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Instagram is one of the popular social networking platforms to share photos, videos, and live videos. We follow various accounts and brands according to our choice. We come to see many video posts, stories, story highlights, IGTV videos, Reel videos on our timeline and sometimes we think to download those ones for use in the future for ourselves. But Instagram doesn’t give us that opportunity to download or save our favorite posts directly from the platform.

It will be very much useful for us if we can save those videos or stories directly in our gallery to see multiple times in the future with our comfort. Thankfully, there are few options, from which we can download and save IGTV videos, Reels, and Story highlights for future references.

Instagram Video Downloader
Instagram Video Downloader

The Downloader Platform

We can merely use Instagram from the desktop through the browser. Instagram comes with fewer features and accessibilities while using a direct web browser. So the majority of users use Instagram only on Android or iPhone, basically from their smartphones.

So this article first gives light on those options from which we can directly save the videos on our smartphones. Then I will tell you the best option among all the possibilities you get. After that, I will give some light also to download from your Desktop PC and save it on your Hard Drives. So without making more delay let’s see the Instagram reels story videos downloader options:

The various Instagram Downloader Applications available on Google Play Store and Apple iStore:

1. Video Downloader for Instagram, Story & Reels [click]

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2. Video downloader for instagram, insta downloader [click]

3. Video Downloader for Instagram & Save photos [click]

4. Video Downloader for Instagram, Video Locker [click]

5. Video Downloader for Instagram: BaroSave, Repost [click]

6. Video Downloader for Instagram [click]

7. Video Downloader for Instagram, Reels, Story Saver [click]

8. Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver [click]

9. Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram – InSave [click]

10. Photo & Videos Downloader for Instagram – IG Saver [click]

11. Video Downloader for Instagram, Story & Reels [click]

12. Video downloader for Instagram, Story saver [click]

The Best Option among All from My Choice

All the applications work best to download Instagram videos and story videos into your Smartphone devices. But, a few having some limitations like only can download video posts but not from reels or IGTV videos. Few apps can download Reels and story videos but not store them appropriately.

Few are having download error problems in some video formats. In some apps, only public videos can be downloadable, but private ones will not be saved, you can only watch those! So there are some problems with all the applications.

But, Video Downloader for Instagram, Story & Reels [click] app will work for you smoothly. It can download Instagram still images, GIF images, videos posts, story posts. Story highlights with images/videos, reels, IGTV videos, and all very easily without any lagging error. Also, you can save them into your Smartphone and repost those later.

With this selected application you can download both public and private videos, with the full length. If you purchase the ad-free version then you can enjoy the videos without any ads. So, it will be better to try this one, but if you don’t want then go for other any app from the list, that might work for you also.

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If You Want to Download Directly into Your PC Hard drives

I said earlier that all these apps are useable in Android and iPhone version, that means there are no direct ways to store downloaded videos in your PC. As we use Instagram mainly from our phones thus these apps don’t have any browser extension or exe setup files.

But, if you want to store in your hard disk drives then there is an option. You have to download an android emulator for your PC or Mac. Either use Bluestacks or Memu player. You can try Nox player as well, but I don’t think other emulators work better than Bluestacks or Memu.

After successful download and installation of either Bluestacks or Memu, you can start your virtual android device environment from your Laptop/PC or Mac. Then install the above said Instagram video downloader apps into the virtual android device.

Also, download the Instagram app and login with your account. Start to enjoy Instagram and download the Reels, IGTV, or story videos while scrolling the Instagram news feed from the virtual emulator. In this way, the downloaded videos will directly store into your desired folder of the Hard disk. Works the same as if you were using it through your phone.


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