6 Easy Ways to Monetize Instagram Account without Lots of Followers

As you’ve landed in this article, I can assume now you want to monetize Instagram account and you also don’t have lots of followers. Then I’d like to say that you’ve come to the correct spot. In this article, you’ll get to know few best ways to monetize your IG account and become a successful influencer.

Easy Ways to Monetize Instagram Account
Easy Ways to Monetize Instagram Account

Set the Initial Stage:

Before jumping into the main action, you need to set your stage first. To do that, ask yourself: Why you’ll be getting paid by advertisers? Why they’ll give you money if they didn’t receive any benefit from you?

Now, the solution is building a strong fanbase for the account. You can acquire a fanbase with your unique content which is relevant also! Creating unique and engaging content is the first thing.

Use proper hashtags with your posts. Trendy hashtags will give you likes and shares in return. Keep researching trendy hashtags regarding your niche; apply them daily, the more you deliver the more you get back from IG users.

In this way, you can gradually set your stage. Now users can trust your content. Gaining trust from Instagram friends, followers, and other users is called the fanbase. Create a strong fanbase then you’re ready to go.

Easy ways to monetize Instagram account:

Create an Instagram Storefront:

Let’s talk about the best way at first. If you don’t have a lot of followers then this is by far the best option; create an Instagram Storefront.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to open an e-commerce business shop without any problem and is absolutely free. The recent launch of the Facebook Shops inside Instagram gives its users a more suitable and easy process to sell products through your Instagram account.

You can sell your digital or offline products both from the platform. Do you realize how to bring in cash on Instagram by selling stuff? You might begin with individual photographs since this is a photograph-sharing application, fundamentally.

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You can even print your designs into mugs, shirts, telephone cases, masks, and so on. There is no restriction to display photographs of your selling items. Thus, you can also display affiliate products images of electronic devices, garments, or others according to your business plan.

Instagram store
Instagram store

Now you’re thinking about how to get paid on Instagram utilizing the Instagram Storefront?

You don’t need to worry about that. First, display and attract your customers using image and video posts, stories, highlights, and reels. Use captions while sharing posts and ask them to contact you directly through DMs.

When you receive DMs, redirect them into your own online shop and make their purchase whatever they wanted to buy. Selling with Instagram is easy, on account of shopping labels that incorporate a cost and a connection to a photograph and outsourcing answers for quick orders.

The more you share nice and attractive product images the more you can bring customers to your Instagram storefront. As per the selling price of individual items, your earnings depend here. It’s totally up to your business plan how to scale up the profit margin.

Promote Affiliate Links through IG posts:

I think you’ve heard of the term affiliate marketing as you’re in this earn money online zone for quite a long time. Then you can increase your affiliate marketing through the Instagram account.

First, signup as an affiliate under an affiliate company corresponding to your niche. Visit their products space. Copy the affiliate product images and links.

Display those images in your account. Share in stories. Attract customers; convince them in DM and redirect them with your affiliate links. After the successful purchases they made, earn your commission amount. You can maximize your earnings from 10% to 30% per product you made through affiliate sales.

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Earn Money with IGTV Videos & Ads:

With Instagram video marketing or IGTV video ads, you have the opportunity to monetize your account. Instagram pays for IGTV ads. Through IGTV you can connect deeply with your fans and spread your talents across the globe.

After starting monetization facilities on IGTV videos, you can give various brands the ability to promote themselves with the videos you create.

IGTV ads are very much popular in the countries like US, EU, Australia, and Canada.

You need to comply with the IGTV community guidelines after registering your account in IGTV videos. The amount of getting payment is very high with IGTV ads.

Create Events

Creating paid events like hosting webinars, online courses, coaching, and consulting can give you money in return.

Target the audiences who are eager to learn the skills that you acquire. Then merge your content in successive episodes and launch paid events periodically.

In this way, you can grab sponsors too who are willing to spread their market with your audience.

Depending on your follower circle you can maximize or minimize your earnings through paid events hosted on Instagram. But, if seriously taken this is a great way to earn money from Instagram.

Promote other Influencers

Top-tier influencers can earn money from middle or micro-tier influencers by promoting them on this platform.

To become a popular influencer you need to showcase your talents to a large audience, and top-tier influencers help in that case. You have to pay them as they are promoting your content and channel.

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So, if you’re a well-established influencer in your niche, try to promote newcomers and collect money from them.

Promote Influencer Marketing
Promote Influencer Marketing

Use Instagram Live feature and spread digital ads

Instagram live can give you money if you use this feature properly. Live videos can attract lots of views, and you need to take the advantage of that.

According to Facebook data, live videos can gain closely 70% more views than normal videos in that amount of time. So, people do love this live video feature. Where you are not editing anything in the video, you are just staying spontaneous and natural.

Now, to show digital ads, use any contextual or video ads from various popular companies. Redirect the traffic to your blog/vlogs, display the ads and earn revenues per view method. Many companies pay hefty numbers for viewing their video ads, so register your account in a popular video ads network today!


There are already many influencers who have established themselves on Instagram so if you’re new the tasks are going to be difficult for you. But, as I told you on the above points, there are ways to monetize from Instagram.

If you deploy different strategies, not conventional what others are doing then you might stand out from the crowd and earn over your expectations from the platform.

Starting from sharing crazy snaps, the platform now became serious with content displaying and you have to make content according to that. Keep up the good work, keep faith in the system and you’ll see money coming from your Instagram account.

Do let us know what your experience is after applying any such way depicted above.

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