100% Successful Ideas to Propose Your Social Media Crush

Nowadays we rely more on social media platforms to convey our feelings to our crush rather than meeting face-to-face. Sometimes it is hard enough to meet frequently with the person we love; in that case, social media platforms are the best tool to express your thoughts. Thus you might need successful ideas to propose your crush. Some individuals feel easier to express their feelings through chatting online instead of saying those in front of the person.

Many of us use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to attract women more easily as it allows you to share your feelings more conveniently with the help of lovely romantic images, vines, and videos.

But obviously saying your affections in front of the person works better, but if you follow the perfect ways to propose your crush through online platforms then that will also work for you. You need to stick with these few points before approaching the person.

Girls also like to get romantic approaches while receiving any proposal offer that comes with a beautiful image or a song. So, there are obviously positive points to propose to your crush through social media platforms, and if you’re thinking like that then go ahead with full of confidence. But before going to do that –

let’s check what are the successful ideas to propose your crush:   

Successful Ideas to Propose Crush
Successful Ideas to Propose Your Crush

1. Chose the appropriate person:

While using various social media platforms you’ll come across a lot of persons. But selecting the right one is the first important step. There are few points that you should keep in mind before approaching your feelings. My recommendation will be to first go through the profile in detail.

Social media platforms carry a lot of fake people so you have to careful with that at first. Avoid Facebook as recently it becomes the paradise of fake accounts. If you use Instagram or Twitter then my suggestion will be to go for these platform-oriented accounts. Generally, a real person will share his/her images more often and will engage with people in a natural way. So Twitter or Instagram whatever you’re using, find your interested person from these platforms.

It will be better to like a person with whom you’re talking for a while. It raises the chances of originality. Many of you approach very suddenly, don’t do that. Take time to talk, then you can know a person better.

Not everybody is correct for us. Take time to talk. Chat more then you can judge the person is appropriate for you or not! The more you talk the more you can understand that person, and also he/she understands you better.

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2. Build a strong online relationship:

Before going to propose you should make your online relationship very strong. It will only happen when you both talk with each other for a long period of time. Strong relationships let you understand the likes and dislikes of your crush.

You need to understand what he/she thinks about you. Without any strong bond, your proposal will be wasted. At first, give value to their opinions. Show concerns to their needs. It will create a nice impression for you in their minds. Gradually it will lead your online relation a strong one.

Try to get what they prefer, what they love, how they love, what they like and why! Prepare these answers at first by asking your partner. Then chalk out the best way to impress him/her by their suitable methods. You have to be sure that your crush thinks your relation is a strong one or not before any kind of approach.

3. Talk more:

You should have to talk a lot with your crush. Make sure that he/she feels comfortable with you. So that he/she shares his/her problems with you. If you chat for a little time then you might be taken as the other social friends. If you once be taken as a friend, then it will be difficult to come out from the friend zone in near future.

Share your interests with the person. Make him/her believe that you care and want to talk a lot. Maintain your conversations long and funny type. Don’t reply back too seriously as you’re not doing any professional job here. Try to avoid too much joking otherwise your crush will not take you seriously. So make your chats formal and real.


4. Don’t be Flirty:

You need to talk more but keep in mind that should not be a flirty type. The world is full of flirty people, so represent yourself as unique in front of your loved one. Chat normally, don’t use too many flirtatious narratives. It will give a negative impact.

Send nice images but don’t use flirty quotes. Make him/her laugh with funny videos. Sometimes you can use romantic videos as well. Make your intentions clear that you are not flirting with him/her. Showing too much affection at the beginning may seem like you’re flirting so avoid that.

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Don’t use too many adjectives that seem like you’re flirting. It looks like they are enjoying but actually, they will take you like a flirty type and not going to believe in your proposal ever.

5. Think before Posting:

You should think twice before posting any image on Instagram or tweeting any stuff on Twitter. Your posts will be visible to all including your loved ones. If he/she finds anything inappropriate then it will cause a bad impression. Don’t praise the persons that they hate to see or don’t post on those matters they dislike.

On the other hand, you can post which they like a lot. After watching your posts they can understand you are giving value to his/her likings. It will create that strong bond that I mentioned earlier.

Do not make jokes ever with your crush through any post or tweet. It will not look funny but on the other hand, you might lose your place to them. Don’t send unnecessary chat messages with a lot of audio and images. Try it if and only if they are free and talking with you at that time.

If you maintained these cautious steps then you’re right on the track to propose to your loved one. So now let’s see all the best ways to convey your feelings in front of the intended person.

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1. Use Photos while Proposing

Photos can depict a thousand words very effectively. You may create a collage of his/her best photos and sent it while proposing. Then write some romantic lines in the photo. Send it personally or post it in their timeline saying with your feelings in the caption area. This process works best.

You can also send few romantic images having awesome love quotes. They will tell your feeling right away. You may create an image gallery where one by one every image depicts the feelings for your partner. Rose images or some romantic dating kind of images also work best with this idea.

You may also send your best picture with all these images. It will create a strong attraction at that moment. If you’re a boy then you can go with a picture of you where you’re looking pretty handsome and sober. If you’re a girl then you might try a photo where you are looking stunning and smiling. Immediate attraction can raise the success of your proposal.

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2. Use Videos and Audios

If you want to say a lot then sending an audio message will work better than normal texts. A long textual message cannot able to showcase your feelings like an audio message. He/she feels like you’re saying just standing in front of them. If you want to say a lot then Audios are better to understand rather than texts, people cannot catch the emotions from texts. Text messages are incapable of showing the way of approach while any kind of conversation.

Now, how about using a video if you’re planning to send audio? You can record your proposal video in a nice romantic manner and then send that to his/her personal inbox. While watching that they can surely glad to know about your feelings. You may edit your video with nice love quotes or with amazing effects that add more passion to your proposal.

3. Share in Fleet or Story

Instagram or Twitter allows you to share your images, videos in Fleets or in Stories. Use those tools. We all have a tendency to see stories before watching any post. So use your proposal image or video in the stories. Then your intended person will become astonished to see them suddenly. And surely it will work better as that person can relate you’re proposing him/her in public, so you’re not faking at that moment.


4. Make a Video Call

If you don’t want to use all these things then go directly with a video call. Obviously do the call in their free time. Search for that perfect scope, and make a video call to share your feelings directly. It will show your affection right on the way.

Don’t force for a call. It will be better to take time if he/she is busy at that moment. Nighttime is the perfect time for proposing through a video call. Make your speech lengthy. Don’t just share your feelings and remain muted. Try to show that you care for him/her. Make him/her comfortable in the video call at first. You might use before said techniques after the call. It will surely work for anyone.

Now ask yourself if you’re prepared in these ways then be confident and proceed. And let me know by giving comments what were their reactions! Have you applied any other process in online social media platforms? Then do share with us in the comments.

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