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Responsive Web Design:-

In this modern time, websites need to be responsive otherwise it affects their search rankings. Search engines love responsive websites. Responsiveness checker online helps you to consider Responsive web design which is basically creating web pages that look best on all devices out there.

A responsive web design will automatically fit different screen sizes and viewports like Desktops, Tablets, Phones, and also in Smart TVs. Through responsive web designs whatever the screen size your users are using, websites need to adjust their user interface according to that. It will help all your users to get the same experience.

Responsiveness checker online
Website Responsiveness Checker – Blog To Success

How to Create Responsive Web Pages:-

It is the task of a web developer to create responsive websites. It depends on the HTML and CSS coding or may use the Bootstrap functionality.  Using proper HTML and CSS a webpage can automatically resize, hide, fix, or expand to large screens and shrink to small screens. Mainly you need to check that your website is mobile-friendly or not, as a large number of users will visit the site from mobile devices.

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What is Mobile-Friendly layout:-

A mobile-friendly layout gives the power to a webpage to adjust its interface to various mobile screens that are using all over the world. There are various mobile companies out there with their different models having various screen sizes. But, to check a webpage on all those mobile phones is not a budget-friendly task.

But don’t fear it. You can check your all web pages online. Here are some websites that give you a virtual environment where you can test the mobile-friendly capabilities to check whether your site is responsive or not. And, the best thing is, it’s absolutely free.

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1. Responsive Test Tool:-

Just paste the URL of your page that you want to check, and hit the Check button. You will get a clear idea of how your page will respond to those various screen sizes! The beauty of this site is you can get a lot of virtual devices to test with.

There are currently 85 mobile screens and 30 Tablet screens available, which is more than enough to check the mobile-friendly issues of your site. You can get various desktop/laptop and Television screen sizes available there. You can also rotate the viewport by 90 degrees to check the portrait to landscape view shifting.

Website link: http://responsivetesttool.com/


2. What is my screen resolution:-

It’s another site to check the page responsibility for free. Likewise before pasting the page URL and check how your website is performing into your targeted device. You can also click on your links, other pages; and search some terms to see overall performances. But there are lesser numbers of targeted devices listed in the menu. Though that will be enough to test the page is responsive or not.

Website link: http://whatismyscreenresolution.net/

3. Screenfly:-

Another great website to check the page responsiveness for free. There are various targeted devices with various screens are available on the menu. You can see two device’s displays at a single time, it is a plus point.

Click on your links, fields, and menus to get the ultimate performance in that device. You can rotate the view from portrait to landscape if you want. And also share the display outputs for your further requirements.

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Website link: https://bluetree.ai/

4. DupliChecker:-

Check your page responsiveness qualities for free with Duplichecker. They have minimal structure yet efficient to use. You can check for TVs, Tablets, Phones, and desktop/laptops from here, but the numbers of virtual devices are comparatively lesser than the others.

But, you can check your page responsiveness with custom screen sizes according to your need. Mention the custom width and height, and then click on the Apply button to see the result. But, you cannot get the rotation display here.

Website link: https://www.duplichecker.com/


5. InfoByIp:-

InfoByIp offers an easy way for developers to simulate various devices within the browser. You only get the various screen sizes with their brands available here, but not the device models. Just enter your URL, pick your screen size from the list then hit the load button and you’ll see how well your website is working on the browser. This site also offers you to rotate the view.

Website link: https://www.infobyip.com/

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