How to Make your Telegram Channel Best with Videos

Telegram is one of the trending and leading chat applications available for everyone right now. Telegram channels are used for broadcasting your messages to a large audience.

If you join Telegram then you can find there are numerous Telegram channels already existed with different features and facilities. So, to make your Telegram channel best you need to imply videos so that your audience stays engaged all the time.

Make your Telegram Channel Best with Videos
Make your Telegram Channel Best with Videos

Demerits of Telegram Channels:

Telegram channels work pretty much the same as other chats, the only difference is the only owner can post here and subscribers will read, with no option to comment or anything. So, if you want to spread any message to a large audience without any reviews then channels are the best option in that case.

But, without having an option for like/dislike or comment or share, subscribers lose interest to stay in channels and it results in a decrement in subscribers’ count gradually. Though you can apply Telegram bots inside your channel that doesn’t grow the engagement of the subscribers alone.

What you can do with channel bots?

With the help of Telegram bots you can:

  1. check channel stats;
  2. create Markdown/HTML formatted posts with reaction buttons, comments section, attached media;
  3. build a feedback bot for your channel;
  4. Share links from your YouTube channel or Blog;
  5. create amazing polls;
  6. schedule posts with self-destruction timers;
  7. manage your rich-text articles in;
  8. search and post gifs;
  9. Play songs;
  10. Charge a subscription fee for joining a private channel.

Find out more about Telegram bots from here.

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Video Engagements:

But as I said bots cannot increase user engagements alone. So, there’s another option to hold your subscribers into the Telegram channel. Apply interesting videos where they can engage themselves with the videos and can stay subscribed to the channel for a long.

Keeping in mind the subscriber’s interest, Telegram is now offering many more features with video sharing on their recent update of August 2021.

Let’s talk about what are the exciting features the Telegram team implemented on the video watching feature.

Video features that are added in the recent update:

Let’s first talk about video calls first. You can now make video calls with up to 1000 subscribers at a time.

Group video calls are enhanced with the Group video calls 2.0 version.

In your group video calls, you can add up to 1000 users at a time, with unlimited audio-only listeners. It is a better method to connect with all of your subscribers very easily. To start the video call, create a voice chat from the menu option, you can find it in the profile option of the channel you’re an admin. Then start your video from the front camera, that’s it.

Now, you can adjust the video playback speed (similar to WhatsApp).

Tap on the menu on the media player, and select the video playback speed among 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x while watching a video.

Video messages 2.0 version has some exciting features.

You can now enjoy higher resolution video formats on the videos from the channel chats. Tap on a video to expand it full screen. Now you can rewind and fast-forward videos when they are paused in the chat.

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While recording a video from your rear camera, you can now pinch it to zoom furthermore. Not only that you can continue the music you’re listening at that moment while recording the video. You need to tap on the voice message option and swipe it with video mode, then release the record button to send the recorded video.

Text messages with animations.

Now send messages with improved animation features. Your inputted texts now can easily transform into nice animations of message bubbles and can fly into the chat.

Apply Timestamps on videos.

You can now add timestamps into your videos while sending, mention timestamps like “0:50” at the caption area of the sending video. It will create a link automatically, and when the receiver taps on the link the video will start playing from that time moment.

Click and hold on to the timestamp link to copy the link, you can share that in other channel texts also.

Screen sharing with device sounds.

Share your screen with 1-on-1 video calls, as well as in your group video calls. The audio from your device will be included while sharing your screen. You can swipe left or right to select any video source in a video call environment.

You can set auto-deletion of your video messages in the channel chats. Set timings as 1 day or 1 week or even 1 month for auto-deletion of the sent videos. Now you can easily draw small details in the media editor too, just zoom in and the brush gets smaller by which you can easily draw any media.

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Use Passcode animations as well.

New animations made the passcode locks smoother than before. If you’re already using an animated background behind the chat screen, after the update it will also appear on the Passcode lock screen.

IOS users, can now forward normal messages or memes to multiple recipients at a single time. Just click on the select option and then choose your recipients.

Increase Engagements in Channel:

So, now you see there are lots of amazing updates on the Telegram app that specially focuses on the video features. Nowadays, people tend more time watching short videos. Take the leverage of this strategy and implement it in your channel.

Hook your subscribers more into your channel by sharing or sending fantastic videos and shorts. You can try this strategy on the Telegram groups as well. This will be more engaging because here group members can directly interact more.

Telegram channels and groups are some of the best ways to drive traffic into your YouTube channel or blog. Blend your marketing with beautiful designs, animations, and artifacts that can scale your social media marketing to a higher stage.

Let us know by giving your valuable comment on how you implemented these recent features into your Telegram channel or group.

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