10 [COOL] New Year Gift Ideas for Employees

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and we become confused when it comes to gift ideas especially for the employees of your concern. Without thinking too much, here are 10 cool gift ideas for your employees to begin the journey with positivity and delights.

It’s that time of the year when your hardworking employees get a leave of one week for the ongoing festival season, and surely you want to add more delight by gifting proper gifts to them.

Gifting your employees strategically can become a reason behind elevating their zeal, energy, and aspirations to start freshly for the New Year.

COOL New Year Gift Ideas for Employees
COOL New Year Gift Ideas for Employees

Creating a better bond between you and your employees will result in success at the end of the year, so choosing the appropriate gift item for various kinds of employees is pretty tough I guess.

This article will help you to take the decision wisely before purchasing the gifts. So, without wasting more time let’s jump on the main section.

10 COOL New Year Gift Ideas for Employees of Your Company

#1- Smart Watch:

When it is counted as a gift for the employees then smartwatches can be your first choice. It will help them to control their other smart devices.

Smart Watches

Smartwatches are mini smartphones on the wrists. It can track fitness levels and can monitor the health status of the employees. It will help them by becoming digital personal assistants.

Work is now partly shifted on the online mode, where various office works are done digitally. So, smartwatches can be the best New Year gift to track work schedules with health-related issues.

There are plenty of smartwatches available on the online e-markets, depending on your budget and features you can select the smartwatch of your requirement. Place orders from the e-commerce shop and then make them delivered directly to your employees’ addresses.

As I’m not an affiliate to any e-commerce shop so I’m not giving any direct link to any particular smartwatch, rather here’s the Google search bar for you to browse for your required smartwatch.


If you think smartwatches are not that cool for your gifting idea then try out for tablets. As companies are shifted largely towards work from home basis thus tablets will be a handy electronic item for this upcoming year.

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Many of us have PC or Laptops or smartphones but do not have tablets. Tabs might be used as a work-from-home device for your employees. So gifting those will benefit you in both ways.

Cool Tablets
Cool Tablets

#3-OTT Subscriptions:

You can gift a whole year OTT subscription voucher to your employees. OTT is the next generation of streaming media and the future of entertainment.

Gift your employees’ families an in-house in-theatre experience with OTT subscriptions of famous platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ & Hotstar, etc.

Various OTT Platforms
Various OTT Platforms

#4-T-shirts with Logo:

If you want to make these gifts memorable then you can try out gifting T-shirts with Company’s logo on them. You can deliver those on metalized boxes to give an aesthetic look.

There are various platforms available that print and deliver T-shirts as per your choice. Select the T-shirt types, mention the logo, mention the company’s tagline if any and let the printing company deliver them to employees’ addresses.

You can refer to this article for a better understanding of this concept – “Threadless Artist Shop or Teespring Store – What Will She Choose?” Threadless and Teespring are two famous companies from where you can select the t-shirt types or other casual shirts if you like so, upload your logo or tagline and mention the number of prints to be delivered, that’s it!

#5-Health Check-up Vouchers:

As Covid19 is still hovering on us and the new variant Omicron is showing its power, I think gifting total health check-up vouchers will be best in these scenarios.

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To a Monday-Friday working employee, it is hard to check up on his/her health issues on regular basis. Hardly have they got some time from the work and family to monitor their health status so gifting a full-body health check-up voucher will be ideal in this case.

If you run your concern on work from home facility then this idea shouldn’t be ideal for you, but many companies have started calling their companies to do the job on a regular basis, so this idea will be better suited to them.

#6-Software Licensing and Upgrades:

For the work-from-home facilitated employees, gifting software licenses and upgrades can be very handy.

Many employees run non-licensed versions of the software needed from work from home. Or the versions of the software are backdated, which may create issues while working.

So upgrading them by purchasing the latest licenses will give them the boost to work from home easily and hassle-free like never before.

#7-Showpieces for Decoration:

You can make your gifting memorable by gifting amazing showpieces for home decorations. As it is New Year so every employee is looking forward to decorating their houses to give a new look.

There are various exciting showpieces available at your nearest shopping mall or you can purchase through online e-commerce shops as well.

Showpiece for Home Decorations
Showpieces for Home Decorations

Try to purchase abstract typed showpieces that are totally new in looking and will blend perfectly with any kind of room decorations.

As I’m not an affiliate to any e-commerce shop so I’m not giving any direct link to any particular showpiece, rather here’s the Google search bar for you to browse for your required items.

#8-Doodle Zodiac Sign Personalized Diary

Diaries are very old gifting ideas on New Year but believe me it is still very popular when it comes to gifts for employees.

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Make this old idea a new look by gifting Doodle Zodiac Sign Personalized Diary to your employees. Many of us are interested to write daily routines, or schedules, and year plans, or writing short stories etcetera. And in all those cases a Doodle Personalized Diary will become the best tool in my choice.

#9-Collage Photo Frame:

A photo frame collage made with pictures of the memorable days in your company is another good choice for gifting to your employees.

You can vary the pictures for different employees. You can also vary the frame types, colors, and sizes for different employees.

The photo frame will remain a token of the achieved milestones of your company that came from the collaborated work of these employees. So, this gift will remain always in a special place in your employees’ hearts.

#10-Leather Folder:

A big leather folder to keep all the essential files and documents in one place is another best choice for gifting to your employees on the New Year.

Employees can use it to store their essential documents like certificates, bills, photographs, other educational documents, or can carry them for client meetings as well.

Leather folders are always an important gift when it comes to employees. Browse through various online e-shops to find the best one for your special employees.


Having said all these things on multiple gifting ideas, whatever is gifted from the heart is the best gift for anyone. So you can pick any idea of your choice, but if it’s gifted from your heart then your employees will accept it gladly.

I hope your confusions are clear now. Hey, let me know what you select to gift your employees on this New Year by commenting below. And if you have any new cool ideas then do share with my other readers by also commenting below.

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