3 Best Changes Google Introduces on its Search Results in 2021

Google continuously improves its search result experiences for the searchers. We just step in 2021 and just the first month passed by and the 3 best changes Google introduces already in its search results. These changes will help searchers from all over the world.

Google more focusing on mobile-centric searches as you will see their improvements are for mobile searches rather than desktop-based searches. Mobile-centric searches are increasing day by day thus Google took these positive changes to adapt to the situation. Now let us dive into the major changes that Google offered for us till now in 2021.

best changes Google introduces
Google Search Major Changes 2021

The Best Changes Google Introduces Are as Follows:-

1. Google redesigns the Mobile Search Experience

Google rolled up a redesign version of mobile search in the month of January which is having edge-to-edge design quality for easier readability. It will give a modern experience to the searchers and thus help them to find their content more easily.

It is emphasizing on the prime three factors – Easier reading, Modern approach, and simple design.

The search sections become clearer and the labels become larger to give users an easier reading environment through their searches. It will help them to look faster what they are searching for. The design of the search pages become more simple and modern, it will be more approachable to the users.

The simple design will help to focus more on the contents. The search result cards will have more breathing spaces so that contents can be looked clear and well balanced with each other.

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Google wants to give their searchers a more “bubblier and bouncier” kind of feeling thus they redesign the Google search home page a bit. It will change the color and theme of the Google Logo; it is becoming rounder and clearer than before. They also impact the color; Google feels the new color theme will definitely give searchers an easy readability issue for finding their search item more quickly.

Google said that it will roll out worldwide very soon so you can expect to see the changes very shortly. This update will not impact the indexing or on the rankings as well, only the appearances to the searchers will be different.

2. Google changes the Cookie Replacement Mechanism

Google recently rolled out some data that can take place in the Chrome Browsers and they believe it will change the Cookie-based world more significantly.

They were working on Cookie-free architecture for a long time. It is a well-known fact that Google has been pursuing a treat for the upcoming days on Chrome. Ordinarily, that articulation can reflect a bit for advertisers. It will be clear after the implementations took place and what revenues are generating after that.

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Google has been working for a long span they called it “FLoC” which means “Unified Learning of Cohorts.” This API would live as an augmentation in the Chrome program. Rather than singular data being collected at the individual level for focusing on, it would make gatherings of clients based on great many site clients.

The Google Ad team is testing the new FLoC environment and checking what direct impact it will bring for the advertisers when it will start working lively. They are getting approximately 95% conversions into money for the working of cookies.

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It will be initially applied to the public domain step by step. The more data they can get the clearer will be the result.


3. Google is adding more information on Domains while searching

Google implementing more information into the search results about the domains. It will help searchers to learn about the sources without making multiple queries.

When someone searches for anything they can see the three horizontal dots icon at the top-right corner on every search results they get. Clicking on those dots will open a new card from the bottom where they can find the additional pieces of information about that website source.

It will have the description about that domain, the domain is secure or not, the full URL of the searched page, and the resulting page is normal or sponsored.

Google says it will not be seen in all the domains but on some popular domains only at the beginning. Google will extract the information from Wikipedia sources, so if the sites don’t have Wikipedia information linked then that will be not shown to searchers.

There is nothing to be done from the site owner’s perspective. It will not impact the index or the rankings as well. But as Google will extract the information from Wikipedia entries so small sites that are yet not listed in Wikipedia will exclude from the list. In that case, Google may show that the site is not listed in Wikipedia directories.


The main intent behind this concept is, users can now visit the site according to their choices after seeing the extra information. It may or may not impact the organic traffic; it is not clear right now what will be going to happen after this service starts up.

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This update took place in the US first on the desktop, mobile, and Google App platforms.

Conclusion: The direct outcome of these major updates will be clear after their full-fledged application and time will tell how good or bad these will be for site owners. But altogether these major changes from Google are merely focused on the user experiences. The idea behind these changes is the betterment of the searchers. Google said they will bring a lot more changes in their search interfaces in the upcoming days also.


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