The advantages of Making and Using Your Own Graphics in Your Posts

Normal write-ups will enhance their power when merged with beautiful graphics. You write your own articles, then why not using your own graphics in your posts? It will definitely increase the depth of your creative skill. It will complete your writing. It can fill the gaps the way you wanted to showcase the matter of the article to your audience.

using your own graphics in your posts
Graphics advantages in posts

Definitely, the enhanced post will drive more traffic into your site and will increase the discoverability in the searches. If you’re a blogger or article writer, use the technique and see the results after three months. I get the results thus I am here today depicting the advantages of using your own graphics in your posts. If you’re ready to create and use it too, then continue reading.

Increase Overall Traffic by Making Your Posts as Graphically Rich

To test the above-said matter, I implemented one strategy. I set up few posts without using graphics at all, just the feature image obviously. And few ones with inner graphics with feature images as well. Tested the technique in A/B testing mechanism for 30-day threshold. I like to create my graphics on my own, few ones are downloaded from popular stock photo sites.

Few metrics which I had taken to test are average session duration, unique visitors and overall traffic growth related to those particular two type posts. I broke down the tests in these three criteria to better understand the user behavior.

google analytics traffic measure giff
google analytics traffic measure giff

The results showed that the posts which are filled with internal graphics are performed better than the normal ones. I witnessed a 10% increase in unique visitors, a 27% increase in overall views, and a 43% increase in session duration than the normally written posts. Now it is clear to me that nice written articles performed better with rich graphics.


But here comes the second aspect. It proved that you’ll get better audience engagements with graphic-centered articles but what about those between using your own created ones and downloaded ones.

So I’ve posted few articles with applying graphics created by me, and the other ones with downloaded from popular sites like Pinterest, Freepik, Shutter Stock, etc popular image download places. Again tested those three metrics with proper care and discipline. Surprisingly I got more views by using my own graphics. I noticed that it will help you to create more backlinks. When a user finds any new image then they would like to create a backlink to your post or image, and you know the more backlinks you get the more you’re closer to success.

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google analytics user report
google analytics user report

So it is inevitable to use your own graphics in your posts. Your own written writings will get life from the designs you’ve made only for that particular writing. Now the next query will be how to create engaging and rich graphics irrespective of you’re a graphic expert or not!

How to Create Your Own Stunning Graphics with Ease

Maybe you’re not a Photoshop or In-design savvy person. Those who knew to build images using Photoshop or other similar kinds of software can easily create their own graphic images. But, not having those repositories you also can take the advantages of Canva or Crello, to create stunning graphics online!

Use Canva or Crello, both are pretty similar to create beautiful cutting edge graphics for your purposes. You can take advantage of their free models as long as you want. Canva or Crello gives users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, banners, and other visual content. Create as per your article and implement in your post.

Canva Working Interface
Canva Working Interface

After publishing, you can also take advantage of those platforms to create nice social media marketing graphics. There you can get lots of free templates to start with. Your beginning steps may not be good as you think, so apply the pre-built templates. After some days you can create your own template with the help of pre-built ones.

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Design Your Graphics with These Points in Mind

Frankly speaking, try to create designs that can tell about your post. Think from the reader’s perspective. Which design will help them to understand the matter you’ve written in the post, try to create it like that!

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Don’t go for heavy rich kind of graphics or visual elements. Sometimes simple things can work best. Make sure to use your post’s topic as the prime focus of the design.

Keep in mind the resolution. A low-resolution image will not make any sense to your readers. Try to create 1280×780 resolution images that can fit in any window whatsoever. Optimize your created graphics for mobile-view also. Responsive images and responsive animations work best in this case.

Don’t clutter the design with lots of information. Give breathing spaces into your visual content. Make sure to focus on the post title. Use contrasting colors so that it can easily catch the attention of the new visitor. Eye-catching graphics can build lots of backlinks for you in a quick time. As people will use your image to draw the attention of their visitors, so you’ll earn a backlink from that post.


Pre-build templates of Canva or Crello will help you to understand which graphic styles are working recently. Try to grab the designing concept and apply it to your graphics. It’s 2021 and graphic styles become way better now than that which was used in late 2015s.

While creating post-published graphics for marketing purposes create a size like that it can easily fit Facebook shares, Instagram shares, and Twitter shares. Not only for social media sharing but also keep in mind for email marketing purposes. Luckily your responsive images created from the Canva or Crello platform will fit in all sizes and screens.

Use Your Color Wisely

Select colors, keep in mind to blend them with your post’s topic. The colors come with different meanings. Red is for excitement, Green is for soothing, Blue is for Intelligence, White is for peace, and so on… So use color shades contrasting to your post matter.

Colors can trigger the moods of your viewers. Few colors can attract users while few colors can make them stay away from your post forever. Few colors can increase sales and better for generating revenues. So mix your color pallets wisely.

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Color Pallet-Blog to success
Color Pallet-Blog to success

Using Your Created Graphics in Your Write-up  

There are certain things you need to abide by while putting graphics into your post content. Don’t use tons of graphic images in a single piece of content. It works best if you use 2-3 visual images in the content writing. If your blog size increases then you might use 4-5 images in that. For example, In this write-up, I used 5 visual contents in 1400 around words.

If you are writing on multiple platforms or giving views on multiple things then use 1 image per object. 1 image will do fine to highlight the platform you’re taking in that paragraph.

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Sometimes you can use infographics to give your visitors a more clear view of the matter. Your infographics should have to be clear, informative with a fine amount of intermediate gaps. You can make them downloadable for your readers so that they can use them for their future needs. If your infographics dictate a lot of information in a small area then that will not look nice. The clumsy design makes the information valueless. Try to avoid this.

You can create GIFF images or short videos of your own to give broader light to your article. People will read your writing, and then when they see it through any movable Giff or video it will create a strong impact on their mind. The more you impact their mind, the more you can retain your visitors for the future.

Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

Conclusion: After studying all the above paragraphs, now you’re clear that using your custom-created graphics can definitely increase your website traffic for sure. So don’t wait for long, make use of any online graphic creator tool, and start implementing it on your posts. The more you put images on a post, the more images will be getting indexed by the search engines. On that matter, you’ll earn more chances of getting new organic search visitors daily. An increase in traffic means a step closer to your success.

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