 10 users are getting notifications to try out the feature from the Windows Latest option.

How to Enable Dark Mode Search Preference?

A small range of Windows 10 users only received to enable this feature, assuming a user needs at least Google Chrome version 81 or more with the latest Windows 10 series. If you are lucky and meet the minimum conditions then you might get the notification under the preferences page of your Google Account via the Windows Latest option.

Dark Knight Rises for Google
Google Dark Look

If you got the notification and enable the dark theme option of the new Google Search display feature, then your search pages might become dark grayish colored with the whitish text color. Google logo will turn white rather than the multi-colored one. The clickable links will appear in blue, the subtitles will appear in light grey.

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How Dark Mode will Look?

The background will not be in true black, rather will look like darkish grey. Google opts-in light blur for various icons and logos so that they have seen clear with respect to the background. All these user interface changes will take place in Windows 10 gradually than in macOS also. So macOS users might have to wait a bit more.

Google tested these visuals from the end of the last year, a few users reported that they witnessed dark grey page background all of a sudden and then reverted back again automatically. So you can understand that Google was thoroughly testing the visual designs from all aspects among a much wide user base.


Describing all these, if you don’t find any notification still want to use dark mode for Google search then you may apply these features. If you got one but accidentally rejects the notification not changing the background then you might not get that sooner again. So in that case you have to wait again for the official release to all users.

If you want to disable the dark mode after enabling it, then visit the preferences tab under your Google account and select the light or system default option for the Google search mode option. Tell us your opinion in the comments on the new dark mode appearance of the search pages, if you got the notification and changed the view already.

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