40+ Ideas of Instagram DM Pick-Up Lines in 2021

Here are few amazing ideas of Instagram DM pick-up lines for those who are not sure how to slide into someone’s Instagram inbox. You too can make them smile by applying these cheesy DM pick-up lines.

To get your hottie’s attention you can try the mixed blend of subtle to seductive best DM slides for Instagram. While sliding into someone’s inbox, remember, you don’t have to keep your stakes so high.

Take the ideas; apply to your DM, that’s it. If they reply back and you both start a conversation then that’s great! Otherwise don’t be upset, better would be to take chances on some other hotties on Instagram.

Ideas of Instagram DM Pick-Up Lines
Ideas of Instagram DM Pick-Up Lines

Now, no more wasting your precious time, let’s lure on to the amazing IG DM pick-up line ideas.

DM Ideas If You’re Approaching For The First Time:

1. You will be surprised after knowing the best thing of my life. It’s the first word of this sentence.

2. You’re damn hot to make me forget my pickup line!

3. I think you’re suffering from Vitamin me.

4. I was thinking to paint you after seeing your DP, but you’re already a work of fine art.

5. Seeing you, I came to know the actual reason of global warming.

6. You’re so beautiful! Oops, I forgot my pick up line, lol.

7. On a scale of 1 to 10, you have 9 and I’m the 1 you need.

8. OMG! Now angels are doing Instagram too!

9. I am not a photographer, but I can be if you let me picture us together.

10. It would be nice if you’re an eye doctor, because there’s something wrong with my eyes. I can’t take them off from your snaps.

11. Hey, I discovered a romantic coffee shop nearby, and the road starts with you!

12. I come here after walking 143 KM, just to send you a DM.

13. My astrologer once told me, on 2021-07-30 at 12:30 AM [Replace with your current date and time], I’ll be sending my future wife IG DM.

14. I stopped looking at the stars, as I found stardust on earth in your DP.

15. Can you solve this algebra for me – “Replace my x without asking y”?

16. Are you a bank loan? Because you got my interest.

17. Do you know everyone’s happiness starts with H, but for mine it’s U.

18. Can I Tie your shoes? Because I don’t want you to fall for anyone else.

19. I come here for 3 words to say, wanting the same in your reply 2, as I’m the 1 for you.

20. I’m not an organ donor, but seeing you I was thinking to give you my heart.

Girl Smiling after watching these DMs
Girl Smiling after watching these DMs

Flirty and Funny Instagram CM Pick Up Lines:

1. Roses are kind a red, violets are not same as blue, I forgot the rhyme after seeing you!

2. Is your curves are from McDonalds? Because I’m lovin’ it.

3. Replace your name as Google; because you have everything, everyone is searching for…

4. My friends told me I’m not good at starting conversations, wanna prove them wrong?

5. Let’s skip the small talks and intros, let’s head towards flirting.

6. If you’re correct about my favourite restaurant then I’ll take you there for a dinner.

7. Are you a 45 degree angle? Because you’re “a_cute” person.

8. Can I call you Instagram? Because you’re very much addictive.

9. It isn’t cheating if we do it together.

10. Are you a product of Dell? Because you’re looking delicious!

11. Do you want to know the best part of me? It’s covered up!

12. Let’s take a chance to see the destiny of my wood sinks in your sea or not!

13. Guess the name of the broken thing which has four legs and wanting to touch your a*s badly! It’s my bed, common let’s fix that.

14. Today’s word is “Legs”, come my place and spread the word.

15. Forget about playing as doctor, that’s for the kids! Let’s start playing gynaecologist.

16. Is it your DM or a bakery? Because I found a cutiepie like you!

17. My parents always ask the reason behind doing Insta all the time! Now I got the perfect reason to tell them!

18. I slide down to your DM to make your sloppy floppy as SSD Hard disk!

19. Hey, your room looks perfect in picture. Can you give me chance to witness this in real?

20. I heard a rumour that you went to sleep early? I can be the witness to prove the rumour wrong!

Girl watching Your Insta DM
Girl watching IG DM

Final Words:

Now we come down to the final section. These are going to be the most workable pick-up lines to break the shackles between you and your hot crush! Sometimes, it may go crazy as the person you’re going to send DM, doesn’t know you. And you are also predicting a better response when you don’t know the person or hardly know from Instagram. So things may vary from person to person.

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My recommendation will be to use these pick-up DMs while replying to their stories. Depending on their shared story, choose an appropriate idea from the above list and DM against the story reply. It can increase the chances of getting more positive results.

Who knows, maybe from these pick-up lines you can start some flirting with your crush! Or even they can agree on the date! Whatever the outcome will be, let us know the whole story in the comments section below. We are waiting to see good feedback from you!

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