10 Proven Instagram Ideas to Make EX Jealous Tremendously

Broke up recently? So What! There are plenty like you facing these situations all over the world. Breakups don’t mean that you have to stay in sad oblivion. We’re now heading to step in 2022 and so we have to forget about the past and need to change our mindset in the New Year.

This year, let your EX feel jealous of his/her decision. Let him/her realize that you’re not the person to deserve what you had gone through in the last few days.

Instagram Ideas to Make EX Jealous Tremendously
Instagram Ideas to Make EX Jealous Tremendously

Let them regret through the famous online platform Instagram. Instagram can be your ultimate platform to make your ex jealous and keep regretting his/her decisions.

Doubting why Instagram? Come on! Everyone uses Insta currently and surely your ex is also up to with it. So this can be the easiest platform to make ex regret with the cool features of Instagram.

In this blog, you’ll be able to know the best ideas on how to make your ex feel jealous through Instagram. Let me describe those ideas briefly for you one by one.

1. Post Stories on your heartbreak:

Instagram is popular with its story feature. Make use of it wisely. Show him/her that you’re broken. You’re badly broken from inside. You’re not supposed to go through like this, but you’re going only for the person you loved a lot. At first, let them regret that they ignored a true affection.

Use heartbroken captions, sad love quotes, and sad pictures of broken love, sorrowful video clips, and breakup quotes etcetera into your stories. Share daily Instagram stories with heartbroken lines mentioning to the guilty person.

So, on the first note make him/her understand that you felt awful and hellish not by saying directly, rather saying passively using Instagram stories.

Insta Broken Heart Story
Insta Broken Heart Story

2. Post Stories That You Want To Move On:

Now share stories that you accept the decision and want to move on. Actually, you must have to move on. You have to understand that life doesn’t stop for anyone; it keeps going whatever is happening around you. Show your ex that you’re planning to get over it.

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This logic actually triggers the first sentiment of becoming jealous. Make him/her realize you don’t need him/her anymore. Post Instagram stories on your daily schedules, post multiple stories about your friends, your studies, or your basic duties. Posting frequent Instagram stories like these will carry a meaning that you’re getting over the situation and becoming busy in your daily life.

Without depending on that guilty person anymore, now you’re onto your own. You’re now seeking your life in a new way and surely this will make him/her jealous upfront.

3. Become The Better Version Of Yourself:

Love has no logic. Love comes with attraction and now you have to grasp that part. Show your ex that now you’re becoming a better version of yourself. Become a more attractive person so that people start to admire you.

As you cannot change your looks, change your appearance. Become more cool and stylish. Changing the appearance significantly one can make his/her ex very jealous. They will regret seeing the changed version of you.

Take cool snaps, share them in the Instagram story. If you can then apply some awesome filters to give them a more appropriate touch. Constantly do share on Instagram posts, stories, and reels.

The more other people start to like you the more your ex feels jealous of the situation. Share a different story showing the reaction you got from your followers. The more love reactions you get are good on this matter. Take a screenshot of that report and share it on your Insta story.

4. Make Yourself Mysterious in Instagram:

Don’t let to comprehend what you’re up to by your ex. Try to make him/her guess about your plans. Show your regular activities via posts and stories but do not reveal everything. Hide your actual plans and it will raise mysteries about you on your ex’s mind. This criterion will increase the level of jealousy.

5. Take Better Selfies:

If you’re a boy then become a partner with a female friend, or if you’re a girl then join with a male friend. He/she may be your old acquaintance or office colleague whatsoever. Plan to go out somewhere and take nice selfies of both of you.

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Pretend to look closer in the selfies to raise the level of jealousy. Take multiple happy snaps of each other. Share all those selfies on your Instagram timeline.

A video of both of you will also work fine. Try to shoot with a romantic song and share via Instagram reels. I bet you if you want to catch your ex’s attention this process will work like a magnet.

Take selfie with partner
Take a selfie with your partner

6. Learn New Skills and Display them:

It’s always good to improvise yourself gradually. Change is the ultimate constant so why don’t you change yourself? Try to learn new skills; try to acquire knowledge on new topics. This will enhance your academic as well as non-academic qualities.

Everybody wants his/her partner as a multi-talented person. And if you show yourself as you’re becoming one then surely your ex not going to like that now!

Display the skills you acquired through Instagram posts, through Instagram stories. Engage your followers into a question-answer round where try to give answers like a pro! Share trendy stuff on your profile so that your profile looks an awesome one!

7. Always Share Positive things:

At the first stage, you have shown you were broken, you were devastated and you went through difficult phases. But, after showing you’re moving on in a new life, remember, don’t share anything which is negative in nature.

Don’t over show your pain; don’t over-share your sorrows. Rather, now it’s the time to show that you are happy. Yes, and meant it. Always remember to share positive things on Instagram.

Try to smile in your selfies, try to laugh when you’re taking groupies. Try to show you’re gaining more talents; try to show you’re living happily like never before. Share funny and also love quotes on the Instagram story now and then.

All these positive feedbacks will trigger an arrow of jealousy into your ex’s mind and he/she definitely starts to regret the decision they had made. If you’re lucky enough then you might find out that your ex is now trying to reach you and wanting to stay with you again.

Groupies with buddies
Groupies with buddies

8. Don’t Fall into The Trap:

Remember, your ex might try to test you. So, don’t fall into the trap.

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If he/she wants to come back again after seeing all these things, don’t accept the proposal upfront. It’s a trap and it might become something like he/she’s trying to test you that are you really changed a lot or not!

Refuse the proposal and make them more jealous.

The more they felt rejections the more they’ll become jealous. Do not ever make them understand you did all these things just to make him/her jealous. If he/she is able to know your plans somehow, then all these hard works will go in vain. So don’t forget to keep your head high and use the brain instead of the broken heart.

9. Become Sudden Silent on Instagram:

If you want a quick result or if you want to return back your lost love, then you might try this one. After implementing all the necessary points as I stated above, go suddenly silent on Instagram.

I mean, take a break from Instagram. Log out of your account and put your beloved smartphone aside and take a break from social media platforms.

Not getting to know anything about you, multiple queries will raise your ex’s mind. This anxiety will lead him/her to contact you directly to know your current news. Then it’s up to your choice how you handle that situation.

10. This Point will be taken from you. If you’ve applied some new idea on Instagram to make your ex jealous then share your experience with us in the comments below. The best one will get the chance to showcase in this spot. Let others know your wicked idea to try the same in their case.


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