15 Best Instagram Story Ideas for Writers

Instagram is the best social media platform for the young generation, but who thought that it can help writers too! Instagram story ideas for writers can give them a faithful audience by which they can showcase their writing to gain more popularity.

Instagram story and reels are some of the best features behind its success. Not only the young generation, but nowadays old folks are also hanging on Instagram. Writers can take the use Story feature to attract their audience and target more from this huge market.

There are few established writers who build their strong follower base through Instagram with its story feature. If you’re new in the writing community, it’s highly recommended to use the feature from now.

And to do that, you need the best Instagram story ideas to impress your readers. Here is the list of those exciting ideas, keep on reading.

Best Instagram Story Ideas for Writers

Best Instagram Story Ideas for Writers
Best Instagram Story Ideas for Writers

#1- Share What You’re Doing:

Constantly share photos or videos of what you’re doing throughout your day. Share in an artistic way to grasp the attention, make the use of Canva for this.

For example, you have piles of books on your writing table, or a coffee mug is placed beside an old book, or your pen is placed on your diary pointing towards your kindle tab etcetera, take snaps with some light & shadow effect and share in your Instagram stories.

Use texts on those pictures; write what you’re thinking at that time. You can add texts simply depicting what the snap is all about! Use Instagram photo filters before posting; give your snaps a classy look. Your readers will love them.

Tired of these ideas? Then try out outside. Suppose you’re enjoying a quiet afternoon at your local coffee shop, or you’re wandering in a garden, or you’re lying on your couch with a notebook, use these kinds of whereabouts as selfies in the stories.

Obviously don’t forget to use Instagram photo/video filters before publishing. Make an aesthetic vibe in your posts!

Remember, people love to see these messy, quirky details that make you as an artist, a proper background of a writer.

#2- Share Lines From Your Previous Writings:

Whatever the category of your writing is, use some lines from your previously published books in the Instagram stories. Some popular dialogues, or phrases, or important lines from your previous storybooks will be the best to share.

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Ask your readers to tell the book name from where the line is taken. Ask the character name who told that line. Ask more on that plot. It will increase the reader’s engagement with your Instagram stories. Keep up your readers’ interest all the time.

#3- Share the Cover Images of Your Best Books:

Publicize your best books more through sharing the cover images on Instagram stories. Books having awesome cover images can be worthy material to share.

Sharing the book’s cover images will grow audience interest. It’s a nice channel for publicity.

Use them in story highlights.

Story highlights are that feature where your shared stories can be displayed in the middle of your profile. Normal IG stories have a 24-hour life span, but you can give them a longer life period by creating story highlights.

#4- Give Teaser of Your Next Publication:

Keep up the audience’s interests by sharing small teasers of your upcoming book. Reveal some interesting facts on that topic by posting a series of Instagram stories daily. Let your followers guess about the story plot.

It will grow their interest; surely can be a nice marketing approach. But don’t reveal too much! Just share as much as they can make guessing.

Instagram Book Cover
Instagram Story Book Cover

#5- Use Exciting Hashtags While Posting:

Proper hashtags help your Instagram stories to reach audiences who are not following you. Without using hashtags your stories can only be seen by your existing followers.

Whereas on the other hand, if you imply proper hashtags then the Instagram rotator will serve your posts and stories to those users who are willing to see items on the selected hashtags.

In this way, you can grow your post visibility. Not only, you can attract new followers, but also you can increase your readers’ list.

Don’t use too many hashtags; otherwise, Instagram bots will penalize your story by deleting all the hashtags. Rather use the proper ones which fit your post’s topic. A little research on trending hashtags will be more productive, if you use trendy hashtags then you can expand post visibility in a matter of time.

#6- Ask Your Followers for the Next Topic:

Instagram stories are a great tool to communicate with your followers. Ask them about the topic which they want to read as your next book for publishing.

Communicating with the readers, you can understand what kind of stories they would like to read. What kind of stories do they are wanting from you. Which books they prefer, which they didn’t. You’ll get a clear idea about your next publication.

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Writing books for the readers’ demand is more enjoyable to write for any author.  Know what they want, ask them directly through the IG story.

Ask Question with Instagram
Ask Question with Instagram

#7- Share Other Writer’s Books in Story:

Having yourself in a writing community, it’s very much obvious that you are familiar with other writers also. Maybe some of them need some attention from the crowd.

Help them with your Instagram Story. By sharing their books among your followers, you’re building their audiences. They may have some readers’ base with the help from your Instagram story.

Give your reviews on their writing; make sure to tag them so that they can aware of that. Tagging your friend will help your pocket readers to know the author’s profile directly. It’s always better when you help someone to grow in their respective domains.

#8- Create Polls in IG Stories:

Creating polls is the best thing that comes with Instagram Story. Either use a two-option poll or go with a quiz, that totally depends on you. But, both criteria will be very much effective to drive the reader’s attention.

Polls will give you knowledge of how your readers are thinking on that particular topic. Maybe you can ask for a poll on a character which you’ve created. Maybe you can ask for a quiz on the climax portion of your first published story, and etcetera.

Instagram Polls for writers
Instagram Polls

#9- Share What You Like & Dislike:

Your followers are the fans of your writing. Give them chance to know you better. It will create a nice relationship with your readers.

A successful writer always keeps his/her focus on creating ever lasted relationships with their readers.

Instagram story is that tool from which you can let yourself open to your readers. Tell them what you like, and what you don’t. Ask them what they like, and what they don’t. Make them become freer with you.

Sharing your personal thoughts on a particular matter will widen up the relationship between you and your readers.

#10- Ask Their Help or Recommendations:

If you need some help or have some confusion over any matter, you can ask for help from your followers by Instagram stories.

Raise questions through Instagram Story, so that they can provide you suggestions, and among of that you might get an appropriate suggestion to take as your decision.

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#11- Share A Day in Your Life:

You can plan for sharing a whole day’s doings with your followers. Choose a holiday or a work-off day. Deliver nice images and videos on Instagram stories throughout the day when and what you’re doing.

Make them familiar with you by sharing what you do on any particular day, or how is your day going on any holiday, etc such types.

A Day With Instagram
A Day With Instagram

#12- Share The Reviews You Got:

Share the reviews you got in your blog articles. Take screenshots of the comments column and share them in stories.

Use stickers, catchy texts, and funny memes with the review screenshots. Make them permanent with the story highlights option.

If you count for the comments of your blogs then you may get a lot of reviews to share with your followers. Tag the reviewers also so that they can see you are appreciating their reviews on Instagram.

Direct Messages from Facebook, reviews on Twitter or Instagram posts can also be shared in this same procedure. Just take the screenshot and you’re good to go.

#13- Use the Music Feature while Posting:

Thinking about posting selfies? Then add a music feature while posting on Insta stories.

Blend the music with your mood. If your selfie is kind of a silly type then use a song that suits that mood, if you are sharing a serious selfie then use a song of that type. Let your followers comprehend your mood by adding contrasting music with the normal image posts.

#14- Share Links while Posting Instagram Story:

Sharing links with Instagram stories is a very important thing if you want to drive Insta traffic to any other place. Places such as your blog posts, on other websites, on your YouTube video, or your Trell shorts, etcetera.

Having more traffic is always better to increase the monetization possibilities. So, if you have unlocked the feature of sharing links with an Instagram story then you should use this from now on.

Instagram Story with Link
Instagram Story with Link

#15- Go Live Sometimes:

It’s always better to go live on your Insta stories. You may display where you are, what are you doing, or what you are up to in that time in your live videos. Engage your readers more with the live stories.

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