10 [Superb] Personalized New Year Gift Ideas for Your Boss

It’s New Year; strengthen the bonding between you and your boss by gifting a superb personalized gift to your boss at the beginning of 2022. But gifting a proper gift is quite confusing sometimes especially when it comes to the boss! Thus this article will help you to decide before purchasing a gift for your boss.

As the purpose of gifting the item is to greet a happy new year so, in my opinion, it should have to be special and unique. It is not like that you choose a random gift for a random time of the year. Here are 10 superb ideas for you to pick up the best one instead.

Personalized New Year Gift Ideas for Your Boss
Personalized New Year Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Without wasting more time let’s dive in.

10 Personalized New Year Gift for Boss

1-Personalized Zodiac Sign Diary:

If there’s an award for the most popular gift in the corporate sector then no other item can beat a personalized diary. But, to make it special you can go for a personalized zodiac sign diary.

The name printed on the cover of the diary with stylish font will be enough to grab your boss’s attention. And when it comes with a personalized zodiac horoscope for each n every month of 2022 then surely your boss will be going to love it.

Personalized Zodiac Sign Diary
Personalized Zodiac Sign Diary

Diaries are very essential for most of the corporate thus they will also come in handy for your boss. Personalized zodiac horoscope assumptions can add more flavor with the in-built calendar and holiday list which will make your gift a unique one.

You can search in Google for cool personalized zodiac sign diary from here directly:

2-Smart Speaker:

I must tell you, smart speakers are very trendy right now. You can go for Amazon Alexa or Echo, or Google Nest, or any other company’s product as per your budget.

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You can also ask for a personalized one from the online eCommerce site by adding your boss’s name and favorite color on it.

Smart Speakers
Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are very useful right now and your boss will love them. As these are the digital personal assistant for the digital world around us, gifting one among these can be a unique item.

3-Personalized Photo Clock:

Well, a personalized photo wall clock also comes in the category of unique gifts. A wall clock, round or square as per your preference, attached with your boss’s photo in the background can be a proper item to gift for the New Year.

You can select among the various kinds of designs available in shopping malls or e-commerce shops.

You can also choose digital wall clocks and the image will be placed at the top or bottom depending on the item.

4-Personalized Smart Touch Mood Lamp:

If you’re planning to gift your boss a cozy and aesthetic item then go for this one. You can bring a personalized touch into the Lamp by placing your boss’s picture or name on it.

Personalized Smart Touch Mood Lamp
Personalized Smart Touch Mood Lamp

Smart Touch Mood Lamps can change their color by touches. Before buying keep note of the color variations of the lamp. The color changes will bring different moods to the room so this will be a fantastic item to gift your boss.

5-Custom Plant Pot:

Gift a personalized custom plant pot to your boss to show that you care. Plant pot for the office desk is very helpful under the circumstances of the busy work year.

Custom Plant Pot
Custom Plant Pot

Plants not only refresh the mind while working tremendously but also a person can breathe freshly and can think innovatively seeing green plants close to them.

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Add a personalized touch by writing the boss’s name on the custom pot, or blend it with the favorite color that your boss admires. The pots can also carry artificial plants if you think it would be better, it’s totally your choice.

6-Personalized Premium Leather Cable Organizer:

A leather cable organizer is a very handy little satchel that holds all the cords and wires and even folds them into a compact lesser space pack.

Personalized Premium Leather Cable Organizer
Personalized Premium Leather Cable Organizer

Your boss can use it to put chargers, data cables, charging wires, earphone cords, mini USB cables, and more. Going for the office or for any holiday tour, this leather cable organizer set is very useful in both cases because it comes in a ready-to-pack bunch.

7-Customized Paperweight Sets:

Paperweights are very common for office desks and corporate so this gifting idea is very useful for your boss.

You can add a personalized touch by gifting a set of abstract designed paperweight set in this New Year. Crystal paperweights, globe design paperweights, or multicolor glass paperweights will be unique to gift someone.


Gift premium headphone set for your music-loving boss on this New Year. These are not just headphones rather these will be the escape from their reality.

Your boss can use them at home or on tours as well. Give your boss a chance to escape from the daily busy works and pressure into enthralling experiences of music with premium headphones.

9-Personalized Wooden Desk Organizer:

Your messy boss needs a personalized wooden desk organizer most and if you gift it on this New Year then it will be surely loved.

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A wooden desk organizer is that thing where your boss can organize his/her notes, pens, diary, pen drive, earphones, sunglasses, wristwatch, and wallet, etc.

Personalized Wooden Desk Organizer
Personalized Wooden Desk Organizer

You can make it personalized by engraving your boss’s name or picture on it. Or also you can print the memorable days your company had in the last few years.

10-Personalized Photo Frame and Coffee Mugs:

Last but not the least, personalized photo frames and coffee mugs set. These gifts always remain favorites in our hearts so your boss will be going to love them for sure.

Engrave your boss’s picture and name on the coffee mug or some favorite caption he/she likes the most. And also keep the photo frame as where your boss can attack multiple photos of his/her family or hardworking employees of his/her concern.

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Here are the lists of best and unique items you can gift at the beginning of 2022. Whatever you select from the list, the main thing is which you’ll gift from your heart is going to be loved by your boss.

I hope your confusions are clear now, and you’ve probably selected the item you’ll going to buy now. Let us know your choice by commenting below. If you have some other unique ideas for gifting your boss then let our readers know by sharing them in the comments section below.

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