How Long Should Be A Blog Post in 2021

Approximately 9 out of 10 bloggers out there think how long should be a blog post ideal? Year after year, the number of blog sites is increasing very loudly. According to data, currently, there are 20 times more blog sites present than what was present just four years ago. So, the Internet is growing with a huge number of blog posts daily, thus the ideal length of a blog post surely going to be the prime question in the upcoming year.

how long should be a blog post
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The ideal length of your blog post should be the minimum number of words taken to express your message to your readers. That’s it! It could be a length of 300 words or could take 2000 words also. The main thing depends on the topic, what message you are sharing to your readers. And to express that, use the minimum number of words. Now in 2021, no one will be going to read a 2000 words lengthy blog where that thing could be expressed in 1000 words or so.

Make It Simple

Making your blog lengthy forcefully increases the bounce rate. Likewise, a low content blog impacts the behavioral structure of your total site. So, it is recommended to use a minimum of 400 words at least whatever your niche is. If you want to write in detail then use 1200-1500 words, it will work nicely. Search engines like Google or Bing prefer those posts having a length of 400 words at least for a blog. I usually write between 600-1000 words in length. Obviously, if you need to share a lot of information then automatically it will reach over 1500 words mark.

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In those cases, where you want to showcase a detailed study on some topic, and couldn’t able to cut that post short then use multiple versions of that post. It will increase your page view count per user basis also. Another strong point behind this strategy is, your subscribers will wait for your next post, and you can turn the interested viewers into your subscribers. Creating a series of blog posts on a particular topic also catches the eye of Search Engines, and you can easily rank higher in search.

What Readers are saying

Many readers explained that they don’t like longer blog posts that are not formatted well, and basically one information-centric post. Nowadays people have lesser time to read, they are busy with lots of works. So time for engagements has to be shorter. If you post on daily basis in your blog on a single topic then avoid making long posts from the upcoming year. Otherwise, you’ll be going to see a drastic change in your daily views. Keep it in mind; quality is the main thing rather than quantity.

Keep your eye on analytics

Many traditional bloggers are non-tech savvy. They don’t follow the analytical trends. It is a suggestion; you should keep your eye on your Google Analytics data. If your site has lots of technical errors, that will not work from the next year no matter how good quality you are posting. Analytics will show you the reader’s trends; you can adapt that and can modify the technical requirements which will be essential in the upcoming year.

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