Where do I Generate QR Code with Logo Online Free

What is QR code?

You can generate QR Code or Quick Response code which contains lots of data encrypted in a two-dimensional square-shaped figure with black-and-white symbols which people can scan with any QR code scanning device and learn more about the containing data.

These encrypted square-shaped figures can hold the data about links, offers, coupons, event details, contact details, and text messages, etc. Users might take them and use them later.

Generate QR Code with Logo Online Free
QR Code Generator Free with Logo

Not all the QR codes are the same in nature; they look different by varying their internal patterns. Every QR codes contain a background, quiet zone, data module, outer eye, and inner eye. Few QR codes can be created by a logo or a custom text in the middle. Those are personalized QR code formats.

Black-and-white QR codes are more efficient, impersonalized, and more generic rather than custom QR codes are much more user attractive but less-efficient.

If you want to create a custom QR code for your brand popularity or attract customers then you can add a custom background, brand logo, colorful data modules, and colorful outer eye inner eye combinations as well. So, that will be a more user-specific type of QR code.

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Types of custom QR codes:-

  • You can add your company’s logo/ brand logo/ any image at the middle.
  • You can add texts in the middle to catch your customer’s eye.
  • You can add custom background images so that your QR codes look more beautiful.

How to Generate QR Code?

You can create your own QR code online, and the best part is that’s FREE. In this post, I will share with you some websites where you can create stunning custom QR codes with ease.

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At first, you have to enter your text, message, or your company’s site link, or vCard contact details, etc. The QR code will be automatically generated after you fill up your data. You can upload your logo or image. You can change the color of the inner eye or the outer eye as well.

Then click on the download button to receive your QR code. But you first have to specify the required file format before downloading. You can download the QR code as an SVG vector graphics image, or high-resolution PNG image, or progressive GIF image, or a JPEG raster graphics image.

You also can embed the QR code directly to your website. After downloading the image you can print that QR code into leaflets, banners, or t-shirts, coffee mugs wherever you like.


List of Sites to generate QR codes FREE

Here are some websites where you can create your custom QR codes.

So here 11 of the best QR code generator where you can create online and for free. Select anyone from them and make a custom QR code that will lead to your success.

The Best One:-

My recommendation will be Beaconstac, as when it comes to affordable and good quality service generating QR codes, look no further than Beaconstac. You won’t find a friendlier, more reliable QR Code Generator application anywhere. Beaconstac helped businesses leverage the power of proximity marketing and QR Codes to form a better connection with their customers beyond the digital.

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