Video Marketing: An Effective Sales Tool for E-commerce Businesses

Video Marketing An Effective Sales Tool for E-commerce Businesses
Video Marketing An Effective Sales Tool for E-commerce Businesses

If you are using the internet, there is almost no chance you are not aware of e-commerce. Not only because e-commerce is all about buying and selling goods on the internet but because it has such a wide reach that we have all been touched by it. The very few of us who still haven’t been its consumers have also seen some form of ad or marketing of the same.

No matter how small the number is, there might still be a few people who need an introduction to e-commerce. Electronic Commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is a business model where the buying and selling of goods and services are done over the internet, using various platforms. Ecommerce can be done on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Almost everything that one can need on a day-to-day basis is bought and sold through e-commerce. Whether you require groceries or books, music or flight tickets, cryptocurrency, or stocks of a company, you can get them all on the various e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce, like mentioned above, runs on the internet. People browse through online stores and place orders for the products and services they wish to buy. Like many other businesses that run digitally, e-commerce also needs to establish a connection with its consumers. If you want your business to do well, you need to ensure that people relate to your products and your story. And what is the easiest and the best way to make that happen? Videos. Let us delve deeper into video marketing and its significance.

Importance of video marketing for e-commerce businesses

Marketers have been using pictures and images for selling and showing their products for the longest time. While pictures give a fair idea about the looks of the product and can also provide useful information about it, videos help people connect better with the product. A video adds the missing element of detail and liveliness to the product ad. There also are multiple other benefits of a video that make it desirable for a business owner to use videos when they put up their products on sale through various e-commerce platforms.

  • Videos Encourage People to Click and Share – According to studies, the chance of people sharing video content with their peers is double the probability of them sharing any other type of content. Customers prefer to tap on a video thumbnail rather than something that contains words or an image. After all, we humans process visual information more quickly than textual information.
  • Even better is that when consumers “share” the best eCommerce product videos, your brand’s reach expands immediately because it is made accessible to the sharers’ followers. A greater number of shares equals more clicks, which further equals more sales.
  • Videos Build Trust – Even with the best online video editors facilitating the production of high-quality videos without burning a hole into your pocket, there goes a lot of investment of all kinds in creating engaging videos. This fact is known not only to the businesses but also to the consumers.
  • Companies set aside time to create videos to demonstrate to clients that they believe in their own goods. This ensures that your clients will follow suit and make a purchase choice in your favor. In short, the best eCommerce product videos establish brand legitimacy and offer others the confidence to trust you.
  • Search Engines Prefer Showing Video Results – The generation that goes online for the smallest things prefers to get all its information from search engines. It can be related to their academics or something completely unrelated, like shopping.
video marketing with effective sales tools
  • Since most people prefer videos to other forms of content, search engines ensure that when a product is searched on the internet, one of the first things that come up are videos of the same. This makes it more relevant for e-commerce businesses to create product videos.
  • Conversion Rate is Higher – Videos have the power of turning viewers into buyers. Many people can be convinced to buy a product or service after watching the video related to it. A study mentions that number to be 84%.
  • Your company has to create a video that tells a heartwarming tale about your product. A happy observer will likely become your next buyer, who will likely tell their friends about the experience. Founder of the e-commerce giant Amazon, Jeff Bezos, says “If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful”. You can now use some of the best online video editors to create a wonderful experience for your customers.
  • Videos add value and relatability – Videos are way quicker at conveying information than other means. Using videos to highlight your product will provide your customers with more visual information, such as how the product appears and how it can benefit them. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks around a million words.
  • The goal should be to make your story so relatable that it touches customers on an emotional level. To get off to a good start, figure out who your target audience is. Only then can you craft a story that focuses on their point of view. You’ll be tailoring their user experience and, as a result, increasing conversions.


Video marketing has become an integral part of all kinds of marketing campaigns that run in this highly digitized world of ours. A video can give a huge boost to your product sales, as it gives the viewers more details of the product and makes them connect to it on a more personal level. A well-executed video that carries your product’s story can transform a viewer into a buyer. It has been proven that around 55% of consumers use videos to make their purchase decisions.

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We hope that the above article has explained the value that videos add to the e-commerce business and that the statistics provided can convince you about video marketing’s capability to get the big numbers on your side.

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