Remove 5 Things from Life to Be Happy

There are a lot of people who are not happy with their lives. Some of them are living a very miserable life, painful incidents happened to them which caused a great hatred to their own lives. I know, some of us constantly think when this miserable life will end! Then you should remove these 5 things from life to be happy.

And some of us want to get rid of all the sorrows, and wanting to live a happier life instead. No one, Literally no one chooses pains instead of happiness. But, finding joy among all those problems is very difficult. It is easy to speak or write, but in reality, it needs a heck of courage to do so.

But, we all can do something; we can remove some negative things for that the rest of our life can be cherished in little happiness. If you’re agreeing with me then let’s precede these 5 life hacks.

remove 5 things from life to be happy
Be Happy 5 rules – Blog To Success

1. Remove Targets for Happiness:-

Some out there think that they can’t stay happy unless they have certain things in their life, like lots of wealth mainly, a nice physique, or some attractive relationship, etc. But the fact is one can stay happy just simply without any of these.

Try to be happy with what you have. There are lots of people in the world who are not having the things you have, and they want those things to be happy in their lives. So, expecting a better thing only for happiness is meaningless.

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What it does, when you actually get those and become happy, then after some time you will expect to get other things, and your happiness regarding those achieved things will be gone.

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So, the fact is expected better things as a goal in your life, achieve those things to complete your target, try to enhance yourself daily but don’t make those target as the result of your happiness.

Failing to achieve those will frustrate you; you can get depressed by the failure. But, if you have chosen to achieve those things for your goals, then failing to achieve them will give strength to your desires and give a boost to do your works more perfectly than before, it will not guide you to the way of depression.

Simple change in mentality can make your life much better.

2. Remove Expectations:-

Some of us expect a lot. Expect a lot from our life; expect a lot from our parents, from our life partner, from our friends, etc. When we expect a lot of things from someone, we think getting those can make us very happy.

But we haven’t thought about them how they will manage to fulfill our expectations! What they are expecting from us! Isn’t it?


Try to understand their problems; try to comprehend your environment, try to guess the circumstances. It will lower your expectations. And, believe me, if you have lower or no expectations from anything then getting any small amount of bit from anyone will make you very happy.

I am explaining it mathematically, suppose you have 80% expectations from someone or from something, but in the end, you get only 60% then it will not make you happy but you could if it was 80% or more.

Now lower your expectation level, suppose you expected 20% from someone or from something, and you get 50% of that, now tell me you can become happy or not? Think about it.

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3. Remove the inner feeling of Proving Yourself:-

Listen, you are not born here to prove yourself to anyone or any organization. You are here to enjoy your days. Don’t prove your worth. Every individual has their own values. You might be a very good person to someone, at that same moment you might be a bad person to anyone also. So, it’s just a game of perspectives.


Some people care so much about what others think of them, and they spent their days proving their worth to others. They want to prove they are perfect. In this world, no one is perfect, and no one could be. So, don’t prove your worth to others or to yourself also. Getting to prove your “fake” worth can degrade your “actual” worth. Then, it tends to catch anxiety, depressions, and all.

Always remember, being a perfect person could make you a constant. The definition of perfection is changing regularly with respect to our civilization and the advancement of our society.

So, don’t be a constant, when the value of perfection will change, your happiness will go. Be a variable, a special variable that can fit in any type. Then you can always find yourself in the happy column.

4. Remove Negative Persons from your life:-

A small circle of positive people is far better than a large group of mixed people where negative-minded people are greater in the count. One negative-minded person can degrade any conversation on any topic. Remember, multiplying zero with whatever large number you take, makes a zero.

So, chose your surroundings wisely.

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A negative, unhappy, unambitious person will always bring you down no matter how much effort you’re giving to that thing. They will always criticize you no matter how good you had done. They will always argue on a topic no matter how simple it looks. If you want to be truly happy then get rid of these persons, they will degrade your inner power.

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5. Remove the Extensive Use of Social Media:-

Basically, on social media, people only share the good things that happen to them. No one posts about their bad things. That’s not the issue, but the factor is some of us feel unhappy by watching those and comparing them with us. As a result, we get unhappy with what we have.

Recently, people tend to spend a lot of time on various social media platforms. Some of you might think that those persons are having all the good things in life, but you are not having anything from your life.

This is not true, as you are not going to see what they are feeling what they are going through at other times. So don’t compare it by yourself. It is the main reason recently behind a majority of people going through the phase of depression.

Take the social media platforms as a medium of news, knowledge, and betterment to your life. Mark my words, keep yourself away from these platforms for two weeks and check the result.

If you stop comparing with others and only focus on getting knowledge, getting information from social media platforms then those times which you spent on the Internet will be blessings in disguise.

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