Threadless Artist Shop Or Teespring Store – What Will She Choose?

Threadless Artist Shop or Teespring Store, What will I choose? This question came into Diana’s mind when she got the idea of selling her artworks through printed designing tee-shirts from these two popular companies. She was lucky to know about the procedures of selling her artworks through these branded products online.

Basically, for the last 2 years, Diana was searching for a job. But the Covid19 pandemic situation didn’t give her any chance of getting a good one. So she was thinking to do an online job from her home. Yet that decision didn’t work out too! She was disappointed as her artworks went rejected by a few companies.

This was not her fault, nor the designs were bad. Actually market became too much unstable during the pandemic period and the financial crisis led her to become hopeless indeed.

Suddenly one day, she came to know about these two brands from the online advertisements while she was scrolling the timeline from her social media accounts. She quickly searched in Google about Threadless and Teespring and found out all the information she needed.

Threadless Artist Shop Or Teespring Store What Will She Choose
Threadless Artist Shop Or Teespring Store What Will She Choose

Threadless Or Teespring – A Place For The Designers

Yes, both the platforms will give you the interface to upload your custom designs on tee-shirts, hoodies, socks, mugs, trousers, pillows, towels, masks, etc. You just have to provide your artwork and both the platforms will do the rest. From printing, payment processing to shipping all will be served by those companies. You just have to upload your artwork, set a sell value with your profit margin. When someone purchases the item you’ll be paid the profit value per item sold.

Both the platforms Threadless and Teespring are legitimate places. They surely pay you, your profit amount. You just have to make some marketing for yourself too!

Threadless and Teespring will give you the required space where you can create your design. The exciting matter is you can set up your custom online selling store without any cost. The online stores will be hosted by Threadless and Teespring under their domain.

Designers will get links to the various products they made. They can share the links in their personal blogs or social media accounts or via WhatsApp also.

What Draws Diana To Do These Works?

After searching in Google, Diana came to know all the bits and pieces of the system. If you’re not a person with design sense, you might not able to create attractive designs. People will not be going to buy boring designing products or some novice ones. Opening a casual store will not help you!

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Diana knows how to design attractive illustrations. She takes it as a challenge and thinks her creations will be loved by the people. Which designs will she buy if she visits an online store? Diana gets those answers in her mind and made them in her design work.

Many professional logo designers or talented graphic designers use these platforms to earn a good amount of money for their living. They are very much dedicated to their designs; they know which designs will attract and which are not. People really love their work and surely going to buy those products. Not only the designs but also the item qualities are up to the mark from both the companies.

You may not be a super-duper designer, but you can use either platform too! If you have any band or institution or you’re a sports-loving person then you may design according to your need and purchase those products to solve your purpose.

How To Create Designing Products in Threadless?

First thing first, you need to create an account under Threadless. Then you need to set up your Artist Shop. Threadless artist shop will be helpful for the people like Diana, who can use Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, or Adobe Illustrator nicely.

Here in the artist shop, you will not be given any designing area. So you have to upload your own creations. You need to create them in Photoshop or Illustrator at first, then save those files as JPEG/ PNG and upload them here in the Threadless artist shop.

Threadless Upload Design
Threadless Upload Design

Normal people have no idea how to create designs in PNG/ JPEG format under Photoshop/ CorelDraw/ Illustrator platform, so Teespring will be a better place for them.

If you are like Diana who knows to create PNG images then the Threadless artist shop will not bother you. Create whatever designs you like, save them in high-resolution format. Approximately anything over 2000 pixels wide and 2000 pixels is tall with 300 dpi suits well in Threadless artist shop.

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Upload your artifact to the platform. Give a suitable title. Then choose the apparel types and colors. You can find various options like home accessories, T-shirts (for both men and women), socks, shoes, leggings, duffle bags, backpacks, coffee mugs, posters, stickers, towels, curtains, pillow covers, bedsheets, and more. Select the products intelligently that suit your design. Select all those products which you want to make available at your artist shop. Then hit the create products button.

Threadless Choose Product
Threadless Choose Product

That’s it; you can publish the products now. You can find them available in your shop. All the items have their own individual prices of course with your profit margin, colors, and sizes. You don’t have to think at all. The shipping cost may vary with the geolocalization of the customers. Threadless gives some promo codes to share with your friends/customers for discounted offers on shipping charges.

Threadless Artist Shop
Threadless Artist Shop

How To Create Designing Products in Teespring?

Teespring also has a similar kind of system structure to Threadless. Here you have to open an account first. Then you need to set up your Teespring store. You can make it attractive as you like.

Teespring platform is well suited for both non-designers and designers. Teespring allows you to design your custom product under their website. But you can only write texts, change the fonts and change their colors.

If you want to print the product with some artwork then you have to upload your own creations. Exactly the same process as Threadless. Upload PNG/GIFF/JPEG images with high resolution, close to 1400 X 1400 pixels with 300 dpi will fit nicely.

Teespring Store
Teespring Store

The difference between Teespring with Threadless is, here you can put your own profit margins. That means you can set different selling prices for different products. It will be a great marketing strategy to set a low price than your competitors as you want to build your online market, in that case, Teespring is better.

In Teespring, you will also get varieties of products like T-shirts (for both men and women), hoodies, socks, shoes, leggings, coffee mugs, posters, stickers, towels, pillow covers, masks, and more. But if you compare the two platforms with product listings then Threadless offers a few more.

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Teespring Choose Product
Teespring Choose Product

Upload your designs, set the selling price, and launch the products. You can see them displayed in your storefront. You will get different links to those different products. Pretty much similar to Threadless.

People can view all the details, if they get satisfied then there is Add to Cart button. The printing, production, and shipping will be taken care of by Teespring; you’ll get your profit with ease.

Diana Made Some Conclusion:

Diana made her decision

Diana understood both platforms pretty well. She concluded that only designing attractive-looking products will not gain her money. She has to market those products properly. Without proper online marketing, she cannot sell them and gain a decent profit.

There are various techniques to market her online stores. She might open a free blogging site that can attract visitors and market the products in front of them. Sharing the product links with some articles will do the job effectively.

Otherwise, Diana also can share the product images with some lucrative marketing captions in her social media accounts. She can share the products by making separate pages on Facebook. She can make use of Instagram to display the product images to her followers. Attractive Instagram posts or stories will be best for her marketing.

So, Diana made her decision to use both the platforms – Threadless Artist Shop and Teespring Store. If she has to market her products then why not use both the platforms, as the effort will be the same, isn’t it? What’s your thought on Diana’s decision? Let us know by giving your valuable comments.

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