How to Check Obesity Risk Causing By COVID Pandemic

The great number of restrictions due to the COVID19 pandemic led people to stay home more than they were habituated to, thus it is increasing obesity. Staying home, doing lesser works, works from home, avoiding outings are impacting directly the cause of obesity. Lesser physical activity increases the chances of fat in our body.

What Is Obesity?

According to some experts, obesity is not only the excess amount of fat in our body but also a reflection of our whole lifestyle pattern. These will increase the chances of poor health conditions and a person may become more prone to diseases for the pandemic outbreak. Actually, excessive fat in our body raises the level of cholesterol in the blood, which affects the blood supply to the heart and can cause heart diseases.

Check Obesity tips-Blog to Success
Check Obesity tips-Blog to Success

Extra weight increases blood pressure by putting more pressure on the blood vessels which can cause diabetes and stroke. And other organs may not work properly, which may lead to hyperthyroidism, liver problems, joint pains, back pains, hormonal misbalance, etc. The same goes with the brain, as the direct supply of blood affected by the pressure on the blood vessels and can cause brain strokes also.

How COVID Pandemic Causing Obesity?

Stress regarding the pandemic and not taking the proper meal can cause obesity also. Stress coming from the economic perspective of the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns in some areas combines with overeating results in more fatigue patients nowadays. Uncertainty of jobs, not getting proper income, unusual livings, family matters, uncertain future, the pain of losing some close ones, not getting a proper education, etc are the reasons by which people are not happy and facing mental health problems issues as well. As a whole all these sums up the chances of getting diabetes, blood pressure, or other health problems like obesity and all.

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Now, what we should do to get rid of the fact of obesity, and keeping ourselves healthier as much as we can? Let’s summarize those things.

How To Check Obesity?

Regular health check-up is needed most. It’s very important to check the blood pressure level every three months and a proper whole body checks every 8-10 months duration. We should keep a regular check on our heart & brain-related problems, liver toxicity, acidic factors in the stomach if any, the sugar level in the blood, etc.

Meditations are the second important thing in this list to keep your mental health up to the mark. Regular exercise is most needed in this pandemic time. As we are not doing that much physical hard works as we used to do, it will be best to keep up some exercise at any time like morning or afternoon or at evening also, according to our suitable time.

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A balanced diet comes after those points. We should avoid overeating; we should not intake binge foods that can increase the cholesterol levels in the blood. If you think you’re getting overweight, then start your fat cuttings from today. Drink a lot of water, eat fruits, drink liquids as much as you can, and maintain a proper strict diet to avoid obesity. We have to add only those items in our intake list which are having a huge nutritive value.

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