10 Ideas To Making Your Blog Content Stand Out More

Hello! Here are the best 10 ideas to making your blog content stand out excessively well so that it can be popular among the blogger community. If you are in blogging for a long time and stumbled upon this post then it indicates you’re not getting the right traffic for your articles. Publishing varieties of posts daily will not give you traffic easily. You need to curate some points so that your blog content stands out more and attracts visitors on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are some strategies to follow so that you can gain more readers into your blog content. Here are the best 10 ideas or you can say strategies to apply in your blog content to gain more traffic.

Ideas To Making Your Blog Content Stand Out More
Ideas To Making Your Blog Content Stand Out More

10 Ideas To Making Your Blog Content Stand Out More

#1: Write Informative Posts:

Only writing posts and publishing them will not catch any reader’s mind. You need to understand that people are searching for information daily. So you need to provide that information in your posts.

Write informative posts on your selected niche. Don’t go for writing on topics you don’t have any knowledge of. Rather stick to those on which you have gained a lot of knowledge and provide the various information through your blog content.

Think about some problem domains on your topic of expertise, and write the solutions in your blog post. This is the primary strategy to gain attention in the reader’s community. The search engine also loves you as you’re giving solutions to the problems in that particular niche you’re writing.

#2: Impart Visuals In Your Blog Content:

It is always a better idea to give solutions on a visual basis rather than only a text basis. People will understand more when you depict the information visually.

To give that you need to incorporate images – you might try JPG, PNG, or GIFF images inside your blog content. Images must have to be relevant to your blog topic. It may visually demonstrate what you’re trying to say to your readers.

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Using 2 or 3 images in your post will give your blog content a nice visual strength. So don’t publish only textual basis contents. If the content-length is high enough then you might go with more images, insert those among the paragraphs of your content.

Tricks To Make a Blog Stand Out

#3: Use Comments Under Your Blog Content:

In recent days so many blog posts are filled up with spam comments targeting questionable sites only. The main criteria behind the purpose are to gain backlinks.

But using comments you are giving chance to your readers to convey their thoughts from your content. It will be informative for you also. You might get a mix of good and bad comments. It will give you an idea of what to change in your content, and what is working in your content. Isn’t it?

Search engines prefer blog posts with comments. Not only search engines, but also readers want to get some more information from other readers also through the comments section. So, obviously, it’s a great idea to use comments under the blog posts.

WordPress user comments
WordPress user comments

#4: Acquire Backlinks To Your Content:

From the SEO point of view, acquiring backlinks to your blog content is a prime factor nowadays. It can help your blog content to rank much higher. Write informative posts so that you can gain easy backlinks.

You too can give links to your posts. Giving links to other informative blogs will help your readers to gain extra knowledge from your blog content. Try to mix both aspects into the blog content.

backlinks to blog content
backlinks to blog content

#5: Become A Master in Giving Titles:

Titles are the basic thing that attracts readers to the post. Try to give lucrative and clickable titles so that you can attract more views to your blog content.

Titles have to be informative, not like that as it is just for gaining views. Clickbait titles are good for marketing purposes but bad for the retention of your readers. So think about that seriously! Try to give short titles; don’t make your titles too long! Google and other search engines like that.

After writing a piece of blog content, grant ideas of at least 5 titles, and then choose the appropriate one.

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#6: Schedule Your Publishing:

As time goes you can gain some pocket readers of your blog site. Let them know when you’ll publish the next one. Publishing frequently is a good thing, but it is very cumbersome to maintain. Missing one or two days can be manageable, but try to schedule up your publishing dates.

It will give an idea to the pocket readers about your publishing techniques. Scheduled publishing will raise user retention stability as you are meeting their expectations.

#7: Mobile Optimization Of Your Blog Content:

Not all your readers come from desktop environments; rather readers from mobile devices are increasing day by day. So you also need to cope up with the situation and have to optimize your blog according to that.

Use AMP for your blog site, it can automatically curate the blog content according to the mobile devices. For that, you don’t have to code differently or don’t have to hire any experts for that. The blog content with the visuals you had used, all the things will be optimized with the screen resolution the user is having.

#8: Create A Persona:

To reach among a wide range of readers’ communities you might create a persona in your blog content. Creating a persona will help you to comprehend the matter more easily. Your readers too can understand what you are trying to tell in the article.

A blog persona might be an individual with a real-life name having some real-life problems exactly like your readers. Then try to solve the problems of your Persona in the blog content.

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For instance, you can create a persona of a college boy/girl who is seeking online educational help but doesn’t know how to get it, where to get it, what will be ideal, how they can solve the problems, etc. Give those solutions in your article so that your readers can understand to solve their problems exactly like your blog content’s persona did.

Persona for Blogs
Persona for Blogs

#9: Ask Questions in Blog Content And Try to Answers:

Close to 84% of searches daily made are question-answer type. People are looking for answers to their various questions.

So use them in your blog content. Ask questions to your readers. Give suitable answers through your post. Frequent interactions with your readers can gain you more visitors as time goes on.


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#10: Use Podcasts, Videos, Infographics Into The Blog Content:

Time is changing and so you need to customize your blog content with that. In modern times readers prefer to hear podcasts with the posts. Hearing the topic may become easier for them for understanding the matter.

Use relative YouTube videos inside the Blog Content so that it will become more visual and more informative to the readers. In this modern time infographics becoming a major factor to bring your content to stand out from the crowd. Use them nicely in your post and definitely you get to see good results after that!

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