8 Useful Tips for Safe Online Shopping from 2021

Online shopping is a great way to save your time & efforts. And we need tips for safe online shopping so that we can buy our stuff hassle-free. Obviously, it depends on how much you’re accustomed to all those e-commerce sites. Otherwise, the term “hassle-free” will look like a “daunting” one. Isn’t it?

There are various kinds of users with a variety of mindsets towards all e-commerce sites. Few of them don’t want to buy anything at all online; irrespective of how much cheaper that product is available. Some users are like they will buy whatever they are getting from whatever site at whatever price, they didn’t just care, they just shop from online.

And, few users are like they will compare a product from various sites and will going to buy the best one from a decent site with an affordable price.

Useful tips for online shopping- Blog To Success
Useful tips for online shopping- Blog To Success

Tips For Safe Online Shopping

So, these useful tips which are listed below will cover all those three categorized users regarding online shopping. 

Start with Well Known Websites:-

If you’re a newbie in this field then stick with the well-known familiar sites. If you’re experienced then you might skip this point. Always start searching for your products on familiar and well-established sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. They provide you the best products in a well-secured environment.

They have a huge range of different models in any particular category. So if you’re beginning your online shopping journey then go for established e-commerce sites. While searching in Google or Bing, you may find other e-commerce websites also, but if you are experiencing them for the first time then don’t go there.


If you’re familiar with Amazon & Flipkart or other big established sites then you may look around in other new e-commerce sites also. Remember one thing; if you are searching in Google rather than typing the direct URL then look at the domain names and the top-level extensions also.

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Because, you might find various Amazon domains with “.net”,”.co”,”.org”, etc or you also might see “Fleepkart”, “Flipcart”, “Flikpart”, etc kind of domain names. Beware they are waiting to scam you.

Go for Secured Protocol:-

While purchasing any stuff online from any website, don’t buy from that site if it is not using the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer Protocol). Check at the URL, if you see “https://domain.tld” then the site’s domain is encrypted with a secured socket layer, and one lock icon will be shown.

If the lock is not showing then only “http://domain.tld” will be shown, which means security less HTTP protocol is using. You may browse that site but don’t buy anything. If you’re using Google Chrome then it will prompt you that the page is not secured.

Use Secured Protocol-Blog To Success
Use Secured Protocol-Blog To Success

Do not disclose very much:-

Do not disclose a lot of information about yourself on any site. As much as the information you share, the scammer gets that information and it will be easy for them to hack you. Hackers are very efficient they can penetrate low to high secured sites also.

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So, it will be good not to share a lot of information on any site. Information such as your nickname, birthday, pet name, place of birth, password hints, etc will definitely not sharable. Do not get enticed by lucrative deals. Always remember no company will give you any superior product at a very low price, these offers are spammy.

Links to these kinds of offers are directed to faulty websites where your shared pieces of information are misused in the future.

Follow Statements Frequently:-

After some purchases, do follow your bank statements frequently. If you are purchasing something with your credit card then don’t rely upon the month-end bill. Rather than, check the status frequently. If some unfortunate happens then you can complain about that immediately for quick recovery.

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It will be safer to buy anything with the various payment applications like Google Pay, Paytm or PhonePe, etc than paying with a debit or credit card directly. Those payment applications are much secured and if some bad activity happens then they assure you of refund also.

Use Strong Passwords:-

Many sites allow you to register an account first and then purchase anything from that account. Without creating an account and purchasing something from any site will be risky. If you get scammed then you will not get much amount of help from that site.

So while creating an account, always remember to create a strong password. A password of at least 10 characters with a combination of alphabets of both cases, numerical, and special symbols is recommended. It will not be going to be easy to decode a strong password like that.


If you are thinking to recall that in the future, then let your browser’s password manager do that for you. You can save your password with Google Chrome/ Safari/ Mozilla Firefox/ Microsoft Edge password managers. Even you can use the password which is created by your browser, and let that password manager do the rest.

Don’t Shop in Public:-

Try not to purchase online in a public network. If you are shopping with-in any public network, suppose you are in a mall or in a restaurant then don’t buy stuff from that internet connection. You can browse any site on that free internet service.

But, while purchasing use private networks. Install any VPN service, apply that in public networks then go for online shopping. Keep in mind, another point is don’t share your debit or credit card number while you are in a public place.

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A lot of eyes are spooking to you, your details are not safe there. Use payment applications instead. Some sites stores your card credentials so you can use that in public as you don’t have to type all that information again.

M-Commerce is better than e-commerce:-

Use mobile-oriented online shopping rather than laptop oriented. Install your favorite website’s app, browse products, and then purchase via third-party payment applications. Use your cards as lesser as you can.

Use M-commerce - Blog To Success
Use M-commerce – Blog To Success

Think Smartly:-

There are lots of useful and good e-commerce websites other than the Giant ones also. New upcoming sites give you great deals, so you can shop from new sites also. If you compare the product’s price-wise variety then you always find new sites that are giving the same product at a cheaper rate.

So, it’s not bad to purchase from that site. But, you have to think smartly while purchasing from a new e-commerce site. At first, don’t try to buy a lot of things or a high-budget item from a new site. Test that site’s potential with some other low-cost item.

Check the product’s quality. If that site able to grab your trust after some trials then go for it. Not all newcomers are bad or scams. If you are a new customer to a non-established site then before purchasing any item do follow the feedbacks. Feedbacks, reviews from other buyers will definitely give you some idea of that product. After that, you can think smartly to go for that or not.

Also, you can check the ratings, how much rating it has from how many users. Product ratings are very useful before shopping for anything from any site irrespective of that platform is established or not.


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