100+ Tumblr Love Quotes | Best Instagram Love Quotes

Love is an amazing feeling, and when it comes to sharing on social platforms then Tumblr love quotes, Instagram love quotes becomes the essential reinforcements. We all want to express our love to our partners in a romantic and unique way.

Love quotes help us to fulfill that purpose. Cute love quotes with some romantic images are the easiest tool to enter someone’s heart through the Tumblr and Instagram social media accounts.

There are various sites where you can get love quotes but, we are here to deliver you the original love quotes that will work best for both the platforms Instagram and Tumblr. So, you don’t need to look around in Google as we are here bringing the best love quotes which will suit you in every aspect on every social platform.

Tumblr Love Quotes Instagram Love Quotes
Tumblr Love Quotes Instagram Love Quotes

You will get original love quotes to impress your crush. If you’re already in a relationship then you will get the best love quotes to make the bonding stronger. Small quotes, lengthy quotes all are available in a single article, curated, and compiled only for you.

These love quotes of Tumblr and Instagram are compiled for a wide variety of people and ages. No matter who you are, no matter whom you love, no matter how you want to convey, you’ll find a suitable one that’ll satisfy your needs.

Now without delaying more let’s start to see the best quotes for you:

New Best Tumblr Love Quotes

These love quotes are best suited for Tumblrians. A bunch of #romantic and #cute love captions to show their love & compassion towards their partner through posts.

  • You’re my day, you’re my night. Finding you makes my life bright.
  • Love doesn’t have to be perfect; it needs to be pure like you.
  • Everything is variable in the world; the only constant is my love for you.
  • Our relationship stays the same as it was no matter how time changes, season changes, people changes, value changes.
  • My love has no second option, you were my first, you are and you’ll be always.
  • I don’t feel good whenever you’re not with me.
  • I see my past, present, and future only in you.
  • No other things give me such joy as when you’re with me.
  • Sometimes I feel am I dreaming or in reality! As I heard a lot of pure love only exists in dreams.
  • Your smile can change my world from darkest to brightest.
  • Sorry girls, I already booked by an angle.
  • I don’t like the way you are! I just love it.
  • Sleeping or awake, both are the same to me. As I always found you in my thoughts.
  • Just because I love you, that doesn’t mean I can’t love you more, more, and more…
  • Sweetheart, I bought a place for you to stay, it’s in my heart.
  • You teach me how to love purely; I taught you how to teach me that.
  • I don’t care whatever is happening in the world, as long as I’m living in your heart.
  • Being stupid is fine for me, until & unless I’m the reason for your laugh.
  • We both made a crime, you stole my heart, and I’ll let you keep it.
  • Are you going to be my personal doctor, because you’re making my heart healthier and happier always?
  • For all the things my hands have touched the best by far was yours.
  • It’s been said and done repeatedly that I love you always.
  • You have the incredible power of making my heart happy.
  • I am thinking to write a novel based on my feelings for you.
  • That moment was a miracle when you accepted me.
  • The inner joy which I seek being with you is beyond your imagination.
  • I am here to give you love of all kinds of dimensions.
  • We have to stay together, live together for fighting together.
  • When I miss you I don’t see your pictures, instead, I ran to you.
  • The best thing of my life started when you came into my life.
  • I am intoxicated with your love drug.
  • I became alcoholic from the whiskey of your romance.
  • Being in love with you makes my every morning worth getting up for.
  • Do you know you touched my soul with your bare hands?
  • Listening to your heartbeats lying on your chest is my first priority in the mornings.
  • You know I can blindly trust you because you are my eyes through which I can see things now.
  • How can you be so real in this fake world! I thank you from the core of my heart.
  • Even if god comes to take you away from me, I will fight to the last until he agrees to leave you again for me.
  • People ask me, “What do you see in her?” And I say, “Everything you can’t”.
  • From your dimples to wrinkles I want to stay beside you.
  • Until I see our relation, I never knew how a stranger can become so much own!
  • You talk about love, I talk about you, and both are the same.
  • I see myself in your eyes, more clear than any mirror.
  • I only allow you to leave me when it will be my last day on earth.
  • I said I’ll love you until I see there’s another sun showing at night.
  • Ok, I am sorry for loving you 100%, you deserve more than that.
100 Tumblr Romantic Love Quotes
Tumblr Romantic Love Quotes

New Best Instagram Love Quotes

These love quotes are best suited for Insta peeps. A bunch of #romantic and #cute love captions to show their love & compassion towards their partner through posts, stories, and reels.

  • I can’t express in words when you’re with me.
  • Your one drop of love is more valuable to me than you can think of.
  • Let your love rain over me, I am dying without your love.
  • Where there is love there I see you.
  • I found my childhood in your presence.
  • Seeing you, I understand sometimes strangers become more important to our lives.
  • You asked love from God, I am here as your gift from god.
  • Before you came into my life, I only knew about true love in romantic movies.
  • You’re that missing part that everyone told me to search for.
  • Seeing your call in the morning I thank god that I woke up again.
  • Saying that I love you became my habit, but the inner feeling is always new to me.
  • The brightness of my day comes from your happiness, no matter how cloudy the morning is.
  • Come look into my heart and you’ll think of it as a mirror.
  • I look into your eyes and think that may time stops here.
  • I think today I love you the most but keep saying that every day.
  • There are 98765432 things in my head but in my heart only 1 you.
  • If I’m given a chance to live with you 10 years and without you 100 years then I’ll choose the first.
  • I found much more in me when you’re around me.
  • You dragged out my qualities from the inside, which were unable for me to explore without you.
  • I found you, the way you are, are the purest form the day I met you.
  • I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll choose you again.
  • I’ve fallen in love many times with all the shades of you.  
  • I don’t have to try to be happy. When I’m with you, it just happens.
  • Sometimes my eyes get jealous of my heart, as you always remain closer to my heart and far from my eyes.
  • Inside your arms, I found the home I was looking for.
  • You can always feel safe in my arms whatever bad the situation is.
  • Yes, I’m insane that I love you like crazy.
  • I saw you in another person’s heart, and then I realized I was looking in the mirror.
  • My love for you keeps growing at a higher rate than the total entropy of this universe.
  • I feared that my love for you will fade over time, and then a voice murmured in my ears, it’s timeless.
  • Sometimes I feel proud that I kept a priceless thing like you in my heart.
  • Our relationship is that love song that never ends.
  • The way she looked at me; I realized the feelings of love in my life.
  • The first time I saw you I felt butterflies; today, still butterflies.
  • I found out living without you is more painful than my death.
  • Everything works perfectly when we are moving in the same direction.
  • The only missing piece of my life’s puzzle is you.
  • Now I feel my dreams are not worthy if you were not in them.
  • Getting to see you gives me the pleasure that I’m home.
  • Smile, just smile, it will automatically heal all of my pains.
  • I love that dream when I woke up and see myself next to you. But, damn, that’s a dream!
  • Everyone told me to find the key to success; I found you, my success.
  • I’ll accept 1000 days of isolation to be with you for a whole day.
  • Everyone is looking for so many reasons to leave, but I have only one reason to stay.
  • You make me yours with three words and eight letters.
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