10 Best Instagram Story Ideas for Couple in Love

Boyfriends or Girlfriends like you are looking for the best Instagram story ideas for couples to convey their love. And that is pretty much obvious, why will not they search? Currently, Instagram is the most loved social media application among couples.

People are using Instagram on daily basis, and the percentage of using Instagram in couples is astounding. Singles are finding their crush on this platform, whereas couples are conveying their love through the Insta app.

Best Instagram Story Ideas for Couple in Love
Best Instagram Story Ideas for Couple in Love

It’s a new way to tell him/her that you care so much! With the proper use of Instagram stories, couples can express their love to their partners. In this era, couples like Edward and Felicia are more dependable to convey their affection with Instagram story posts rather than speaking face to face.

Couples are engaging more towards the online social media platforms after the Covid19 outbreak so you might now get that why Instagram story ideas have become so much popular nowadays among the lovebirds!

Best Instagram Story Ideas for Couple in Love

This article will cover ideas for both boys and girls. It will not matter if you’re a boy or a girl, you can apply these best ideas into your stories to express your love and bonding towards your partner. He /she will love and cherish the stories with you for sure.

#1: Remind About The Beginning Days of Your Relationship:

The beginning days of a relationship are very much pure and lovable. Edward knows that Felicia likes those days very much when she got the proposal from him. So Edward uses the beginning day’s memories into the Instagram story to tell her that he also misses those lovely days.

You too can steal this idea and use your golden memories in Instagram stories. Think for a moment, you may have some special incidents at the beginning. Mention them in the stories.

Girls love to see that their boyfriends are still remembering the first days of their relation. It meant a lot to them. So, mention her in your story about the day you first met, or the day she first talked with you. Mention the date when your relation was started with some lovely lines for her in the Insta story section.

Do You Remember Those Days?
Do You Remember Those Days?

#2: Write Romantic Quotes in Instagram Story:

If you’re deep in love, then romantic lines will always hover in your mind. Use them in the Instagram stories to tell him/her in a unique way.

Edward loves to make Felicia surprised by saying some romantic lines with Insta stories all of a sudden. Girls and boys also, like to see romantic lines mentioning them all of a sudden. It feels special that someone is thinking about them all the time.

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If you’re not finding any romantic lines from your own, don’t get an upset mate. Search in Google and you’ll find tons of romantic lines to impress him/her. Add your emotion and feeling with those, and share the unique ones in Instagram stories. Let me tell you a secret, Edward also does this very often, lolz.

Make That Special
Make That Special

#3: Share Stories of Wearing Their Favorite Ones:

We all love to see our loved ones in our favorite dresses, isn’t it? So let’s make them feel special by uploading images/videos in stories by wearing the dresses which ones they preferred a lot.

Felicia uses this tactic very often to make him fall in love with her again. Edward loves her to see in the red bodycon midi dress which he gifted her on the one year of the relationship. You too can use this idea, post stories by wearing the favorite dresses of your bae.

Wear What She Loves
Wear What She Loves

#4: Share Memes Jokes Now and Then:

Come on! We all love to laugh. In these recent times when we all are going through a tough phase, making your loved one laugh is a prime duty of a lover.

So use funny memes and jokes in Stories. Share pictures of the memes she wants to see. Make your boyfriend laugh now and then by posting adult jokes or naughty jokes in the Instagram stories. You can use small vines also at the time of sharing.

#5: Plan About Your Future Through Instagram Story:

Edward is very witty; he knows Felicia gets interested in planning about their future. He makes her engaged in Instagram chats by uploading stories of future planning. Felicia becomes surprised to see the sudden plans from him.

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I think your girl is also the same, likes to plan about the future of your relationship. Share your thoughts too using Instagram stories. You may use your ideas about how you’re hoping to marry her. Ask her to share her plans of marrying you in the stories. In this way, you’ll both get the enjoyment and funs in a healthy loving relationship.

#6: Sometimes Go Crazy in Stories:

Feeling bored? Finding nothing to talk about with your partner? It is the best time to use Instagram stories by sharing crazy pictures of you or your partner. You can post your crazy couple of photos too!

Sharing crazy snaps can start many new topics of conversation among you two. When Felicia feels bored, she shares the crazy photos of them suddenly. Watching those Edward immediately acknowledges her about those moments. It raises new conversations and new topics for clicking more crazy snaps in the future.

Go Crazy In Love
Go Crazy In Love

#7: Upload Their Favorite Dishes in the Story:

If you’re a girl, then you should know the way to a boy’s heart starts with his stomach. So use this theory in the stories. Upload their favorite recipes or dishes in the Instagram Stories.

Felicia loves to cook and she made items that Edward loves to eat. So, she shares those images in the story to attract the attention of Edward all of a sudden.

Make her greedy by uploading her favorite dishes into Instagram stories and asking her for a quick date. In this way, you both might get a chance to see each other very soon.

cookies made with love Story
cookies made with a love story

#8: Post The Topics They Prefer to See:

We all have our different choices; we all like to see things differently. We love to see the things we prefer the most.

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You can upload what they prefer to see currently at a point in time through Instagram Stories. Of course, he/she will love this. For example, you can post about the cricket match results in your story so that your boyfriend gets a sneak peek of that match. You can also upload some topics on which your boyfriend/girlfriend is studying. The information might help them later on.

#9: Use Stories as a Quick Reminder:

Felicia knows that Edward has a knack to forget about his important events. So she uses Instagram stories to remind him of the important upcoming events.

Relations are not only to express romances but also to give priority to each other’s important works. A perfect boyfriend/girlfriend will always support what his/her partner is up to. So, make him/her remind about the upcoming essential events so that they can’t miss those easily.

Love is in the air
Love is in the air

#10: Use Romantic Images To Increase Love:

Time over time relationships may get faded. The longer the relationships became the chances of doing love decreases in the couples. The urge of making love with each other may get faded overtimes.

You can revive that by uploading romantic images, videos, songs via Instagram stories to let him/her know that you still want to make love passionately like in the beginning days. Watching romantic stories, your partner may increase his/her urge to make love with you again. It can hold your relationship strong; your bonding will become better with the true colors of romance. Show him/her the shades of your passion time over time through Instagram stories.

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