10 Instagram Story Ideas For Broken-Hearted

Instagram Story Ideas For Broken-Hearted
Instagram Story Ideas For Broken-Hearted

There has been no better place of the Instagram story ideas for broken-hearted persons than this article, as it covers all those bits and pieces a broken-hearted soul could imagine of.

There are various stories that have been already told for couples in love or to impress crushes through Instagram, but no one is talking about broken lovers.

Broken people need story ideas too, to share their pain among their followers through Instagram stories. So this article will give them the best possible ways to show their pain on the largest popular online stage.

10 Instagram Story Ideas For Broken-Hearted

#1: Use Painful Quotes in Instagram Story

The best way to convey your sorrow is by sharing painful quotes in Instagram stories. Write what your heart felts at that moment. Write from your thoughts.

If you’re finding it hard to write painful quotes by yourself, then take the help from Google. There you can find a lot of quotes depicting pains from broken hearts like you.

#2: Use Painful Images in Instagram Story

The next best way to share your thoughts is by images. You can find multiple broken-hearted painful images on Pinterest or Shutterstock. Download the appropriate ones that suit your feelings.

You can simply go with some quotes images or can download pictures depicting sorrows. Both will work fine. Then share them in your Instagram story.


#3: Broken Hearted Videos will be the Best

If you share broken-hearted videos on the Instagram story, that will work best. To download such videos you can again refer to Pinterest. Sad GIFs, short videos are easily accessible on Pinterest.

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#4: Write Sad Lines Thinking About Your Past Memory

Broken people are full of their pains. These come from the memory they had in their past. Memories from their loved ones are always with them.

Think of those days, you can write sad lines automatically on your own. Share them on stories; your close ones will understand your situation better than before.

#5: Share the things they said

You can share the things they said to you when they were with you. These are the golden memories and can be cherished for a long through Instagram stories or reels.

All these sayings, these words are only the things you’ve now. Relive those beautiful moments. Find some joy in the world of your sorrows.

#6: Share Hope for the Future

One wrong relation doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be loved again!

Irrespective of you felt it one time or multiple times, that doesn’t matter but keep your faith for the future. Hope for the best.

So share images and videos regarding this idea. Let others see that you’re still hoping for a good future for yourself. Let others see that you’re fighting for a better future. The ideal person will acknowledge this and will come into your life shortly.

#7: Do Not Share Like “Everything ends here”

Don’t show others that your life comes to an end. Don’t think like everything stops here. Be courageous. Open the door to your heart, and let a new breeze comes to you.

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Accept the truth, face the reality. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. You have to carry it till the end.

So share your thoughts in stories like that. If you show you’re doomed, then your close ones will not love to see that.

#8: Share Sad Songs in Stories

Broken-hearted people very much rely on sad songs. They spent hours listening to the sad songs.

Sad songs carry messages; music is a language to tell others how you are feeling now.

Thus, sad songs are nice to share in stories. Open your desired playlist, and share the one currently you’re listening to.

#9: Share Scenes from Sad Movies

If you’re a broken person, you must have some sad movies on your favorite list. Maybe you watch those countless times.

Then share some special scenes from those movies in your Instagram story. Show the special sad moments to your followers also. Let them relate those scenes to their sad memories also.

#10: Share Sad Incidents of Your Followers

You might be having a nice follower base on your Instagram profile. If you talk with them, then it’s quite natural you know their sad experiences as well.

Ask them, and share their experiences as well in your Instagram story. It might give them a little joy.


You’re not the only one broken. There are a lot of people carrying pains in their hearts. And if we see deeply, then we can find the number of broken-hearted people is much higher than those who are not.

So, you too express your sorrows and pains through Instagram stories, and thus we bring the best 10 ideas to serve your purpose well. If you want nice quotes to share in posts and stories as well, might be handy to check this out.

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