18+ Instagram Selfie Ideas For Boys and Girls

“Selfie” is becoming the most demanding word among today’s boys and girls. Thus Instagram selfie ideas are trending rapidly among young generations nowadays. It’s actually natural; obviously, everyone wants to take his/her best selfies to win the hearts of their Instagram followers.

We all have that influencer-type urge hidden inside us, which we want to showcase to our followers, but…. Preparing too much for taking a best one turns into a troll-like selfie, and we became disappointed.

No, don’t be. We are here to give you the best Instagram selfie ideas to win hearts all over again. Selfies for IG posts, selfies for stories, and selfies for both boys and girls, all the things related to selfie ideas are curate and compiled with love only for you.

Instagram Selfie Ideas For Boys and Girls
Instagram Selfie Ideas For Boys and Girls

We want that you go ahead and show the hidden star in you, become the celeb of your Instagram world. So turn on your passion and get ready with your Smartphone to get the best snaps after finish reading this article.

#1 Instagram Selfie Ideas for Happy Poses:

Smiling is not a complicated thing, so smile on. Your Insta followers want you to see smiling, so keep this idea in your mind and go for a selfie.

The best thing with happy selfies is, here you don’t need to set for a better angle. Smiles will give you nice snaps from any angle.

You might try to add more joys into the selfies by laughing and clicking like a candid type. Laugh naturally, think of a funny incident, and go with the flow.

Artificial laughing will not work for a selfie. Fake laughs look like a silly image, seems like anyone is showing their teeth only!!!

Happy selfies with your pets like puppies or kitties work best, mark on my word. You can hang out with your best pal while laughing a lot take some snaps and you’ll get to see the result. But keep in mind; don’t show your teeth too much. Or don’t focus inside of your mouth; otherwise, you’ll be highly trolled.

#2 Serious Selfies Work Also

Now, here’s the opposite one. Serious-looking selfies will also work. An intense-looking selfie gives a sexy look.

Serious selfies with pouty lips are the best match! Pouts are never looked so sharp as the ones with serious looks.

If you’re not getting serious type looks then try to think on a matter which you don’t understand. Kind of a surprise in nature. Just am intrigued by a matter, that look will work best. Try to practice that, take some clicks and you’ll get the results.

#3 Go With The Vibe

Want to try some killer selfies? Then go with the vibe. Where ever you’re or whatever things you’re up to, just lift up your cell and click. BAM that will be your killer selfie? No!

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You need to make some adjustments also. Pick your pose, pick your outfit, pick the background, and mostly pick the lighting.

After adjusting perfect scenarios, now look into the matter in your pose. Making handheld slightly high or gesturing cool signs with your finger makes the snap more attractive.

Work on your eyes too! Make them kind of a binky type. Click, click and click, hey, now you got the perfect one, embrace it!

#4 Silly Selfie Poses for Instagram

In today’s time, the thing which makes no sense can draw attention a lot. Try this theory with your selfie posing list.

Squinty eyes, blinking typed, tongue out, messy hair, and head tilted on the shoulder are the classic ideas for silly selfies.

Make your face like animal typos, don’t you get it? Try to make it a growling tiger look, or a duck face, or a cute doggy type. These are very silly and very much loved by all. Try these ideas and see what suits you.

#5 Thoughtful Selfie Poses Can become Your Ultimate One

Don’t look at your phone’s camera, instead of doing that look in any other direction. Slightly move your head so that it misses the direct interaction with the camera lens.

You can move your head slightly up words like you’re assuming something. Stare at an object like you’re thinking something. Lean your upper body slightly in front, it looks better.

Another one will be – take on your hand and rest your face on the hand, don’t rest the full head weight, just make it looks comfortable.

Remember, with the thoughtful selfies you need to mention some thoughtful captions as well. Try to mix your photo and captions well so that your followers get the idea behind the post. Suppose you’re thinking about your job then give some captions on your workload. Make the background look like an office or work area.


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#6 Sexy Selfie Pose Ideas for Instagram

Sexy selfie poses ideas are hot and happening on Instagram. Your followers will be glued to this kind of selfie post. Sexy selfies will work best on both image posts and stories.

The first one you try to capture is the moment when you are in bed. Highlight the fact that you’re on the bed. The bed pictures will work best. Focus nicely on your face, hair, and a little bit on your shoulders.

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Try to show some of your skins. You can wear that kind of dress in which you think you look very sexy. If you want to show, then at first be real, bold, and confident. Otherwise, this idea will not work.

Highlight the parts you want to show, or you’re comfortable to showing. If you want to get a full-body image then use a tripod, otherwise don’t do it. Tripods will give you classy, sexy full-body pics, in the way you want.

#7 Go for The Mirror Selfies

Yeah, this concept is still ruling in the Instagram feeds.

If you’re a bit camera shy person, then pose out your camera/smartphone in front of your face. It will hide your face in the snaps.

If you are standing in direct front of the mirror then try to stand straight, keep your shoulders down, and push your hips slightly back. Standing straight looks attractive, keeping shoulders down will make you comfortable, and pushing your hips towards your back makes you look thinner.

You can try out the mirror selfie idea by sitting on a chair. Girls need to sit with one leg straight directing towards the mirror and bending in the second one. Give a dynamic look while clicking. Boys need to focus on pose, fold their legs onto the other while taking the selfie sitting on a chair.

You may use the mirror selfie by standing slightly bend with the mirror. You can try the side squat mirror looks also. If you want to show your backside, then turn yourself around off the mirror. Hold your hand high with the camera, so that the backside can be seen from the mirror.

#8 Use lights in Selfies

Light is the very essential aspect of a perfect selfie or whatever image you’re clicking. No matter how you give the pose, proper lighting can make or break the final output.

Go out for natural sunlight. Selfies under the sunlight are best. So pick natural light at first. If it’s not available then pick that one that gives you an ambient glow directly. Plenty of light spreading here and it is not good, diffused light only focusing you are the better choice of course.

When using burst light sources, make sure that it’s aligned with your face. Light coming from the top will end up giving you dark circles under the eyes, nose, and lips. Light coming from the bottom will give you a horrible look; don’t even try to test that if you’re not familiar with what I am saying.

So make sure that your light sources are directly focusing on the face, and then go for your perfect selfie.

#9 Play With the Light 7 Shadow Effects

Clicking selfies at night will give you the chance to play with light and shadow effects. A lot of individual thinks that night is a not a good time for a selfie, but actually, it’s not like that! You can make use of your room light as the source and make nice snaps from that.

Don’t turn on every light in your room. Turn on the brightest one, only that one. Stand in front of that light source pointing yourself directly beneath the light. Don’t use flash for god sake. Slightly turn up your head, make some nice, cozy faces and click away.

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#10 Morning Selfies Are Must, Must & Must

Morning selfie ideas are the must one in your closet. Look out for every influencer, and you’ll get one thing in common – the morning selfies.

In the morning, the brightness of natural sunlight is ideal for making a nice selfie picture. You may choose it as a bedtime selfie like you just woke up after a nice nap, or you may click after getting fresh, it’s on your own choice.

Showing your messy look, or showing your bed in the morning, or showing your background with a lovely bright sky is the main theme for taking the morning selfies.

Key Takeaways:

Now, time for some key takeaways.

For boys, the main reason for taking their selfies is to impress girls. The selfie poses will target to get the attention of the women, so make sure to follow these tips.

Don’t show yourself bored in selfies. And for god sake don’t take those selfies from the bottom or from the upside of your head. Taking selfies from the bottom of the face gives a dumb type effect, on the other hand taking selfies from the upside gives a shit-face look which girls just hate to see.

So, take your snap aligned straight with your face, a slight upside will be fine. You may or may not directly see the camera. Shoot from the eye level to get the perfect among all.

For girls, you need to know your angles. Take snaps from different angles, and judge which one suits you. Make it a constant. While clicking, relax your lips slightly a bit. Not only this, but also forward your neck slightly ahead, and the combination of these gives you the killer one. You might try some after effects, there are plenty of apps available in the store, choose according to your desire.

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