Best 11 Instagram Comments Ideas For Your Love

Giving Instagram comments can be tricky when it comes to giving comments to the posts of the person you love. Instagram becoming the best online platform for the young generation. It’s easy to find your loved one hanging around more on Instagram than getting to see him/her face to face. Thus if you want to convey your love towards the person, Instagram is the best place to show it. 

Instagram is a paradise for girls. regular uploading of photos, video posts, stories, reels become the essential factor to them. So if you want to get closer to her, you need to have the best ideas for Instagram comment. This article will give light on those aspects by which it will be easy for you to give Instagram comment on any post your loved one shares. Continue reading to know those ideas.

Best Instagram Comments Ideas For Your Love
Best Instagram Comments Ideas For Your Love

#1 Instagram Comments Ideas On Normal Image Posts

Try to understand why he/she posted this image. acquire the concept behind uploading this image. Is he/she trying to tell followers something! Catch the concept and give comments on that basis. 

Sometimes casual posts have a lot of meaning to understand. Comprehending those meanings are quite a hard task, but if you want to get his/her attention then you need to do that. Catch the inner meaning and give suitable comments regarding the post.

#2 Instagram Comments Ideas On His/Her Own Pictures

As you want to get his/her attention, doing any bad comment will not help you of course! Remember, don’t make any fun of his/her own pictures. 

Try to give comments on his/her looks. Tell him/her that he/she is looking handsome/beautiful. Don’t use words which is not suitable to their personalities. It might sound good from the outside but not from the inside. 

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Give a nice comment on his/her dress. Also, try to say nice words about the selfie pose that he/she was taken. With these approaches, you might get a chance to come closer to their hearts.

Instagram comment example
Instagram comment example

#3 Inspire Them By Your Comment

If your crush posted an image or video showcasing their talents or displaying some project works, inspire them by your comment. Tell him/her that it’s very nice and they can do it better for sure in the next run. If you have some ideas on that topic then try to give that in a comment. 

Don’t use words that look like you are judging their work, rather express in a way that they might find a better idea from your comment.

#4 Try To Show Empathy Via Instagram Comment

If they post something on some calamities or post any sad quote, or you find the meaning of that post as sorrow type then give empathy through your comment. They may be having a bad day or be going through a hard condition, so giving sympathy will show your care towards them. They might open up with you and talk with you regarding the matter.

#5 Express Your Feelings Via Instagram Comment

If they posted some romantic images or videos or shared some romantic stories then give comments as such as they understand your feelings towards them from the comment. Giving replies to the stories are best as you can directly send messages telling your feelings for him/her. Don’t overrun it, just be real and show your compassion and affection in the comments.

#6 Approach Him/Her for DM Via Instagram Comment

If you are unable to talk with them directly in messages, or they are not giving back replies to your messages, then Instagram comments are a nice place to approach them for reminding of DMs. 

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Maybe your crush is pretty famous and getting a lot of DMs regularly. In that scenario, it’s hard for someone to do give reply backs to every DM. So, tell him/her that you’re waiting for their replies in the comment box. Do not force him/her to give replies, if they are interested in talking with you then commenting on a few posts is enough.

Don’t ask for Instagram calls, video calls, or direct phone numbers in Post comments. It is the most irritating thing which is a habit to some boys very often.

#7 Give Ideas For Next Post in the Instagram Comment

It’s a very good habit of giving interesting ideas to post in the future to your loved one. We all want to post exciting stories, pictures, etc on our Instagram account, as it can grow our followers. so giving nice ideas will take a better place in their hearts. 

Mention about new trendy topics, ideas on posting cool stories via Instagram comments, and might be you’ll get a chance to talk with your loved one regularly with the help of this tactic.

Instagram comment another example
Instagram comment another example

#8 Try to Carry More Conversations in the Instagram comments

If you’re seeing that he/she not giving you replies in messages, then you can talk in the Instagram comments box. Continuous replying to comments can create a long conversation under a post. It’s not a bad thing to get solid attention inside their minds.

#9 Don’t Disclose Any Personal Information of Him/Her in Comment

Giving comments in every post or story is nice, but keep in mind that never disclose their personal information in comments. Don’t share any crucial information regarding their real-life in comments. It can affect your impression badly. Your comment might get deleted or hidden if they find the comment not suitable for their account. So be cautious in this purpose.

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Don’t ask for phone numbers, addresses, email ids, etc. in the comments. If they do give you then ask those in direct messages.

#10 Don’t Disclose Your Future Planning in the Comments

Always remember, don’t disclose your future plans in the comments section. Instagram comments are public access specified. Other followers also can see what you’re commenting. It is not a good place to show your plans to others.

Tell limited things in the comments. If you want to tell your plans to him/her then share the thought in Direct messages but not in public comments. 

#11 Ask Them to Give Comments on Your Posts

You don’t just give comments, also ask them to give comments in your posts. Bonding can become stronger when it’s from both ways. To start a poll in stories, or ask any question about yourself in stories and let them give comments. While posting images or videos you can mention his/her account. It will certainly create chances of giving replies to your post. 

Final Words:

Instagram is trending regularly and you have to keep your pace up with it. These are the working best 11 comment ideas to attract attention for the one you love. If it works for you also then let us know by giving comments under the article. And if you have better ideas that worked for you then also let us know in the comments underneath.

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