Best 12 Ways to DM Girls on Instagram

If you’re wondering to know the best ways to DM girls on Instagram then you’ve landed at the correct spot! Lemme tell you why I said so because this post covers all the possible ways to snatch the attention of the girl you’re planning to DM on Instagram.

Now, I would like to clear you a point, finding a perfect girl to DM isn’t a hard task on Instagram. Currently having more than 7 billion active users, Instagram tops the chart of popular social media platforms on this planet.

According to a Pew Research study, more than 74% of users are between the ages of 18 to 25. And, the jaw-dropping stat is 63% among them are females. Now, you can see, finding your perfect girl isn’t that so tough on this social media platform. If you’re planning to DM her on Instagram, you’re certainly on the right platform my friend.

Best Ways to DM Girls on Instagram
Best Ways to DM Girls on Instagram

Now, the matter is how to slide into someone’s DM! How to begin a nice conversation! Hmm, pretty much every boy is thinking the same. By the way, if you want the best pick-up lines to DM your hottie on Instagram then must visit here.

Now, let’s dive into the main tips and tricks to start DMing Girls on Instagram:

First Prepare Yourself:

Before going to send DM to an unknown girl, must prepare yourself so that you don’t appear like every other guy who knocks on the door of every girl on Instagram. Be confident in your approach, be gentle and do things smartly.

Don’t plan to DM at night like, at 2 AM you’re asking something silly! Be gentle with the timing before sliding to the unknown’s inbox.

Then Prepare Your Account:

The girl you’re trying to hit up will look at your bio at first. Doesn’t matter how many followers you have! Girls didn’t think much about how many followers a guy has. Rather they want to see how well the bio is been written.

So focus on your bio at first. Use a proper bio to attract someone to your personality. Curate your bio in a way that gives a glimpse of what kind of boy you are. But, don’t disclose too much, let her guess too!

Raise curiosity in her mind, otherwise, there will be no such way to give a proper intro of yourself. Keep that for later DM purposes.

You can use the ‘’ option to link back to your personal “about me” page where you have disclosed about yourself pretty nicely.

Use Proper Snaps Up-front:

Well, IG is all about cool snaps and vids. You need to use pictures that can depict your looking and persona properly. Target your first six photos which will be displayed after opening your account.

Create a mixture of thoughts and ideas on the most recent six photos. For example, show your close-up headshot selfie at the beginning. It’s necessary, because why she’ll DM back to you if she couldn’t able to know how you look like! Ask yourself, are you going to DM a girl if she hides her face behind obscured and blurry images? I don’t think you’re!

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Now, use some photos where you’re hanging up with your friends. Smiling and enjoying their company. It will tell her that you’re a fun-loving person and enjoy the company of friends. Girls are not going to talk with a boring guy, isn’t it?

Use the group photos well in which everyone is looking smart, happy, and joyful. Don’t use photos where you or your mates are looking angry, bored, or depressed. See, these kinda images impact negative feedback on you and on your surroundings.

Now, after some groupies, plan to upload snaps that dictate what you do or what actually you are! If you’re a student use photos like that, if you’re in some profession use photos regarding your profession. You also liked her after seeing her stunning posts, isn’t it? So, now let her give you the chance to see your stunning pics.

If you’re a sporty person, must upload those ones too! Girls like sporty, full-of-life dudes. If you’re into some special activities, showcase them also.

So, now I think you get my point, go and display your recent 6 pics in this way before sliding into DMs.

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Upload Your Recent Pic as DP:

There are tons of guys who display images of celebrities as DP, like some actor or some player. Not only these, but also there are few guys who display their child snaps as DP images, or some cartoon filtered old images of themselves in DP.

No, this is not a good idea for DMs. See, when you slide into someone’s DM box, the very first thing she’ll notice is your DP. So, if you’re using among what I’ve said earlier, then there’s a very little chance of getting a reply back from her.

Put on your very recent image as a DP. Keep in mind of using an image where your face is displaying properly. Avoid using darkish images or pics with sunglasses or hats or covered with masks etc.

Pick the Correct One:

Instagram is like the second home (obviously online) for girls, reports say so. Having said that, it’s pretty much important to pick the correct one for your DM, not the best one.

Don’t rush behind the best one, I repeat again. Having thousands of followers it’s obvious that she receives hundreds of DMs daily. There is a certain chance for your DM to get buried under hundreds of DMs. That would be total time waste!

So, pick the correct one. Follow her account; follow her posts, her stories, what comment she gives, what images she uploads, when she’s online, when she’s not, etcetera.

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Know the person’s activities at first, then decide if she suits you or not. Instagram doesn’t have any match-making scores, so you need to calculate on your own which girl best suits you. It will raise a high chance of getting replies backs, and starting proper conversations.


Plan Intelligently:

Nowadays ovens have also become intelligent, then why would you not! After selecting the proper girl to slide into DM, plan accordingly by her nature.

If your would-be DM receiver is kind of a studious person, or a sporty girl, or kinda glam queen, or a serious one, etc whatever, do plan your DM type according to that.

For example, if you send some funny type DM to a very serious and personality-full girl, then immediately it ends the story before beginning. On the other hand, think, you’ve sent a very serious DM to a very funny girl then the first impression may appear like a creepy one! Isn’t it?

To understand what her type is follow her activities daily on IG. After figuring out all the bits and pieces about her plan your DM type and hit her up at a perfect time.

Regularly Give Comments:

Grab her attention gradually by giving daily comments on her IG posts. Before sliding into DM, let her know you give her comments and follow her activities daily.

One thing to remember, don’t pass such comments where you sound cheap. In that case, your DM will never get any responses.

Rather if she posts something on her daily work then appreciate it. Don’t mock her or give any judgment on public comments. If she looks nice in some photos, appraise her looks. Don’t compare her looks with her friends. And note down it seriously, never praise her friends on her posts.

Girl watching Your Insta DM
Girl watching IG DM

Start DMing via Responding on Her Stories:

Instagram stories are the best ones to start DMing. Almost every girl post stories now and then, so you’ll get a chance for that.

Reply with your proper DM on a story that fits perfectly with your DM type. It increases the chances of getting replies backs surely. Then stick to that topic, don’t move away from the main course.

Generally, a girl’s inbox is full of lots of unseen DMs, which she receives daily. So to stand out from that crowd, sliding into DM with a proper reply to the Instagram story is by far the best idea.


Check the Mutual Numbers:

Before sliding into DM on Instagram, do check how many mutual contacts both of you are having. It’s a sign that you’re pretty much into her circle.

Probably she won’t notice that, so remind it in your DM. After knowing that you both have a good number of common friends, a trust issue can generate on her mind. This trust issue helps you to get back your DM replies.

Maintain Trust Is Must
Maintain Trust Is Must

Try Not to Sound like a Creepy:

Avoid sending multiple DMs consecutively in a matter of time. If she’s busy with something, then doing that may disturb her and you’ll not able to see any DM from that side.

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Keep your patience. Try to DM approximately three times in a span of 48 hours. If you’re still not getting any replies, then back off. Try on another girl; she’s not interested in this.

After getting some replies don’t chat in a way where you’re sounding creepy! Don’t use harsh words or any kind of cheap jokes on her DMs. Being too much straightforward sometimes seems like you’re creepy too! Use words in a polite way.


Don’t Force Her on Anything:

Guys have very little patience when it comes to picking up a girl on social media. After few conversations, they try to force her for getting her number or going out for a date, etc.

Don’t do such things; it’s not a good idea to ask her personal number after few chats. Wait some days, after a good bonding you’ll get that easily.

Don’t argue with her for going out on a date recently. If she’s not comfortable yet, then keep your patience. It takes time to become comfortable with some unknown person.

Don’t Get Physical Right Away:

It sounds creepy and sleazy too if you talk about physical things from the beginning. A lot of dudes are already texting her on that topic.

Approach nicely from the beginning. Talk with her about her passion, hobbies, interests, and all. Praise her beauty, not from the body rather from the face.

Don’t approach her for night dates right away after starting conversations. Almost every guy does these same mistakes and pays their price.

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Last Words:

See, doing DM is not any hectic task or not equivalent to a space journey. So keep it simple. Think from that girl’s perspective, what would be your reactions if you get some kind of DMs if you were a girl! So, before hitting that send button, do proofread again and again.

Proofread your DMs like, are there any grammatical errors or not, or any spelling mistake happened or not, etc. Faulty DMs may impact a negative reaction on her mind.

Do read her messages accurately before replying. A lot of boys don’t read attentively what she was trying to say and gave replies instead. Don’t do that, she will gonna judge you minutely in the beginning days. To snatch her attention you need to give better replies.

Apply these ways and see what’s the result is coming for you. Do let us know in the comments section about the result. We will be eagerly waiting for your replies too! Have a great DMing…

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