7 [Best] Tips for Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Brand

Instagram Stories are very popular these days, and just like any other social media channel; they can be used to grow your brand very nicely.

Instagram stories have a tendency to become viral in quick time among your followers. Take the help of this benefit to grow your business in 2022.

Tips for Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Brand
Tips for Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Brand

When you’re new to Instagram Stories, it can seem a little daunting. But Don’t Worry, with the right tools, you’ll be on your way to creating stories that are engaging and well-designed in no time.

This blog post will outline how to use Instagram Stories for your business needs, as well as provide tips and tricks for taking great photos and building a strong following.

Tips for great photos

There are a few key elements to consider when you’re planning a good photo for Instagram Stories.

1. Lighting: Be sure that you have plenty of natural light. This will make your photos brighter and more eye-catching. Sunlight can help you in this case.

2. Composition: Make sure your photo is well framed and balanced with the subject in the center or near it. If you study other successful Instagram stories then you surely going to find those are well-composed.

3. Focal Point: Choose something in the foreground to help draw attention to the photo, like a menu or signage in a storefront, food on a table [works best I guess], etc., to make people want to learn more about what you’re trying to sell them.

4. Caption: Add a lucrative caption that provides context or commentary for your photo to help viewers understand what’s going on, show off your personality, and give instructions that might be helpful for the viewer (ie., “menu available!”).

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The caption should be short and easy to read so that viewers can read it, remind it while scrolling through their feed or other stories

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Tips for making your stories more interactive

Marketing on Instagram Stories is a little different than marketing on other channels because you don’t have the option to add links or call-to-action. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get your followers involved.

Use polls to ask questions, and make sure to post questions that are relevant to your business. Using polls you can easily estimate the market demands, customer likings efficiently.

This way, people will feel like they’re being heard by your company. You might ask what a customer’s favorite color is, for example, and then offer a discount code for a product in that color if someone answers correctly. Nice idea, isn’t it?

Another option is to host a giveaway. Giveaways can work like magnets if you use them loyally. You could do this by asking followers to visit your website and fill out an entry form with their contact information or answer a question about your business. The best part? You’ll be able to see who has entered the contest so you can notify the winner right away!

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Tips for growing your following on Instagram Account

Before you can grow your following, you need to have some ready followers! The best way to get people interested in what you’re posting is by using a consistent theme.

In other words, don’t post all over the place—focus on one specific topic and speak to your audience with each post. You can also use trendy hashtags to help people find your content.

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If you do decide to change up the type of content you publish, make sure your bio includes a link for people who want more information about your business. One last thing: make sure that any links in your bio lead back to a website that is relevant to the brand.

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Pic Credit: Pinterest

Why Instagram Stories work for brands

Instagram stories work for brands because they help you connect with your current and potential customers. They let viewers get to know the personality of your brand and give them a behind-the-scenes look at what you do.

Additionally, Instagram Stories can be used as a free advertising tool. Brands can promote their products and services on their story or within their account, then use hashtags that are relevant to their business to find targeted followers.

One way that brands are using Instagram Stories is by creating an evergreen campaign called “Behind the Scenes.” This campaign showcases the day-to-day life of the brand’s employees through pictures, videos, and messages. It allows customers to get an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes of the business without following it on other social media channels (such as Facebook or Twitter).

Another best way that brands can use for their Instagram stories is by showing the “feedbacks of their happy customers”. You can think of it as Testimonials. A “Before-After” idea is also best under this scenario.  Seeing outcomes from happy customers a person can relate his/her condition to make a purchase from your brand.

You can take ideas from your competitors how frequently they’re posting and also the quality of the Instagram stories. But be sure to post unique concepts otherwise your brand will not get the chance to stand out of the crowd.

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Now that you know what to do, it’s time to get started on your Instagram Stories! Remember, Instagram Stories can stay only 24 hours long, so be sure to post consistently.

Posting consecutively and positively is the best way to grab the attention of new users of Instagram.

The best way to use Instagram Stories is to be creative. The more unique content you post, the more likely you are to attract followers. You can have a lot of fun with it too! And don’t forget to think about the types of photos you’ll be posting.

Will they all be food pics? Or will you post some behind-the-scenes photos from the office? Or will you post success stories of your customers? It’s up to you!

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