Increase Twitter Followers in Organic Way for 2021

Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms of the world and its popularity is still spreading gradually. If you have a Twitter account then you know that getting a lot of followers is surely not an easy task. It is pretty much challenging for the new account holders.

You need to follow some rules to obtain large popularity through this app. With so much competition in Twitter these days it is not so bad if you buy some original Twitter followers in a legit way. Fake Twitter followers will not help you and your Twitter account might get banned from officials of Twitter.

People know that getting original Twitter followers is not so easy. It is not like that you pay money and get legal followers easily, so this article will give light on all those aspects which we should keep in mind before increasing the follower database.

Increase Twitter Followers in Natural Way
Increase Twitter Followers in Natural Way

Instagram is also running neck-by-neck with Twitter, but the main difference is Twitter plays a major role to establish you as a reputable source of daily facts and news to those people who use the platform very seriously.

Twitter is all about current events and meaningful conversations with the world around you. So you have to be more engaged in Twitter and have to follow the trending hashtags so that you can snatch the attention of other people.

So this post will focus on all those key areas that will help you to gain a lot of followers in a natural way as well as other considerations that your profile remains un-affected and stays safe. Lo let’s start.


How fake Twitter followers can harm your account?

It is undeniably true, that all of us like to see a huge follower count to our profiles and to our tweets. You can go ahead and start buying some followers from any Twitter follower selling website but that not going to help your purpose.

A large number of sites sell fake Twitter followers. You can see a sudden growth of follower counts in your profile after paying the money. But as time goes by that number decreases rapidly and you can see your money is wasting gradually.

If you check the remaining existed follower accounts then you can definitely understand that these are fake accounts with no tweets no engagements at all. So it can become easy to guess for anyone that you bought followers as you are showing too many followers but your tweets got hardly any likes or retweets what so ever.

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That is the main point for Twitter officials to understand that you buy followers in an illegal way and your account may get banned after that. That leads to a total waste of your money. Suppose it not gets banned but what’s the point if your tweets are reaching fake accounts may be some bots?

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The majority of companies out there selling just like these fake hollow Twitter followers might be some kind of bot. Twitter uses such kind of algorithm that can detect what are legit followers and what are fake dead accounts. Also, a genuine follower will unfollow you for these scenarios. Having such a low-quality follower list will not only impact your Twitter account but also can see that reflects on your Facebook and Instagram accounts as well.  

How to Increase Twitter Followers without buying anything?

My recommendation will be, don’t go for buying your followers, and instead increase your count in an organic and natural way. Here are some tips that might take time but if you follow then you can increase your follower count without paying anything.

1. Tweet Regularly and Relevant things:

As I mentioned earlier, tweeting is all about posting on relevant topics that are trending right now and the community is searching to know that event.

When you are going to tweet, know the current event follow the trendy topics, and tweet on those things that make sense to other people. You have got to post on-topic things to catch the attention.

The more you tweet on the trending topics, the more you will see your follower list is increasing. Hang in there; see what is happening out there. If people find useful content in your tweet then they will likely follow you for more. As simple as that.


It doesn’t mean that you have to share the news. Don’t just follow or tweet news. Rather you can focus on your niche. Look what other people are posting; see what comments they are getting and who comment on those posts. Give your comment as well. Give replies to some controversial topics. Make your stand give your opinion.

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You can share website pages if you find anything relevant which can be helpful to anyone. You can share YouTube videos if you find that will help anyone in that field.

If you like to follow some particular topic then keep your eye on those hashtags as well. Tweet your thoughts using those hashtags. See your tweet analytics. It will give you an idea of what posts are working for you. Try to give more information on those topics.

You can follow someone who is having a lot more follower base. Try to see what they are posting, how they are posting. Apply that strategy to your tweets. Tag other people on that niche. Regularly keep on posting like these and definitely, you will see your followers are increasing. It is not my word; Twitter says to follow this path.

2. Interact more with people

The more you interact the more you show your presence in this platform. And that will help you lot to gain followers naturally.

Engage yourself in some posts where conversations are going, give your opinion. You can find a lot of posts that are having too many likes and too many comments. Give replies to as many people as you can. Show your account to all. Your comment or your reply will create some curiosity in one’s mind and that could be the way for checking your account repeatedly.

If you like someone’s comment then give like or retweet that in your account. We all love retweets to our posts. So it will quickly catch the attention of that user.

Participate in the long going conversations. Post your replies repeatedly so that your account can reach many people at once. Entice the audience with witty and funny replies. Funny and controversial replies work like magnets.

If some people comment on your post then conversate with them on that topic. Hear from them, let them speak, and then give your reply. Continuous conversations can lead to becoming a follower.


3. Tweet with HashTags

Hashtags are the most efficient ones. If you post without any hashtags it will not create that much engagement rather posting with hashtags. Providing hashtags in the post will increase posts reaching 15% more according to the stats.

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People more likely to search for their favorite content with hashtags in their desired topics. So if you give some in your tweets then that will become more discoverable to the outer world.

Twitter first introduced these hashtags and it is still popular on Twitter. So you should take benefit from the method. But remember using a lot of hashtags in the same post will not do your work. Rather search for trending hashtags and use those in your tweets.

4. Use Pictures in your Tweets

People love visual posts more than textual basis. Relevant tweeting is a must but you need to keep on posting some pictures frequently to engage with lots of users. If you see the analytics then you will find, posts with pictures or videos perform better than textual ones.

It doesn’t mean you have to put pictures in all your tweets but use them occasionally. When you have a relevant picture in mind then use that with your tweet to showcase more strength in that post.

The study tells us that posts with images are retweeted twice as normal posts. So you can use JPEG, PNG images. Sometimes you can go with GIFF images also. Recently GIFF images are more eye-catching. If you observe then you’ll find people are using GIFFs in comment replies very much.

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5. Cross-Promote your content

If you use multiple social media platforms then share your posts on other platforms too. And share the posts from Facebook, Instagram, etc other platform posts in Twitter also. Cross-promotion will help you a lot.

Finding your content will be easier if you post the same content on different social media platforms. It will raise your total overall post engagement ratio. So followers from other platforms can also know your Twitter account and follow you the same.

You need to take advantage of all the popular platforms out there to increase your follower numbers. A strong online presence will give you a boost to create a strong Twitter profile. I am again saying it can take a lot of time but the ways are legit and normal. You don’t have to face any kind of problems what so ever if you follow these steps. Otherwise spending money will not guarantee you and may harm you back.

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