Step-by-step Guide for Replacing HP Notebook Battery

Is your HP notebook is losing battery charge in a very short time? Is your HP Notebook taking hours to charge fully? Then you might go for replacing HP Notebook battery.

Really enticing to consider these little aspects somewhat called a ‘set-and-fail to remember’ part of your HP Notebook, actually Laptop batteries are not intended to endure forever. Notebook batteries are prone to damage quickly. The more you utilize your Laptop, the more the battery’s ability diminishes, frequently prompting an undeniably baffling PC experience. Indeed, even with moderate use, you may discover the battery’s charge has declined within a year’s time. It happened with approx 95% of users out there.

replacing HP Notebook battery
Step by Step HP Battery Replacement

Fortunately, this pivotal component of your Lappy can be effortlessly supplanted. The following points and few advances are intended to help make things better as conceivable with regards to buying an HP Notebook battery replacement.

The steps are as follows for Replacing HP Notebook Battery

1. Take a Battery Report from Windows OS:

Before going to decide on a replacement, first, make sure your battery is performing well or not. This is a very simple process on a Windows machine. Enter a command prompt and see the output. Use “powercgg/batteryreport” from the command prompt window, and then navigate to the Battery folder. There you can see the battery report is ready to view.


Here look at the performance of your battery. Compare the statistics from how much your brand new battery could hold the charge with how much the charge it is holding right now. After that, you can decide is it the proper time to replace it or not.

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2. Note down the Laptop’s Model Number:

Your Laptop’s model number will be required for ordering a correct replacement. See the Laptop’s product label at the back, there you can find the model number of this device. Note down the Laptop model number and the battery serial numbers for determining correct replacement with easy access.

3. Calculate the Cost:

If your HP Notebook is old, then you may find it difficult to track down a proper replacement of the same battery. Damaged batteries of Old models are not easily available, thus it can cost high enough to replace. So only in that case, it will be a good idea that instead of replacing the old battery, you can purchase a new HP notebook.

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4. Disconnect your Laptop:

When you’ve effectively sourced your battery, you can start the substitution cycle. While it might seem like a presence of mind, it’s imperative to underline the significance of detaching your HP Notebook from its electric source before you proceed to eliminate the old battery. Failing to remember this progression can put you in genuine danger of electric shock. You might catch it by electricity, so be careful.

5. Remove the Damaged Battery:

Utilizing either a PC opening pack or a Phillips-head number1 screwdriver, delicately remove the back panel of your Laptop, at that point the fastens holding the first battery place. When detached, cautiously separate the wire connecting the battery to the motherboard, remembering that any harm may prompt issues down the track. You may now totally eliminate the old battery.

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6. Connect the New Battery:

Now insert your newly purchased battery in the slot. Make sure it is aligned correctly then carefully match with the cables to the new battery. Then screw the battery nicely in the place, attach the back panel well.

7. Take a new Battery Report:

To confirm the performance of the replaced battery, take another Windows report. So plug your HP Notebook again, power up, and wait for a time to charge up the new battery. Here, if you see it is not charging, then reopen and connect the battery properly again.


When you see that the battery is charging, then after some time generate a new Windows battery performance report. Repeat the steps of the command prompt again. If you are getting a healthy report then it’s working fine and you’re good to go.

Replacing HP Notebook Battery

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