What Risks lies with Buying Fake Followers for Instagram

Instagram, one of the leading social media applications of recent times is surely a nice place to hang out with your friends online. But buying fake followers for Instagram account can be punishable if you try to game with the system. With the on-growing popularity Instagram reached the 1 billion monthly users mark, sounds crazy, isn’t it?

It also raises the follower count of many famous people out there. Being in a competitive mindset few normal individuals buy fake followers to increase their counting. And that is the beginning of the problem.

Why I said it as a problem because many bought accounts are like spam, bots, or unreal programmable opened accounts. So buying fake followers for Instagram will inflate your follower counts with lots of unreal fake accounts or artificially increase follower counts number with hollow accounts so that you look popular to any other user. These criteria will lead to serious consequences as it affects the dynamics of the Instagram platform.

Stop buying Instagram followers
Stop buying Instagram followers

Instagram’s policy communications manager stated that they have strict rules on blocking these types of accounts and removing any counterfeit content that violates the Instagram policy. Instagram poses sophisticated spam detection and blocking systems that can sweep millions of fake accounts within a second. The spam detection system also trying to evolve itself in such a way that in the future they can block unreal accounts when they try to register on the platform.

Why the Fake Followers are Bad Issue

The main problem with inflating the accounts with fake followers is being a fake influencer for the community. Many companies hire influencers for branding their products or for creating a strong marketing strategy. They pay influencers a hefty amount for reaching large audiences on the company’s behalf. But if the influencers are inflated with fake accounts then the value will be wasted.

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And it happens exactly the same, in 2019 and 2020; few advertising companies wasted approximately $1.7 billion dollars over false influencers, according to a report. It breaks the nice ecosystem of the marketing-advertising scenarios through social platforms.

User watching Instagram
User watching Instagram

This is not a single issue; another serious issue is to give a look of a big fanbase to an ordinary post. What bot accounts generally do give rise in the like & share counts to any ordinary post or content. So that normal users seeing the huge fanbase might tune in to that post! This is also problematic as no one wants to see any fake post get viral without any cause! It impacts the guidelines of the social media platforms, as any violent or aggressive post may get viral in the wrong way without the proper consent and interactions.

How to know that an Instagram Account Carries Fake Followers

There are few signs which can look suspicious thus giving some idea that the Instagram account carries a lot of fake followers. Although it is very much challenging to be sure which account is fake and which one is real. But Instagram follows a few patterns and analyses those to detect the faulty account.

Buying Fake follows in Instagram
Buying Fake follows in Instagram

According to the Instagram policy communication manager, for the average users scrolling through the timeline, there are two suspicious signs that can indicate there’s some fakery going on: if an account suddenly receives continuous follows from accounts that were created very recent, or if the followers’ accounts have been shut for a long time until they’re sudden acted into following a particular person or brand.

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But here are some points also to look after. Suddenly inflating with lots of follows doesn’t mean the account is buying followers, maybe that account did some viral act which led to inflate the followers count. It is true that people or brands may become overnight sensations or go viral with some simple issues. But in those cases chances of getting fake follows are very less, people truly follow them for a reason.  

Another point to remember, just there is no profile picture or any post in the profile doesn’t mean every time that account belongs to a bot. It might have been an account for any old person or not interested to show profile image or not savvy to upload content, rather only wants to follow people and pages. So keeping all the things in mind it is surely a hard task to identify which are fake accounts and which are not. But Instagram’s intelligence system keeps track of all its users so there’s no definite way to trick the system for a long time.

What Happens to the Accounts that Have Fake Followers?

Instagram doesn’t apply any harsh punishment all of a sudden to any account. Rather they notice for a longer period of time, and if a found lot of doubtful points or abuse reports then they can pose temporary then a permanent ban on the accounts.  

If any account has fake followers but removes after that then it gets away from the punishment. But if any account makes any monetary benefit from the fake follower accounts then Instagram poses a strict penalty on them.

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A normal user might be followed by unreal, bots accounts without knowing his/her consent. Then it will be good for them to look after the follower list, and if found any improper account or suspicious activity then they should raise a complaint in the Instagram privacy section. This action will save their account from being punished without doing any wrong.

Getting likes and followers over a longer time is pretty natural and that is obvious to the Instagram policy. And it looks natural also. Suppose you have less than 500 followers and you’re getting thousands of likes on your all posts, then that is very much unnatural to look at. Stay away from these kinds of facts, not to getting punished by Instagram.

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