5 [COOL] Tips to Write Engaging Instagram Captions

Whether you want to build a solid establishment of your brand, or you want to increase the follower strength of your personal account, writing engaging Instagram captions with the shared posts is very essential.

Instagram is very popular for its image and video sharing feature. People all over the world are sharing eye-catching photos all day, but to stand out among all these crowds a nice written caption is mandatory with a proper image or video post.

Write Engaging Instagram Captions
Write Engaging Instagram Captions

What’s the Need for Engaging Instagram Captions?

Not just the photos, the captions are another effective tool that attracts people to visit more on your profile. The flow of action works like this, at first images attract people, and then you have the opportunity to start an interaction by showing unique and well-written Instagram captions.

Writing good captions are mandatory also to pick up your posts by the Instagram algorithm. Actually, millions of posts are getting shared daily basis on this platform, so to start an early buzz in the market you should need to use a well-written caption and pray to catch it by Instagram algorithm right away.

The more your post is served by the Instagram algorithm or you may say it Insta bot, the more your post-receive likes, comments, and shares. So if you’re fond of likes and comments, obviously you do surely, then writing engaging Instagram captions is the important thing.

What’s a Nice Instagram Caption?

The one that is creative, unique, compelling, and describes the matter of the shared image or the video to its viewers can be called a nice caption.

A nice Instagram caption will get more likes, comments, and shares from the normal ones. So you should give time to create such a compelling caption that resonates with your followers so that it can generate a bigger impact on your profile.

A nice caption will depict three points mainly:

1. What’s the image/video saying about?

2. Create branding in the viewer’s mind.

3. Increase curiosity in the viewer’s minds to raise the chances of viewing your other posts.

Consider this, suppose you’re wandering on Instagram and suddenly you saw a picture but you cannot able to understand the meaning of that post. You looked on the captions area but found nothing. Would you like to visit other posts of that account anymore?

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If there was a proper description in the caption section then you could be able to understand the meaning of that shared picture. Isn’t it?

Ideal Length of Engaging Instagram Captions:

It’s not a matter of writing a bunch of lines in the caption area. The length can be as small as three-four words or it can carry thousands of characters.

The length which is required to establish the meaning of your post can be considered as ideal length. You see, a picture itself can depict the whole story. In that case, using two-three “special” words can give it an added strength.

On the other hand, you might have to write thousands of characters to set the meaning of what the picture is all about. You can tell a story if you wish to understand the concept of art.

Depending on your followers’ types you can increase or decrease the length of the captions. You know your followers better than anyone. So you should know what would be the ideal length for your followers to read all paragraphs minutely.

The study says as time goes on, people are willing to interact with those image posts that are having long descriptions. Reading long descriptions will impact a better understanding.

If you’re kind of an influencer who wants to attract more engagements then you should have to use lengthy descriptions. It will help your followers to understand more about the service or product.

The same goes for brands and businesses as well. The longer the description will become, the easier it will become for the customers to comprehend the workings of that product.

Just sharing product images without saying anything will not create any engagements.

If you’re a lad who wants to impress your crush by showing pictures of your achievements or talents you have, then you should specify how and when you received those. Otherwise, in today’s world, no one is going to believe in just the images. Providing supporting information is a must to knock inside the mind.

If you’re still thinking about the ideal length then my recommendation will be to use 150-200 characters at least in the captions.

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What are the Tips to write Engaging Instagram Captions?

  • Always prioritize the first sentence:

Many Insta users just read the first sentence; if it pleases them, then they go for the rest otherwise not. You’ll find very less people who read all the texts written in the caption.

So make your first sentence worth reading so that all the users are glued to the whole caption text. If you make the first sentence very catchy and exciting then you’ll raise the chances of reading the whole paragraph by 71% according to the study.

Always prioritize the first sentence of the caption’s stanza. If you get something wrong in the very first sentence then you’ll be going to lose many Insta users reading the rest of the text no matter how nicely it’s written.

Examples of engaging caption
  • Always Use HashTags:

While posting on Instagram it’s a must to use hashtags on the caption body. Hashtags can help people to find interesting content very easily. So hashtags can expand your post’s reach hugely.

Applying proper hashtags in your caption is very ideal if you want to maximize post outreach and also brand awareness.

Try to put as many as relevant hashtags you can. The more you use hashtags the more the content will gain views from different domains and different searches.

You can apply hashtags in a group at the bottom of your caption text, or you can smartly use the hashtags inside the body text. The latter option is an intelligent approach to get more likes from the viewers.

Writing the body text using hashtags inside the sentences is a clever thing, so you have to write smartly. Target trendy hashtags in your post. A common image or video can gain many views by using a lot of trendy hashtags.

Hashtags instagram caption
  • Use Call To Action or Provide Links:

Instagram doesn’t provide in-built call-to-action methods like buttons or links to redirect users into your YouTube channel or website. But you can make manual call-to-action under the caption region.

While writing the caption body text, you can provide links to your website pages by mentioning some lucrative deals or discounts, etcetera.

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If you use proper texts trailing the links of the visit then you might get viewers visiting the link given into the posts.

For a better content marketing strategy, you can refer to this also.

  • Don’t Have to be Too Formal:

You don’t have to be too formal while narrating about the post in the caption area. Think like that people are coming here to see the images and videos and wanting to read something exciting. So don’t be formal, rather use friendly words and easy texts.

This will help the readers to enjoy reading the text. The more they read the more they’ll share the post. The more they read the more they’ll love your post and these will automatically become your brand’s outreach.

Tell a story about the product or the service you’re displaying in the post. You can share happy memories of your previous customers in the caption area. You can share the experience while clicking the images and so on. These stories will surely be liked by your followers.

  • Keep Your Followers Guessing for the next:

Write your captions in such a way that your followers can return next time when posting. Make them guess about your next post’s topic.

A nice idea will be to depict a story through your image posts. It will raise concerns in the minds of your followers. Break the story into smaller series and post them periodically.

So when you post the next one your followers will be eager to visit those and it will automatically increase the engagement. The more you can engage people on your posts, the more Instagram will circulate your posts to other unknown people. So it will be a good idea to snatch followers rapidly.


As you can see engaging captions are a must to grow your popularity on Instagram. Now, these are the best tips I share with you, if you implied any other cool strategy for engaging caption then you’re welcome to state that in the comments section below. Tell us what’s the best idea you think?

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