14 [Best] Instagram Story Ideas for Married Couples

Instagram is not only devoted to boyfriends and girlfriends but also married couples too can convey their love and affection through Instagram and its best feature-Instagram story concept.

Search in Google and you’ll find lots of storytellers are out there only depicting the ideas between unmarried lovers, but what’s for the married couples? Marriage doesn’t mean that love ends here; rather it’s a new start of a loving journey.

Best Instagram Story Ideas for Married Couples
Best Instagram Story Ideas for Married Couples

So, we curate the 14 best Instagram story ideas only for the married couples out there who are searching for the story ideas to convey their love to their husband and wife.

Now, without delaying much, let’s jump on the cool ideas:

#1: Share Your Marriage Pictures on the Instagram Stories:

The best thing is to share on Instagram stories is your wedding pictures. The very day will be cherished nicely with this feature.

Sharing them will remind your spouse that you love the day so much and you care about your marriage. Occasionally we tend to click multiple pictures on our wedding day so you should have various choices before putting them in your Instagram story.

Sharing a few of them now and then is the best idea for married couples.

Tell That You're Missing Her
Tell That You’re Missing Her

#2: Share Your Anniversary Date on the Story:

Sharing your anniversary date in a cool font style like Instagram story texts have, is another great idea for married couples.

It’s a way to tell your husband/wife that you remember the date, which means you care for the day so much.

Our marriage date is very precious to us, and when it’s been shared with all your followers through the Insta story platform, the anniversary occasion gets more enjoyable of course.

#3: Share Your Spouse’s Crazy Pictures on the Instagram Story:

Well, now you’re married and you’ve spent a lot of time with each other staying together. So you probably have some crazy pics, funny pics of your spouse.

Share them on your Insta story to pamper him/her more. It’s a funny way to show your love & care. The funnier relation will be between you two, the stronger your relationship will become.

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#4: Share Romantic Selfies on the Instagram Stories:

Marriage is the beginning of new romantic life. So enjoy each other’s company and make them memorable by taking selfies now and then.

Share the clicked selfies on the Insta stories by adding cool effects. Hanging out with your spouse on the weekend evening? Take a selfie and share.

Share Romantic Selfies on the Instagram Stories
Share Romantic Selfies on the Instagram Stories

Going out somewhere to have some fun? Take a selfie of yours and share. Whether you’re in a cozy restaurant having candlelight dinner with your partner or going to watch a movie in the theatre, you can have selfies for almost every occasion.

So make them share into your Instagram wall or story feature. Definitely, your husband/wife will love those after seeing them shared on Instagram.

#5: Tell the “Surprising” News through the Story:

Make the use of the Instagram story feature in the best way by telling a ‘surprising matter’ to your spouse through Insta stories.

If you wanna surprise him/her with a new exciting topic, don’t go and tell in front of him/her. Rather share the matter by writing with a nice font on your story. Surely your love will be surprised to see that in the story.

#6: Wish Your Spouse through Instagram Stories:

If it’s his/her birthday or office achievement’s day or some kind of other special day, wish through the Instagram story feature.

Wish Your Spouse through Instagram Stories
Wish Your Spouse through Instagram Stories

Write your wishing message with colorful fonts, and cool captions so that it will be represented as you’re greeting joyfully.

If your husband/wife is going out for a hard day, then make it easier by wishing him/her indirectly through stories. Whether you’re near or far to him/her Insta’s story will work best for you in both ways.

#7: Share Your Upcoming Trip’s Plan through Instagram Story:

If you both are planning for a trip in the upcoming days, share it with your followers with Instagram stories.

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After fixing the destinations and travel plans let your followers know about the vacation trips by Instagram stories. It might become handy to meet with your followers staying there at your trip destination spots.

#8: Share a Funny Thing of Your Spouse which you like the most:

After living a long time with each other we tend to like some fun things about our spouse. Aren’t we? Then spread your care and affection on those things by saying through Instagram stories.

Share a Funny Thing of Your Spouse
Share a Funny Thing of Your Spouse

Funny things will become funnier if you add love, care, and craziness into them. Sharing in a story you’re getting to know your partner that you like very much.

#9: Share Your Old Memories Through Instagram Stories:

Old memories can turn into gold when you both cherish them after a long time.

Using the Instagram story feature you can make remind yourself of your old memories frequently. The time spent by both of you in the old days can be cherished a long and constantly with Insta story features. It will give both of you sudden happiness by reminding you of those early days.

Share Your Old Memories Through Instagram Stories
Share Your Old Memories Through Instagram Stories

#10: Share Romantic Songs & Videos in the Stories:

Whether you both are married or unmarried till now, couples can show their love by sharing romantic songs or the lyrics of those songs on Instagram stories.

It’s a favorite idea of the millions of couples out there, and a married couple can also take the advantage of this. There are lots of romantic songs available, pick the best one which suited you and share it.

Songs, or videos, or simply the lyrics also will work to make things up. If you’ve been through some small quarrels then sharing a lovely song will make your work much easier before solving the issues.

#11: Upload the Images of your spouse’s favorite dishes:

You know already, what’s the favorite dish of your husband/wife!

Share the images of his/her favorite dishes on the Instagram posts and stories so that your partner can understand you really know about their choices and favorite items.

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It can become better if you cook something from that favorite list and share some pictures after that. Surely your husband/wife will become happier than before after seeing those.

#12: Upload the Images of the gifts you got from your spouse:

Well, if you spent many years after your wedding then probably you got lots of gifts from your husband/wife.

Now, it’s time to upload the images of the gifts you received from your spouse. You can start with your loved ones. Sharing your loved gifts that you received from your spouse will make them happier, and might be you’ll get a new one very soon.

#13: Upload images wearing their favorite dresses:

We all have our own choices. The dress you like the most, probably your spouse didn’t like that much. And what he/she prefers might be its way out of your list.

Whatever the situation is, to make them happier, you can share images wearing their favorite ones on Instagram stories.

Maybe you look damn awesome on that dress; you probably don’t know that yet. After receiving compliments from your followers you can understand that and give credit to your spouse’s choice. What say?

 #14: Share pictures of your vacation trips on the stories:

Traveled a lot of places with your partner? Or recently came home after an astounding vacation? Or maybe this time your vacation was not up to your mark.

Share pictures of your vacation trips on the stories
Share pictures of your vacation trips on the stories

Whatever the scenario is, you can share the pictures of the places and both of you portrayed on the images on the Instagram stories.

Give your followers the chance to see you both enjoying an exquisite vacation. This is also a great idea to share on Instagram stories to convey your love for the other.

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